Velem Retouching Review

By Tata Rossi 24 days ago, Photographer

VELEM is a full-service production and post production company located in NYC and LA. It has been in the field since 2012 and works as a part of the Milk agency. The latter is a reputable full-service studio that provides users with professional finishing for print, film, and digital.

Velem Services

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The Milk agency consists of seven segments such as an agency, production services, studio spaces, makeup line and other related services. Being a solid part of this agency, VELEM solely focuses on making the production process trouble-free eliminating the need to engage numerous vendors. They are responsive, forward-thinking and knowledgeable about modern trends, so you can be sure the creative campaign will bring the desired results.

VELEM experts take care of every aspect of a creative process starting from idea discussions to designing products and distributing them. With over ten years of experience under their belt, they have built a team of talented and hardworking creators, who are ready to accept any challenge. The VELEM retouching service is highly popular among large businesses and small-sized companies that want to stay several steps ahead of their competitors.

Photography Service for Print Publications

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You can study their amazing retouching examples and order a full pack of photography post production services. Their works frequently appear on the covers of such famous magazines as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.

VELEM experts use the best cinemagraph software to create cinemagraphs and GIFs. Besides, they have GMG Proofing services, which is a real finding if you need to simulate the final print results of a printing press.

CG Rendering is another specialization of the company. They use the most efficient 3D sculpting software for generating a lifelike image from a 3D model.

Film Service for Music Artists, Event Organizers and Advertisers

Not only VELEM retouching enjoys immense popularity, as filming services are also in high demand. They offer professional video editing and color grading. They rely on cutting-edge motion graphics software to give recordings a wow effect.

In addition to a standard list of services, they also offer music supervision and composition, sound design and mix. Besides, they know how to embellish videos with mind-blowing effects and CG animations. You can see their creative experiments in the music videos for Kygo & Whitney Houston for their song Higher Love, and the Adidas x Donald Glover collab.

Social Strategy Service for Brands

velem retouching review portfolio

Social media is definitely one of the most efficient methods of promoting a brand, but some companies still neglect this opportunity. VELEM social scientists work on strategies to present your brand on social media in an interesting way, improve awareness and bring you profit.

Specialists begin with analyzing your brand’s social footprint, rivals and target audience to develop a strategy that is in line with your vision and demands. The best thing about cooperating with VELEM is that they cover the entire process, which usually includes ideation, development of concept, planning, strategy assessment, and product distribution.

Production Service for Fashion Labels, Make-Up Companies and Product Brands

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Either you are interested in a single-location shooting or need global productions, you can delegate the task to VELEM. They have a team of inspiring photographers, directors, and cinematographers, who are ready to bring to life your craziest ideas.

You may forget about the hassle of looking through numerous directories and photography portfolios trying to find the right person for the job. In addition to filming staff, they also offer stylists, hair and makeup artists, prop experts, designers and assistants, who work as one whole to create original and catchy visual content.

VELEM team manages all things on-site so you can keep tabs on all the changes. This includes pre-visualization, arranging location, talent sourcing, etc. Their latest large-scale projects include Victoria’s Secret Pink campaign, and the Brandon Maxwell campaign.

Velem Clients

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The company works with clients from different parts of the globe who are actively engaged in different spheres, but the main focus is on the entertainment and art industries. The most reputable marketing and advertising campaigns feature the content created by these experts.

They are actively cooperating with popular musicians such as Beyonce and Rihanna, fashion brands like Dior and Louis Vitton, and such magazines as Vogue and Esquire. The latest successful collaboration was with Nike, Calvin Klein, and BAZAAR.

Velem Careers

Since VELEM retouching service is constantly developing, they are looking for gifted retouchers, editors, digital artists, and designers, who want to work in their studios in New York and Los Angeles. So, if you are searching for a well-paid position in any of these spheres, don’t miss your chance. They offer college accredited and unaccredited internships.