Jessica Hill Photography Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Photographer

Jessica Hill Photography Studio is located in Portland, Oregon. Jessica started her career over 15 years ago and she is now a successful wedding and boudoir photographer. She strives to capture genuine feelings, honesty and the joy of love. Many of her clients say that Jessica has a unique artistic style, full of emotion and color.

Jessica Hill received a BFA in Photography from the University of Michigan. She also has numerous awards including the Oregon Bride Best Portland Photographer of 2020 and finalist for 2022.


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Jessica Hill Photography focuses on creating personality-driven imagery. Jessica has perfected her skills over the years by creating photographs all over the world. Her work has been published in O Magazine, Brides, The Huffington Post, Grace Ormonde and other reputed publications.

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You can inquire for Jessica Hill Photography services in Portland and other locations in the US and around the globe. Each client can choose a package of services that best suits his/her needs. The Jessica Hill Photography team can handle anything from engagement, boudoir, and wedding photo sessions to impressive high-quality legacy albums. Jessica delivers unique, and sophisticated photographs to her clients that they  treasure for generations.

Main Genres

Jessica Hill specializes in engagement, boudoir, lifestyle and family photography. However, wedding photography is her true passion. She captures all the touching moments and creates eternal photographic memories of this important day.


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Jessica makes every effort to ensure that her photographs convey a personal style from every wedding. There are romantic portraits, details, moments of smiling and dancing newlyweds, and candid photo-journalistic images in her extensive portfolio.

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As a wedding photographer, Jessica pre-plans her photoshoots to make sure they run as smoothly as possible. Also, Jessica helps to create a custom wedding timeline.

Jessica has everything she needs (including years of experience and high-end equipment) to take breathtaking photos of your big day.


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Engagement photography is one of the genres Jessica Hill photography studio works in. With this photo session, Jessica can get to know clients and establish friendly communication. Moreover, she learns more information about a couple, their characters and preferences. Thus, she can come up with the most suitable poses and style solutions for their wedding photography.

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It is a well-known fact that many couples can feel awkward and shy in front of a camera. Meeting a photographer beforehand helps a couple feel more relaxed. Plus, Jessica is a very sociable and understanding person and immediately hits it off with her new clients.


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Jessica Hill photography team knows how to take family pictures that convey vivid emotions and tender relationships between relatives. Jessica manages to create whole stories and show real emotions in her images. Jessica documents the different phases of family life so that her clients can keep their memories of these fleeting and happy moments in their albums and their homes. Her portfolio contains pictures of children, newborns, images of large families, and the like.

Jessica tries to avoid staged scenes, artificial smiles, and posed facial expressions. She manages to establish a relaxed atmosphere during the session due to her friendly and fun personality. As a result, clients feel more natural and have full confidence in their photographer. In return, Jessica delivers stunning photographs that her clients will cherish for years. She prefers modern and fun portraiture and real moments.


jessica hill photography lifestyle genre

This genre involves capturing simple life moments and everyday events, sincere emotions and habitual states. Jessica captures what fills the lives of her clients.

jessica hill photography lifestyle picture

This genre involves capturing simple life moments and everyday events, sincere emotions and habitual states. Jessica captures what fills the lives of her clients. Jessica Hill is a portrait photographer who favors colorful tones and natural environments.


Since Jessica Hill mainly takes wedding and portrait pictures, she works at full throttle when it comes to photo editing. First of all, she laser-focused on her clients' faces.

Jessica uses professional image editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom to improve her pictures. Jessica finds a perfect combination of shadows and light. Applying the darkening effect is one of her favorite techniques.


Jessica Hill runs her personal blog in addition to her website and social media pages. Here, Jessica talks about the stories of photographing different couples, her emotions during the shooting, and other interesting things. Her stories are very personal and I appreciate that she shares her experience with her audience.

Instagram for Inspiration

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If you want to learn more about Jessica Hill photography, you can visit her Instagram account. There are lots of inspiring photos and people’s reviews of her work. Besides, you can ask some questions and comment her photographs. Check out her Instagram portfolio to decide whether Jessica is the right photographer to capture your wedding.