WeddingPhotoz Photographer Review: Genres and Services

By Tata Rossi 5 days ago, Photographer

WeddingPhotoz wedding photographer provides photo and video recording services and specializes in Asian weddings. The photographer shoots in documentary and photojournalistic genres to capture every moment of an important event. I like that the photographer offers shooting packages to suit your budget and requirements.

WeddingPhotoz: Biography

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Kishen Borkhatria, an award-winning Asian wedding photographer hailing from Watford, Hertfordshire, UK, founded WeddingPhotoz.

The photographer captures wedding celebrations and ceremonies in a variety of settings across the UK. He has over 10 years of experience in shooting Asian weddings. Among his awards are Curator’s Selection Award 2021 and Wedding Photographer of the Year 2021, in addition to numerous second and third place awards. He also became a finalist for the Asian Wedding Awards.

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His documentary style of shooting Asian and Indian weddings will keep your memories of that day forever. Be sure that all the most important and trembling moments that cannot be lived again, you can review whenever you want. His photojournalistic style will plunge you headlong into the atmosphere and emotions of that day.

The WeddingPhotoz wedding photographer and team are well versed in Asian cultures and know how to handle the peculiarities of each Asian wedding style, which is why Indian, Hindu, Tamil, Muslim, Arabic, Islamic or Sikh representatives often turn to their services. The photographer is familiar with beautiful wedding traditions and customs, which helps him to take incredibly sensual shots that reflect your cultural values.

At the beginning of the work with the bride and groom, the photographer collects information about what is important to both of them, and based on this, develops a shooting plan. He needs to know what you expect from photos, to capture what drives your couple, and also to create the most comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during a photo session. Another pleasant fact is that the team will select a wedding package especially for you, regardless of your budget.

Main Genres

WeddingPhotoz offers a fairly wide range of wedding photography services: they cover engagement, pre-wedding photoshoot, as well as the entire wedding ceremony and reception. What’s more, you can order wedding videography here.


weddingphotoz engagement photo

During engagement photography sessions, WeddingPhotoz deviates from traditional style in favor of trends. They capture everything they see, but they do it in a completely subtle way, allowing events to take their course. The photographer records what is happening so that you can always return to those beautiful moments.

The photographer invites you to bring to life many engagement photo ideas. You can choose the location yourself, or ask the photographer for advice. He shoots in picturesque places, against the backdrop of memorable architecture, in locations that are special for a couple.


weddingphotoz pre-wedding photo

Asian weddings include different traditions, which the photographer also captures. Thanks to his knowledge of Eastern cultures, he can capture the highlights of traditional rituals. The photographer takes incredible bridal portraits during preparation for the ceremonial event, traditional dances, and ceremonies.


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If your wedding is in the Hindu, Indian, Tamil, Arabic, Islamic or Sikh traditions, WeddingPhotoz has professionals who specialize in photo shoots in these cultures. They know what angle it is better to shoot the bride during the first dance from, how to place all the bridesmaids in a frame, so that it looks natural. They have many out-of-the-box wedding photography ideas, moreover, photographers hearken to the client’s wishes.

weddingphotoz wedding photo with details

When shooting weddings, photographers pay special attention to details. They take photos of the bride’s accessories while she hugs the groom, the couple’s joined hands, and flowers in the bride’s hands. All this will help to recreate in memory a whole picture of your wedding.

Wedding Videos

WeddingPhotoz team also records videos that, thanks to video editing services, turn into a real movie. You will see the most reverent moments of your wedding in videos. Videographers know how to properly frame the shot and what moments to emphasize, while maintaining the individual character of a couple.

Editing Peculiarities

editing by weddingphotoz editing by weddingphotoz

Oriental weddings stand out with bright colors and sparkling details that retouchers can emphasize during editing. They maintain picture’s vividness, only slightly improving the light and contrast. To create the proper mood, they can add retro effects and vignetting.

Thanks to retouching, photographers manage to accurately run the warmth of couple’s relationship, reflect the emotions and style of a wedding. They can make the sky more dramatic so that a couple looks majestic and solemn, or blur the background to make an emphasis on the details.

Articles About Wedding Traditions

weddingphotoz photography blog

The WeddingPhotoz website has a wedding photography blog in which the author talks about the traditions of Asian weddings. Here you can learn not only about the traditional ceremonies of Indian, Sikh, and other weddings but also look at pictures of these rites. Unfortunately, currently, there are few articles on the website, but you can also get inspired by the pictures in the photographer’s portfolio.