Dani Diamond Retouching Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 20 days ago, Photographer

Dani Diamond is a famous retoucher and photographer who cooperated with world-known brands. He became popular thanks to his perfectly lit portraits and high-end boutique fashion photography.

Diamond’s works have a unique style. Dani Diamond is not just a photographer. He is also a professional retoucher. What is more, he shares his knowledge on photography and post production at Fstoppers and PROEDU.

His personal photography project is aimed at polishing his own portraiture skills. Besides, he shares his experience with beginner and professional shooters.

Dani Diamond: Biography

biography dani diamond retouching

Dani Diamond was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He got a degree in business administration and took up photography as a hobby.

Although Dani Diamond doesn’t look like a person ready for any challenges, he managed to turn his hobby into a lifetime project. His confidence, pragmatism, and energy helped him become an expert in the field of photography and image editing.

Dani didn’t plan to become a professional portrait shooter. He wanted to enjoy it as a hobby. Dani didn’t like portraits because his parents forced him to sit still for family photographs.

The secret of Diamond’s success is really simple. He easily breaks the ice with any person he photographs and makes them feel comfortable and relaxed.

What is more, Dani has a unique ability to connect with his camera and create fantastic portraits and landscapes. He has a great number of followers on Facebook and other social networks. Perhaps, he is so popular on social platforms because he communicates with people, answers and responds to their comments, etc. Visit Diamond’s Facebook page and you will see why he is considered to be one of the best portrait photographers in the US.

Apart from shooting and image editing, Dani produces his own leather photography accessories, binds books, and crafts large pieces of furniture by hand. Not long ago, he crafted and installed a big shelf for his collection of camera bags. Dani Diamond lives in Connecticut with his wife and two children.

Dani Diamond: Main Genres

Dani Diamond thinks that a photographer is an artist that should constantly develop his skills and uncover hidden talents. Therefore, when Dani faces the idea that he is not comfortable with, he necessarily accepts it. He enjoys shooting naturally lit portraits, creating fashion and commercial works.

In Diamond’s portfolio, you will see many fashion shots and portraits. It also includes landscape photography. He uses interesting angles. Besides, his works always feature real and natural colors, textures, and details.


portrait dani diamond retouching

Dani Diamond specializes in portrait photography. Be it a woman, man, child or a family, all his photos are perfect. Dani captures real emotions and details. The photographer also uses the “blur” effect in portraits. He utilizes the Nikon portrait lens to capture the smallest details.

Professional photographers avoid applying too many changes when using the exposure and contrast sliders. The most significant part of Dani’s work is dodging and burning. He uses a new layer set to soft light and filled with 50% gray. Next, he uses a brush set to 5% opacity, a white brush to dodge and a black brush to burn.

portrait post production fixthephoto portrait post production fixthephoto

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fashion dani diamond retouching

Dani Diamond is famous for taking fashion photos of men, women, and children. His shots are lively, dynamic, and realistic. He knows that it’s important to apply expert make-up retouch corrections and showcase properties of various goods or products. Besides, he knows how to enliven the composition and convey the idea the photo implies. He can highlight the brightest details and preserve the natural texture, color, and shape.

When taking photos for one advertising campaign, he captures pictures that have the same tone and style regardless of the color solutions in the clothes or make-up of models.

Enhancement of clothes plays a crucial role here too. The Dani Diamond retouching technique allows him to create excellent shots. If you look through the catalogs Dani worked on, you will see that clothes perfectly fit the models. You won’t find uneven stitches, holes, labels, etc.

Dani Diamond: Tutorials

Dani Diamond works with natural lighting and thoroughly retouches each detail in the frame. These techniques are described in Dani Diamond retouching tutorials.

His most popular tutorial is called Signature Natural Light Photography Process. It provides 10 hours of material. In this tutorial, Dani guides you through 9 photoshoots using beginner photography gear. He tries to show that it’s possible to achieve great results with any equipment.

In this tutorial, you will also learn more about his post-production workflow and 8 simplified editing steps. He will tell you how to apply a Photoshop action to RAW images. Dani Diamond shares not only materials but also personal recommendations on how to use photo culling software as well as other useful tips.

Dani describes in detail how he creates his natural-light portraiture. He has profiles on social networks and YouTube where he reveals his secrets of working with various types of photography completely free of charge.

Dani Diamond: Gear

Diamond works primarily with portraits so he uses qualitative shooting equipment. Plus, he needs a perfect camera bag to safely carry everything around. However, he claims that the Nikon D800 and Nikon 85mm f/1.4 G are enough to create fantastic headshots and portraits.

For tight headshots, he uses 105mm f/1.4G. If it is an off-premises shooting or he plans to change several locations, Dani chooses the Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4. In case he wants to implement some creative ideas, he uses the Nikon 35mm f/1.4G.