Portrait Store Review: Jason Malouin

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Photographer

Portrait Store curated by Jason Malouin and his team has won dozens of photography awards and cooperated with world-famous brands. Here, you will find many useful video tutorials that will help you find the right look for your photo session and forget about being camera shy.

Jason Malouin: Biography

jason malouin biography

Being the owner of Portrait Store, Jason Malouin has been taking photos of top-notch professionals for more than 7 years. You can find his works on the pages of Entrepreneur, GQ, Forbes, Financial Review, dozens of book covers as well as billboards and bus stops in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

In this Portrait Store review, we will tell you why his creative approach makes him stand out among other portrait photographers. Jason Malouin takes photos that help his clients do some soul-searching and completely reinvent themselves. If you open up to this experience, you will get a chance to look deep into yourself and see yourself from a different angle.

Video Segments That Will Help You Loosen Up

useful video segments in the portrait store

What makes Jason Malouin different from other photographers who specialize in this area is that he provides handy videos where he discusses various tips that will help you relax in front of a camera and find your confidence.

Spend 15-20 minutes watching the small video segments on the Start Here page to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular portrait photography styles and decide which of them suits you best. You will learn how to warm up on the shot to make it more successful as well as how to start communicating with the photographer and get flattering pictures.

Custom Approach to Look Creation

personal stylist in team portrait store

The Portrait Store team includes many professionals, like Elle Lavon, an international personal style and brand specialist with 15 years of experience.

Since she is responsible for the style and look of a model, she will pay attention to everything, such as ties, accessories, the color of a piece of clothing and the material it’s made of. She will carefully select the best jacket, trousers, shirt, or blouse that will make you look stylish.

Elle Lavon doesn’t simply create a look for a photo session. She will teach you how to always look great and provide you with useful books on style for men and women.

Professional Equipment

professional equipment in the portrait store

Another advantage of Portrait Store portrait photography services is that Jason Malouin uses a lot of professional gear. Regardless of the type of equipment that he uses for a photo session, the price stays the same. The photographer has a collection of gear that includes the best cameras, dozens of portrait photography lenses for various types of photo shooting, tripods, backdrops, and decorative props.

Jason Malouin also uses professional lighting, which allows him to take photos with the perfect shadows and smooth skin tones regardless of outside conditions. For instance, he can take portraits in a poorly lit room or in a conference room with excess light.

Thousands of Examples of Cooperation With Big Brands

portrait store portrait photography

On the official website, you will find thousands of portfolio pages created by Portrait Store for entrepreneurs, lawyers, academics, public speakers, musicians, athletes of all kinds, actors. Here, you will also see photos of public events, book and magazine covers, photos for podcast covers, etc.

example portrait photography from portrait store

Jason Malouin has earned the trust of his clients. Over the course of his career, his portrait photography team worked on projects for such world-known companies as SBS, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Men’s Fitness, ABS, GQ, Dent, ExecutiveStyle, and many others.

Professional and Realistic Editing: Behind the Scenes

portrait photo editing example portrait photo editing example

Jason Malouin retouches photos by himself. Depending on your requirements, he can perform various post-processing tasks. For instance, he can prepare photos for being published in a magazine, enhance them before printing, or fix various issues to improve a photo for a personal album. He can fully remove the background so that nothing would distract a viewer from your photo. When editing photos, the photographer also focuses on lighting and details.

Since Jason Malouin prefers realistic photos, you can be sure that he will send you a portrait without any distracting details. In it, your hair will look shiny and glossy, your teeth will be perfectly white, while your skin tone will be even and smooth. The photographer will also adjust contrast and select the right color range.

Jason Malouin likes to share his thoughts and reach out to his audience through videos. On the Portrait Store website, you will find a lot of helpful behind-the-scenes tutorials where he shows how he enhances photos, tells why he prefers Lightroom and Photoshop, which techniques, plugins, presets he applies, etc.

1300+ Instagram Photos

instagram jason malouin

Over 1,300 people have already learned about the advantages of Portrait Store after ordering the services provided by Jason Malouin and his team. Besides the portfolio on the official website, you can also see a lot of examples of their works on their Instagram profile.

What’s important is that you can go to the account of every client and check whether their way of life aligns with their image in a portrait. On the website, you will see projects dating back 5 years, including group shots, photos of businessmen, stars, and models. It will help you understand the photographer’s approach better.