Weddilove Photography Review

By Tata Rossi 2 days ago, Photographer

Weddilove Photography Review

Weddilove Photography is a project created by Julia Dobrovolskaya, a famous photographer from sunny Croatia. She has been involved in photography for about 7 years. Now Julia works both as a photographer and as a wedding planner. She will tell the whole story of this important day for you through photographs.

Weddilove Photography: Main Genres

Despite the name of the service, Julia works in several genres, but all of them are somehow related to the wedding theme.

weddilove photography wedding photo

Wedding Photography is the main genre of Julia’s work. On the Weddilove photography homepage, you will see dozens of amazing wedding pictures taken all over Europe. If you click on any picture, you will see the whole history of a couple’s wedding. Spend a few minutes looking at her images. I was fascinated by the beauty of these photos.

Julia is very responsible when it comes to a wedding photoshoot. At times, she takes the process more seriously than the newlyweds themselves. With the help of photographs, she wants to capture all these positive emotions, moments, tears of happiness in a bride’s eyes and a slight tremor in her hands.

weddilove photography love story photo

Love Story is another genre included in Weddilove photography services. It is focused not on the event but on a couple themselves and their relationship. A photo session in the style of Love Story is in demand among lovers of different ages. These can be very young models, who have a marriage and long happy life ahead, and people who are already married and continue to love each other tenderly and romantically, despite all life’s difficulties.

weddilove photography individual photo

Individual portrait photography is a photo session for one person that allows a photographer to tell his/her personal story, convey an image or simply capture an important life moment. It can be like a fashion photoset somewhere in Milan or a romantic walk through the streets of Paris. A photographer can bring almost any of your ideas to life.

Weddilove Photography: Wedding Planning

weddilove photography wedding planning

When you first decided that you want to get married, the question of where to start planning and preparing for the wedding immediately arises. It seems that you have so many important things to do, and you do not know what to start at first.

Perhaps, you will begin joining various wedding communities in social networks, visiting websites that publish beautiful wedding photo sessions in different styles, ideas for decorating a banquet, etc. Your head will start to swell from the number of different options, and it will be difficult for you to decide.

To save you time and energy, Julia will help you organize your wedding in Dubrovnik and on its stunning Riviera. All types of wedding ceremonies are available for you, including official, symbolic and church weddings.

The Weddilove photography service copes with all tasks to prepare the best wedding. Julia deals with all legal documentation, decor, floristry, selection of beauty specialists, music, photography and video, banquet organization, transport, etc.

Weddilove Photography: Pricing

weddilove photography pricing

Another thing that should be mentioned in this Weddilove photography review, is prices. As you know, wedding photography is hard work that does not tolerate mistakes on the part of a photographer, since there will be no way to redo the pictures. As a result, the prices for such services are usually pretty high.

But Julia’s price list is more than pleasant, especially when you compare it with competitors. Usually, prices are in the range of €130-150 per hour, depending on the complexity of the shooting, the number of guests, logistics, etc. Therefore, prices are very individual and depend on the project.

The shooting time is at least 2 hours. This is the optimal amount of time to tell your story. The Weddilove photography service will perform color correction and send you retouched photos from your wedding.

Love Story and Individual photo sessions will cost you €150 per hour. The price also includes joint preparation for a photo session as well as choosing locations to optimize the shooting process.