Stas Bartnikas Photography Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photographer

If you are fond of artistic aerial shooting, then you’ve probably heard about Stas Bartnikas. The photographer has win 170+ awards and his vast portfolio proves his talent and unique vision. Stas Bartnikas has traveled to over 20 countries, bringing back impressive landscape shots from every place he visited.

His purpose is to convey the beauty of nature scenes that few people have seen in real life. Stas Bartnikas travels a lot and prefers to visit the most unusual places of the Earth to show them to the audience.

Stas Bartnikas Photography: Biography

stas bartnikas photography

Stas Bartnikas specializes in aerial shooting. The photographer is 49 years old and he lives in Moscow. His education is hardly connected with photography because he graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in journalism.

Stas worked for a major Russian newspaper. After the collapse of the USSR, he started the develop business projects with a focus on advertising and sales.

Stas started photography as a hobby. It combines the artist's love for travel and aviation. The photographer specializes in aerial shooting, flying planes and helicopters to different parts of the world.

Energy-filled fine art photography by Stas Bartnikas demonstrates the beauty of nature. The photographer believes that nature is the best artist, and therefore strives to show its beauty in a genuine form.

You can find his "aero-art" photography in famous Russian and European magazines including Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Maxim, GEO, Vanity Fair, Bild, View, L'officiel Voyage. Besides, Photo Of The Day and National Geographic's Daily Dozen columns use his images.

His works have received reputable awards from Natgeo Photo Travel, IPA, TIFA, MIFA, PX3, and Siena International Photo Awards. You can also find his pictures included in private exhibitions in London Avivson Gallery.

Main Genres

stas bartnikas image

Stas almost never uses a photography drone during shooting. His favorite and preferred method of photography is with a traditional camera while flying in a small aircraft - plane or helicopter. Despite the convenience of drone photography, Stas Bartnikas feels that photos taken in person have way more life and essence in them.


stas bartnikas abstract

Stas uses abstract composition to showcase the beauty of a landscape. Mountains, oceans, waterfalls, and forests act as compositional elements in his photos. They add textures and colors to images. The photographer shares multiple abstract photography ideas with his fans.

stas bartnikas abstract example

Stas doesn’t offer a single price list for his works since the cost depends on the photo, format, paper, etc. A project with a size of 60x40 cm starts from 2000 euros.

stas bartnikas abstract photo

Stas Bartnikas prints his works on museum-quality art paper, which he orders from leading manufacturers, including Canson, Hahnemuhle, and Innova. The photographer sends an order by DHL courier service to your home, folding them into a shockproof tube.


stas bartnikas landscape

Stas Bartnikas is a landscape photographer who usually takes pictures of nature from above. In his work, Stas aims at conveying the character and uniqueness of each element. “It is almost the same as photographing humans,” Stas tells Colossal. "Each portrait is unique and conveys its message."

stas bartnikas landscape example

The photographer loves Iceland since it inspires him a lot. The combination of ice, snow, volcanoes, beach, and icy rivers reminds him of surreal paintings. Thanks to aerial shooting, Stas demonstrates the grandeur and contrast of natural phenomena.

He believes his mission is to make every viewer think about the majestic world we all live in to feel the power and energy of nature.


stas bartnikas urban

Stas Bartnikas also specializes in urban photography. First, Stas chooses unusual places that he would like to photograph.

stas bartnikas urban example

Then, he talks to companies or flight schools nearby to arrange an airplane excursion across the desired area. Stas is happy to go on new trips to bring back the most attractive and exciting works.


stas bartnikas non-aerial

You can find different genres in his portfolio, including photos of mountains, forests, architecture, streets, animals, sunrises, and sunsets.

stas bartnikas non-aerial example

Stas Bartnikas knows how to find unique places on the planet. Besides, he feels nature and can convey its beauty and energy. 

Editing Techniques

stas bartnikas before and after stas bartnikas before and after

Color experiments allow the author to make landscape photography more attractive and dynamic. Stas rarely uses image editing techniques, and only adjusts white balance and contrast. Since Stas shoots landscapes at high altitudes, he has to remove fog.

With the adjustment brush, Stas can lighten and darken certain areas of a photo. Stas believes that the main feature of each image is its aura. It influences the perception of the picture.


stas bartnikas blog

Stas shares helpful tips and techniques for photographers on his blog. Besides, you will find details about the author's exhibition at the ArtRussia Fair. Although the blog is still small, Stas actively develops it, adding new articles step by step.


stas bartnikas instagram

Another interesting platform for getting acquainted with the photographer’s works is his Instagram account. You can keep tabs on his workflow and read reviews on photos. Stas has a large collection of pictures from 2013 that showcase his progress. Each user can leave comments under photos and ask questions directly to the photographer.