L Wink Photography Review 2022

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Photographer

If you are looking for a photographer who specializes in dance photo sessions, then you may have heard about L. Wink, who is one of the best photographers in the industry. The photographer is one of the most well-known artists in this genre, not only in America but also abroad.

In this L Wink photography review, I will tell you about her approach, creative style, the genres she works with, and the way she processes her pictures.

L Wink Dance Photographer: Biography

l wink photography website

Lindsay Winkler lives in Los Angeles where she works as a photographer. Dance shooting is her favorite genre. In her bio on the website, Lindsay admits that she is inspired by flowing and light outfits as well as gentle and graceful poses.

Besides, Lindsay Winkler is engaged in children's photography. Lindsay has five children and, at some point, she started taking pictures of them. This devotion grew into a passion and love for this genre.

Lindsay likes sincerity and real emotions. Since she is interested in fashion, she started collecting branded outfits for children's shooting, which she uses for sessions.

Main Genres

L Wink primarily specializes in dance photography. She takes photos of dancers and dancing collectives, working all over the world. The photographer currently lives in California where she owns a studio with all essential photography gear and high-quality studio lighting kits.

Studio Dance

l wink studio dance

Lindsay likes working in a studio with professional lighting. She believes that a dancer feels comfortable in such a setting.

When it comes to ballet photography, she prefers to use a dark background. Thus, maximum attention is directed to the object, movements, and the play of shadows that Lindsay creates with the help of powerful lighting equipment. The author does not like to use props for such pictures.

Street Dance

l wink street dance

Along with studio, Lindsay also loves to take photos of people dancing in an open space. In her portfolio, you can see beautiful non-staged street dance shots. Professional photographers will notice Winkler’s favorite stylistic trick. While she loves the simplicity of urban photography, she still takes striking images of extraordinary poses.

Travel Dance Projects

l wink travel dance

L Wink photography is known all over the world as the author often takes pictures of dancers while traveling. For such photo sessions, Lindsay chooses popular locations and little-known atmospheric places.

For travel photography, Lindsay prefers choosing such places as blooming gardens or studios with pastel backgrounds.

Photo Shooting of Children and Teens

l wink children

L Wink's second favorite genre is child photography. She specializes in teen photography and frequently takes photos of dance movements.

The author collaborates with dance clubs and schools that teach children. Also she organizes such photo sessions outdoors and in travels.


l wink portrait

In addition to these genres, Lindsay shoots in other styles, she also likes portrait photography. Typically, she takes such photos outside the studio. This helps her take natural, atmospheric shots with relaxed poses.

Lindsay always takes into account clients’ wishes. For shooting, models are free to choose one of the adorable outfits that Lindsay rents out.

In portrait genre, Lindsay prefers to use decor, focusing on childish spontaneity. She also uses various children photos ideas. Her pictures are minimalistic, without an overabundance of bright details.

Family Session

l wink family

Lindsay occasionally takes family sessions. She opts for the most natural images, without staged scenes. The photographer also avoids using creative photography ideas. She believes that family shots should convey sincere emotions.

To make a composition look harmonious, she recommends choosing family outfits in the same color scheme or style. She prefers open-air locations, such as gardens, lakes, and riverbanks.

Maternity Sessions

The L Wink photography collection also includes pictures of pregnant women. Although maternity photography is not the main direction the author works in, she carefully prepares for photoshoots, choosing beautiful outdoor locations and branded outfits.

Professional Editing

l wink sample of work

Lindsay Winkler uses a variety of techniques to process photographs, but all her images have some similar features.

What makes her photos stand out is that she focuses on the face, skin, and hair correction. Lindsay captures natural facial expressions and flowing voluminous hair.

When it comes to studio photography, the author combines a dark background with bright accent colors or lighter shades on the main object. The black background looks three-dimensional, since Lindsay uses gradients and experiments with color shades.

l wink image manipulation sample l wink image manipulation sample

Since dance genre of shooting is all about poses and movements, Lindsay often retouches models' outfits. She likes using light-flowing fabrics that emphasizes every single movement of a dancer.

When processing children or family pictures, Lindsay prefers naturalness. These images are characterized by calm, harmonious color combinations without bright accent spots or contrasts. She likes taking photos on sunny days without harsh shadows to give them a softer look.

Other Creative Projects

Just like other creative professionals, Lindsay Winkler sometimes works on side projects as well.

Social Projects

l wink social project

In addition to photography, Lindsay Winkler is engaged in a large-scale social photography project dedicated to victims of sex trafficking in Central America.

The author works with victims, women and children, and arranges beautiful free photo sessions with incredible outfits. She believes that everyone deserves to get the best out of life and enjoy it, regardless of their experience.

Thematic Mini Photo Sessions

l wink gift card

Since Lindsay loves traveling and arranges small photoshoots during journeys. In her portfolio, you can see beautiful beach photos, images of mountains, and other incredible locations around the world. Despite her busy schedule, she regularly looks for models for her projects on Facebook, so everyone can become a hero of her photoshoot. Also it is available to get a gift card and use it when the photographer arrives in your location.