Bora Bora Photo Video Review: Pros & Cons

By Tata Rossi 20 days ago, Photographer

After ordering Bora Bora Photo Video services, you will be contacted by a team of professionals that knows how to capture the brightest moments of your life. They have a narrow specialization and take professional photos with great attention to detail.

What makes them stand out among their competitors is that they never work on many projects at the same time. It allows them to pay more attention to clients’ needs.

About the Agency

about bora bora photo video

Bora Bora specializes in shooting photo and video content in the most picturesque locations, such as tropical islands. They can go to any location of your choice. When working with their clients, they always create top-quality content. They take engaging photos and shoot attention-grabbing videos that will help you reach your strategic goals.

The company has a team of experienced professionals who know how to shoot videos in complex conditions. They can work in tight spaces or on the go. This is why they always take high-quality photos regardless of the circumstances.

Main Genres

The company specializes in popular genres and shoot videos in the most unusual locations. Their style can be described as contemporary. They often take portraits, shoot events on tropical islands, take pictures underwater or in the mid-air.


bora bora photo video wedding

The team specializes in wedding photography styles and provides your clients with unique, bright photos taken on their most important day. In wedding photography, it’s crucial to capture facial expressions well. Bora Bora focuses on taking creative photos.

The team has received the WeddingWire Award 2021 for couple photography thanks to their high-quality works.

To get professional results, they use all the necessary wedding photography gear, which helps them take high-quality photos even in challenging conditions.

fixthephoto wedding retouching example fixthephoto wedding retouching example

If you want to get photos that are worth wedding magazines’ pages, make sure to contact a professional service that can quickly process many photos without compromising on their quality.


bora bora photo video resort

Bora Bora Photo Video services include taking pictures on resorts and islands. The photographers can come to your resort, find the best locations, and implement creative beach photo ideas. They strive to get the best results and gain customer loyalty. The company has an impressive resort photography portfolio.

Besides useful information, on their website, you will find an interactive map with the most beautiful island locations. You can schedule your photo session by yourself after selecting any location you like.

If you order their resort photography services, they can take photos on the beach or while you are swimming. They can also organize a one-day yacht tour with drinks, food, and entertainment included. The yacht will stop at the best locations that you won’t see in many photos.


bora bora photo video aquatic

Bora Bora Photo Video services are in high demand since the company uses the best gear. They have professional equipment, including an underwater camera for snorkeling.

If you don’t want to get your clothes wet, you can choose any of the dresses from their collection. The team collaborates with the French designer Valerie Pache who provides them with magnificent outfits for underwater shooting. You can entrust everything to these professionals since they know how to organize a photo session in the best way possible.

If you are interested in swimming photography, you can order a day-long session. They will take beautiful aquatic photos. Besides, the company can organize a tour for a couple. Some clients wear their formal clothes in the water to get more unique photos. If you like action photos more, you can change to your swimwear. Since the company rents a private boat, your privacy won’t be compromised.

Those who don’t have much time can opt for a photo session in a private pool. This way, you can get unusual photos of yourself swimming in the water in your wedding attire. Regardless of the location, the company has hourly shooting packages for each Bora Bora resort.


bora bora photo video fashion

After ordering Bora Bora Photo Video services, you will get photos that will help you promote your brand online. The team will hire models, hair, makeup artists, and assistants for a photo session. The agency always takes into account their clients’ requirements to ensure customer satisfaction. They specialize in land and underwater photography and can cope with any task, whether you hire them for a small or big project.

The company has a unique approach to fashion photography, which makes them a perfect choice for brands that need to launch a marketing campaign and people who need photos taken on a tropical island. These professionals know how to take photos from the right angles and which lenses for fashion photography to use to get stunning results. They take pictures that are worthy of glossy magazines’ pages and look quite different from regular selfies that you can take with your phone. You can post them online or use them for your portfolio.


bora bora photo video architecture

The team also specializes in architecture photography. They prefer working with natural light and carefully select the best time of a day for their shootings.

These professionals prefer using the Canon 5DSr since it allows them to take 50MP photos. Besides, they prefer a 16 mm lens, a tripod with a panoramic head, remote software and iPad Pro for framing their photos. Thanks to the iPad, their clients can preview the scene and the angle of a photo.

On their official website, you will find their portfolio and a list of companies the team has worked with. The agency often takes photos of hotels and real estate in tropical locations.

Bora Bora Photo Video Additional Services

bora bora photo video services

Besides shooting and enhancing photos, the agency also provides additional services. For instance, they can create a slideshow using high-resolution photos, select the 16:9 format, add titles and audio.

You will have access to all the photos posted in your online gallery. The company will also send you professionally printed photos. The final price will depend on the services you select. If you don’t have time to edit your images, the team can send you enhanced photos.

The agency also sells its photos printed on plastic or canvas. You will find them on the Gallery page. It will become a great present that will remind you about your vacation.

Bora Bora Photo Video Prices

The prices depend on the type of shooting and the complexity of a task. Wedding, family, and fashion photo sessions are quite unique. In these cases, the price might include makeup services or dress rentals. You can discuss the price of your photo session with the team. The photographers will do everything to meet your needs and offer you the best solution for your budget.

Another advantage of this service is that you don’t need to pay a deposit. If you decide to cancel a shooting, you won’t be charged.

Occasionally, the company might enhance 10 photos for $20. Even if you send them JPG images, they can still make them more beautiful and attention-grabbing.

To get a slideshow, you will need to pay $150. If you think that your video require advanced post-processing, make sure to contact a professional video editing service. To get a 20-page photo book, you need to pay at least $300.