TallPhotographer Service Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Photographer

The TallPhotographer team consists of real professionals who can bring the most creative ideas to life. They specialize in a variety of genres, including commercial, fashion, and corporate event photos. These guys stand out for the high quality of delivered work, unique solutions, and incredible passion for family or commercial projects. Their dedication to work and high skills have resulted in cooperation with several excellent clients.

TallPhotographer: Ahmed Adel Biography

tallphotographer biography

TallPhotographer was founded by the Dubai Photographer and entrepreneur Ahmed Adel. He also founded the Bluecam Photographs agency some time ago. It specializes in providing photography and videography services for commercial and corporate purposes.

Ahmed is a renowned photographer in Dubai and the UAE. He has years of experience in the photography industry and has presented his projects at many exhibitions and publications. You may have seen them on Saudi24News, MarketWatch, and others.

Kenneth Lim Photography: Main Genres

TallPhotographer appeared on the market over 10 years ago and has since been offering services in a wide range of photography genres, such as eCommerce, portrait, food, interior, innovative fashion, event, etc.


tallphotographer portraits

Portrait photography is one of the main focuses of TallPhotographer. Whether you need a portrait for a work portfolio or a few shots for a family album, he can handle any task. An experienced photographer knows how to capture you in the best possible way. The agency team can cope with any informal or professional assignment. They can even create a fine art portrait photography project.

tallphotographer portrait shoot

Do you want touching photos for your wedding album? Need to capture graduation or want to throw in some magical Christmas shots. Then you should turn to TallPhotographer to make all your photo dreams come true. These pros will come up with tons of amazing ideas and unique poses. They will take care of all the costumes and props if required. As a result of such cooperation, you will receive pictures that you can use for party invites, local news and letters to your dearest people.


tallphotographer wedding

Ahmed believes that wedding photos should look as natural as possible. His team avoids staged scenes, fake smiles, and giving constant directions from the photographer. They strive to capture genuine emotions and feelings to convey the unique atmosphere of this great day. Although most of the shots are taken without prepared poses, the photographer offers several natural postures for the newlyweds to embody some interesting ideas.

The TallPhotographer studio also has a pre-wedding photographer and a wedding videographer to help you capture that important moment in a documentary and creative style.

The specialists not only focus on the main theme but pay attention to small details as well. They do it in the same approachable way. The professionals are familiar with all wedding photography styles, so they can offer you hundreds of ideas depending on your needs.


tallphotographer product

TallPhotographer agency provides a wide range of services related to product and e-commerce photography needs. They can make impressive product shots along with top-notch pictures for mailings, website banners, and social media posts. Let them know your requirements and preferences and experienced photographers will deliver you the perfect product shots that exceed your expectations. Professional product photography content will help you expand your audience and reach out to potential customers.

tallphotographer product shoot

The photographers working for the agency know how to showcase any product in the most advantageous way. They will select the most flattering angles, close-up details, and clear packaging shots to make buyers pay attention to your product. By contacting this agency, you can be one hundred percent sure that the photo of your product will undoubtedly distinguish it from competitors.

These specialists know how to fulfill all your requirements and provide you with outstanding product images. To achieve a better reflection of light on the things, they photograph with a white background. Once a lifestyle product photo has been taken, a team of image editors will enhance it. They will fix all the imperfections and add the right accents to attract customers’ attention.


tallphotographer fashion

TallPhotographer has extensive knowledge of fashion and has done projects for some well-known clients. This background allows you to create eye-catching multi-channel and top-notch digital images. The studio offers a wide range of couture photography services to suit a variety of needs.

They know everything about fashion photography and can deliver amazing shots for a fashion brand, online store, magazines, or even social media posts with your fashion items. The photographers will provide you with polished images that will help you complete your tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.


tallphotographer commercial

The use of commercial photos is an important part of various marketing strategies. TallPhotographer does an excellent job in this field. Their commercial and advertising photography team consists of true professionals who have been creating successful photo solutions for brand promotion needs for many years.

The studio has worked with many marketing companies, restaurants, and online store owners. They gave them amazing pictures advertising their premises, products, services, or staff.

These professionals have experience fulfilling requests from large-scale brands and companies in the software, law, and finance sectors. They created high-quality headshots and portraits of employees. Also, the team worked on unique photographs for advertising companies.


tallphotographer food

Top-notch food images that convey the high quality of the meal and make people want to eat it are an important part of promoting the restaurant business. By investing in high-end images, you ensure stable and constant interest in your hotel, restaurant, etc. The TallPhotographer team knows the ins and outs of food photography and will provide exceptional images for your company.

tallphotographer food shoot

These specialists will perfectly cope with any challenge, whether it is creating a photo for product packaging, a new food menu, or a chef’s cookbook. Experienced food photographers and videographers know how to showcase your food and help build your brand awareness with flawless images and videos.

In addition to taste, there are other aspects that can convey the exclusivity of food. This photography team has all the knowledge and skills to get your message across to your potential customers and convince them of the high quality and incredible taste of your food.


tallphotographer corporate

Corporate headshot is another area the studio specializes in. The photographers can provide excellent photos of the company VIPs to hang on office walls or create professional portfolio pictures of your staff.

TallPhotographer corporate photographers can easily handle your requirements, whether you need corporate headshots or business portraits. Your company will receive professional images that will give it a fresh and competitive look.

The corporate photography team will provide the effective solutions you need for the development of your company. You can order high-definition photography for important events and high-quality videography for live streaming.

The TallPhotographer studio has professional equipment that allows you to deliver outstanding photos for your business needs. Using a variety of lightboxes and backgrounds, the team creates stunning images to grab the viewer’s attention.

City Tour

tallphotographer city

The studio offers individual photo sessions in Dubai all year round. You can purchase a full-service package that includes planning out the photo shooting, makeup, hair, transportation, and high-end image retouching. You don't have to pay for additional editing services as the package already covers them.

Studio photographers know the most attractive and spectacular places in the city. They can arrange shooting at Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa and The Dancing Fountain, Miracle gardens, Dubai Marina, Al Fahidi Historical District, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Sunrise beach, and Dubai desert.


tallphotographer architectural

When photographing architecture, TallPhotographer focuses on capturing a building in the surrounding area. As a rule, the image includes not only the key structure but also the parking lot, landscape, or other elements. By capturing some part of the sky, the photographers make the picture more attractive. Photographing buildings while the sun is setting or rising, they achieve an impressive look.

tallphotographer architectural shoot

By playing with perspective, the photographers manage to hide unsightly elements or add creativity to a photo. Pole aerial photography technique can be useful for such cases. The photographer attaches the camera to a tripod or pole and views and snaps the photo via a wireless connection.

TallPhotographer strives to make a viewer feel a part of the captured space. This is possible due to the use of wide-angle lenses. However, the team also takes care not to overdo the angle and tries to avoid unrealistic pictures. The photographer carefully works out the composition and controls the perspective to prevent distortion.

TallPhotographer Videography Services

tallphotographer videography

As mentioned in this TallPhotographer review, the studio offers videography services to capture your most important moments. You can choose from a variety of options, such as a multi-camera commercial shoot, a single-camera studio interview, branding video productions, events video coverage, and more.

A professional team of videographers can capture a variety of events, including seminars, panel discussions, conferences, and keynotes. They will provide you with flawless and eye-catching videos for your website or social media accounts. With this high-end video content, you will be able to expand your audience and get your message across.

The TallPhotographer team has many years of experience in the field of event videography. They use both proven approaches and the latest techniques to capture events in the best possible way. In the end, you will get a high-quality video that meets all your requirements and expectations.

TallPhotographer Blog

tallphotographer blog

If you are an aspiring photographer or videographer, you can learn a lot of useful things by visiting the blog on the studio's website. The experts share some tips about shooting events, food, and more.

To learn more about TallPhotographer, you can visit their social media pages. You can use the Instagram page as a source of new ideas, as well as see many of the photographer's works and find out how they were taken.