FBalzan Photography Review 2024: Bio & Styles

By Tata Rossi 8 days ago, Photographer

Franklin Balzan, the founder of FBalzan photography, is a skilled artist with a knack for telling captivating stories with the help of a camera. His portfolio is replete with multiple photo samples, including wedding images, street scenes, interior design shots, and breathtaking landscapes.

Being one of the most famous photographers in his area, Balzan impresses clients with a unique artistic vision and readiness to experiment.

FBalzan Photography: Biography

Franklin is the owner and a photographer at FBalzan photography. Born in 1985 in the scenic village of Tarxien on the island of Malta, he embarked on an academic journey, culminating in his graduation as a mechanical engineer in 2007. Along the way, he developed a passion for industrial design, honing his eye for geometry and symmetry. This unique blend of skills and interests defines his approach to photography.

Back in 2013, Franklin took a deep dive into the world of photography. Ever since, he's been on a quest for perfection and harmony in his photographic endeavors. Franklin aims to unite invisible and spiritual aspects with the tangible and optical dimensions, forging a seamless connection between the ethereal and the physical in his work.

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Over the years, Franklin has captured the moments of couples hailing from diverse corners of the globe – China, Japan, England, South Korea, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, Latvia, and the USA. He relishes the opportunity to connect and collaborate with people from various cultures and backgrounds.

There are complimentary FBalzan photography reviews dedicated to photographer’s style, which is personal, deep, and intimate. It's a blend of his emotions and observations, forming a connection between his soul and the hearts of his clients. What matters most to him is that clients not only appreciate his work but also develop a genuine fondness for his personality, his unique vision, and his prowess.

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Franklin also offers mentoring services both online and offline. During these sessions, he reveals the secrets of his approach, philosophy, and the tools he uses. Besides, you can get helpful tips for achieving success.

Main Styles

Franklin Balzan is genuinely fond of exploring different photo themes. Although he excels in various genres, his true passion is wedding photography. Anyway, he knows how to take captivating portraits, scenic landscapes, and compelling imagery tailored for commercial clients in the spheres of branding and interior design.

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Franklin's approach can be described as timeless, authentic, and genuine. He aims to be an integral part of your special day to capture the most beautiful and artistic moments of your story. He also strives to make the experience enjoyable, cheerful, and smooth.


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Franklin intentionally takes on a limited number of weddings each year to ensure he delivers the quality, attention to detail, and personalized service that all clients demand and deserve. As a wedding photographer, he thrives on the lively atmosphere, excitement, and the irreplaceable nature of each moment.

Using his journalistic flair, Franklin will skillfully tell your story visually by capturing the emotions and feelings of the day. Whether it's a fleeting look, a genuine smile, or the grandeur of a ceremony, Franklin ensures that each photograph beautifully reflects the essence of the moment.

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With a wealth of experience under his belt, Franklin is well-versed in identifying optimal locations and ideal lighting settings for taking beautiful images. He worked at multiple weddings from intimate elopements to grand Indian celebrations. Franklin can virtually feel the moments that make each client's wedding a truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience.


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You can also choose FBalzan photography, if you want to get photos from the streets. He knows how to capture the heartbeat of the city, the lively energy of urban life, spontaneous moments that might escape the casual observer, and more.

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The way this street photographer plays with light and shadow gives each picture more depth and mood. His pictures are like a visual journey through the human experience, depicting the beauty of both the everyday and those extraordinary moments that happen in our daily lives.

Interior Design

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Franklin’s work is easy to recognize when it comes to photographing interior designs. His photos not only feature the design details but also convey the ambiance and personality of the spaces he captures.

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With careful composition and an exacting eye for detail, Fbalzan breathes life into interiors, turning every photograph into a visual exploration of the place.


franklin balzan landscape example

This landscape photographer has a real talent for whisking viewers away to stunning scenes and peaceful settings. Franklin's deep love for nature is evident in the way he frames magnificence of landscapes, playing with composition and colors.

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FBalzan photography takes viewers on a journey from expansive mountain vistas to serene seashores, sparking a feeling of awe and a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Editing Features

In the world of FBalzan photography, the art of photo editing walks a fine line between enriching a scene's natural beauty and preserving its genuine essence. Franklin's approach to image post-processing involves making nuanced improvements that uphold the integrity of the original image, while infusing a subtle touch of artistic flair.

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Franklin adeptly plays with tones to set the mood, refines colors for that extra pop, and masterfully balances light and shadow. This editing technique not only complements but also enhances the visual storytelling in every picture.

Beyond his technical knowledge, this best photographer is also very attentive to details. Thus, he can meticulously select and arrange images, delivering a final product that is cohesive and stunning.


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Franklin also has a photography blog. Reading it is like having a sneak peek into the creative journey, Franklin’s personal ideas and useful shooting techniques.

Franklin also lets readers get a close-up view of how he brings his ideas to life. Starting from the initial concept and planning phases to the hurdles faced on location, his posts unveil the intricacies of photography. Besides, describing such experiences helps build a stronger bond between the audience and the artist.

Social Media Networks

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Franklin is quite a social guy, which you can tell from his profiles on social networks.

You can follow FBalzan photography on Instagram and Facebook, see his photos, as well as learn about his favorite spots and get some professional tips. Besides, there is a YouTube channel with even more interesting content. If you are seeking inspiration, Franklin's Pinterest account is a goldmine.