Riss Photography – Wedding Photos And Videography Review

By Tata Rossi 9 days ago, Photographer

Riss Photography is a wedding photography and videography company. With a headquarter in Sydney, the team works throughout Australia. The Riss photography professionals know lots about photography.

The company offers a complete package of services for wedding photo sessions: from engagement to maternity period.

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About Riss Photography

riss photography about

Riss Photography is a team of experienced and creative artists who are fond of wedding ceremonies. They shoot in different styles, considering clients’ wishes. Their services also include editing. Retouchers don’t apply filters but prefer manual adjustments.

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Riss studio follows an individual approach to every client since each couple is unique in its way.

If you want to get high-quality pictures covering the most important moments of the celebration, we recommend checking out our Riss Photography review and learn whether these guys can help you out.

Riss Photography: Main Genres

Choosing Riss Photography, you can be sure your wedding day will be documented in the tiniest details. Looking through photographs, you seem to travel back in time to relive the joyful emotions of that day.

These wedding photographers focus on sincere emotions, therefore their wedding photography approach is unobtrusive and relaxed.


riss photography engagement

Engagement photography is a great rehearsal for your wedding day. You can get to know a photographer better and experiment with poses to get used to the camera. You can use these pictures for invitations or add them to the wedding site if any.

The Riss Photography team always guides newlyweds on how to properly stand in front of the camera or what pose to choose. You will feel at ease working with photographers while they are giving simple tips during the shooting. Photos, you get, amaze with sincerity and natural emotions.

The Riss Photography experts believe an engagement photo session is the first step to get acquainted with a photographer and understand his/her vision. Photographers always suggest the best couple poses to help you feel at ease.

You can choose the location that suits your preferences more: classic and calm landscapes of the city or more extreme nature scenes. You can also choose a place outside Sydney for an engagement photoshoot. Riss Productions strive to capture a new stage of your life; therefore, they are attentive and flexible when it comes to the clients’ wishes.


riss photography wedding

Since Riss Photography works in a variety of styles and genres, they are well aware of how a good image should look. The team knows wedding rituals and the “order of service” for Christian and Muslim families.

Every moment of such ceremonies is intimate and sacred to the couple – from a sermon, vows, unity ceremony, and exchange of rings to the pronouncement of marriage. With the right bride and groom poses, photographers take magical and emotional shots.

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Riss Photography professionals understand the importance of wedding ceremonies for Muslim families. They know how crucial it is to preserve this day in the memory of the newlyweds and their relatives. The team includes experienced Muslim wedding photographers who usually work at such weddings.


riss photography portraits

A wedding portrait is an integral part of a wedding photo session. The main requirement for a photographer is to take professional shots that show a person in the best way.

Since Riss Productions uses high-quality lighting equipment and guides models on all stages of the shooting, you'll get amazing images that reflect your character and focus on your beneficial facial features. With a lot of experience, flexibility, and trained eyes, photographers create visual stories rather than ordinary pictures.

riss photography wedding portraits

The Riss Photography team is ready to take on any shooting, satisfying each client’s preferences be it a natural and sincere atmosphere, a formal ceremony, bright and funny scenes, or an unusual composition. Besides, they work both with couples and individually with each client, practicing portrait and child photography.

Riss Wedding Blog

The official website contains an informative wedding photography blog. It includes various articles on weddings in different styles: vintage, beach, Indian, etc. You can also find useful information about wedding photography trends, props, and poses.

Riss Photography Prices

Riss Photography offers different pricing packages. The most universal one is a 6-hour wedding package for $1150. It includes 6 hours of shooting, an unlimited number of high-res photos (on average from 400 to 500 edited shots) without watermarks. There will be one photographer at your celebration.

If you want a photographer to work a full day, you can buy the package for $1950. It includes a bonus – free pre-wedding photography coverage. The package consists of 10 hours of continuous shooting, one photographer, an unlimited number of shots, from 500 to 800 edited photos.

Besides, the company has a separate $500 pre-wedding photography package. The package includes three hours of shooting and about fifty edited photos. You can choose the location on your own.