Felix Barjou Photography Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 8 days ago, Photographer

A french photographer, Felix Barjou, entered the world of photography in 2008 through portraiture. Nowadays, he’s working with singers, actors, dancers, and DJs, while also engaging in fashion and advertising photo shoots.

He’s obsessed with portrait, lighting, and headshot editing, all the while spicing up all his staged photos with a pinch of humor.

Felix has a blog, where he talks about the nuances of portrait photography, discusses correct use of lighting, and shares retouching secrets. He also publishes various gear reviews. Additionally, Barjou created several courses dedicated to teaching photographers the art of portrait and surrealist digital photography.

Felix Barjou Photography: Biography

felix barjou photography main genres

This Felix Barjou photography review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that the photographer grew up in a world of advertising and creativity, as his parents were both artists. He took his first photograph over 13 years ago. Barjou started with simple portraits, adding more detail and color to them over time.

The photographer is deeply fascinated by lighting, colors, and the image post production process. He creates unique portraits that carry his signature style while working with artists, musicians, and companies of all industries. The photographer's works have been published in magazines like Dark Beauty and Le Mag Nikon.

Felix Barjou Photography: Main Genres

felix barjou photography review

Barjou mainly works in three genres: portrait, artist, and advertising. Other than that, the photographer likes to engage in fashion shoots for magazines and model portfolios. He also hosts beauty photoshoots used for advertising makeup and beauty shops.

felix barjou photography examples of shots

During a portrait photo shoot, the photographer focuses on emotion while emphasizing them with light and shadows. Other than classic portraits, Barjou creates images with motion blur effects, plays around with smoke and patterns, etc.

felix barjou photography portraits

When taking photos of artists, he spices up each shot with some creativity, while highlighting the unique features of the star. Barjou’s portfolio also includes dynamic motion photos, which were taken with the help of dance photography tips, as well as funny artist images and entire scenarios captured at creative locations.

felix barjou photography portfolio

Before an advertising photo shoot, Felix comes up with a concept and helps bring the client's idea to life. His shots attract attention and create a specific image that can alter the public perception of a company or product. The photographer also takes catalog photos that display makeup or clothes in the best possible light.

A separate section of the Felix Barjou photography portfolio is dedicated to conceptual photos. This abstract genre helps implement the client’s concept and convey it to the viewer. In this case, the photographer isn’t just capturing a beautiful scene, but also constantly juggling symbols. After looking at his works, you’ll come up with many new abstract photography ideas of your own.

Other than photographs, Barjou’s portfolio includes an array of lifestyle and advertising video clips.

How Felix Barjou Transforms Shots

Felix Barjou likes to experiment with color and effects to make his work more dynamic and creative. Such manipulations are included in the cost of the photoshoot and are discussed at the start.

You also can experiment with your photos by arming yourself with Lightroom presets. With their help, you can make images brighter, black-and-white, or add a vintage appeal to them.

A significant part of Barjou’s works is portrait photography. To take an eye-catching beauty shot, he removes all facial flaws, evens out the skin tone, and adds shine to the eyes.

felix barjou photography post production felix barjou photography post production

Now, if you want to make a photo more creative, for instance, draw in some fire, you’re going to need image manipulation services. They allow you to change the background, add details and special effects. By the way, Felix offers a before/after display of his work, allowing you to evaluate each stage of the shooting and image editing process.

Useful Articles and Tutorials from Felix Barjou

felix barjou photography blog

Felix’s blog features equipment reviews that make it easier for photographers to pick a flash for street photoshoots or a graphic tablet. Here you’ll also find photoshopping portraits tips, and tutorials. Most of the content is presented in video format.

By watching the videos posted in the photographer’s blog, you’ll quickly learn how to edit portraits in Lightroom. You’ll also find smartphone photography suggestions, makeup retouch tips, and advice on how to set up the lighting to receive professional-quality photos.

Learn Together with Felix Barjou

Another field that Barjou enjoys is the process of training beginner photographers. Hence, why he created a course that explains how to take studio photos. After finishing it, you’ll have a better understanding of photography lighting, what subjects to choose, which flash/camera settings to pick, and how to use multiple light sources properly.

You’ll also have access to fine art portrait photography tips. As a bonus for all students, the photographer prepared an hour-long video in the format of a Photoshop portrait tutorial.

Another course that deserves mentioning in this Felix Barjou photography review is the one dedicated to surreal genre. It explains how to shoot and retouch such scenes. During the course, you’ll be introduced to advanced Photoshop techniques and learn the basics of photomontage. You’ll also get inspired with new surreal photography ideas.

The course will teach you how to pick locations for surreal photographs and how to create “special effects” for achieving the craziest images you might have in mind. You’ll be acquainted with a plethora of techniques for enhancing your work such as cloning, cropping, and transparency alterations.