A.Rrajani Photography Review: Should You Refer To This Expert

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Photographer

A.Rrajani Photography

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Verdict: A. Rrajani is an experienced fashion photographer who also specializes in commercial photography for various agencies and provides private photoshoot services for models and actors who want to create a portfolio.

  • Reasonable prices
  • Large portfolio
  • Offers a broad range of services
  • Has a professional studio
  • Doesn’t provide gift certificates
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I've liked the reasonably low prices of his services as well as the large number of examples in different genres that can be found on A. Rrajani’s website.

A.Rrajani Photography Services - Complete Review with Examples

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When you visit the A.Rrajani photography website, you can instantly get acquainted with a full list of services that you can order, their prices, as well as the photographer’s portfolio that features his best work. You can also go to A. Rrajani’s social media pages to read a large number of reviews from clients and see even more examples of his photos.

Fashion Genre for Different Business Genres

a rrajani photography fashion photos
a rrajani photography fashion photos

A. Rrajani is a household brand in fashion photography. Being among the most skilled fashion photographers on the local market, he has experience working with a long list of established companies, models, photography business names, studios, and actors.

Other than maintaining a high standard of professionalism, A.Rrajani photography sets itself apart by constantly exploring the creative possibilities of the medium and always having a strong impact on the viewer. The photographer does all the necessary preparation before each photoshoot to ensure the needs and wants of every client are completely satisfied.

a rrajani photography review

Being among the most noteworthy fashion and portrait photographers in Mumbai, Rrajani believes that model photography mostly comes down to achieving a fantastic result from each design you have to work with.

A. Rrajani’s portfolio stands out from other photographers in the model photography field, as the models he works with are associated with such brands as Gladrags, Indian Princess, Femina Next Door Diva, etc.

Professional Portfolio for Models and Actors

a rrajani photography portfolio
a rrajani photography portfolio

A. Rrajani is among the go-to portfolio photographers for any model or actor. His website gallery makes it instantly clear how masterfully he can highlight the most attractive aspects of a person while hiding all their flaws. A professional portfolio is a must-have in the modeling and acting industries, as it can help you showcase both your appearance and skillset at a glance.

Armed with years of experience, A. Rrajani can help you take your acting or modeling career to the next level. Regardless if it’s a male or female photography portfolio shoot, he’ll make you feel comfortable in front of the camera while keeping all interactions at the highest level of professionalism.

During the photoshoot, you’ll be regularly asked to take a look at the shots and make any suggestions or adjustments to ensure you’re happy with the final result. A combination of outdoor photography and indoor picture ideas ensures you’ll receive a top-notch portfolio that will feature everything from body shots to a full range of facial expressions. Thanks to a fine-tuned use of lighting, colors, and tones, your photos will look professional and eye-catching.

Beauty Pictures for the Fashion Industry

a rrajani photography beauty photos

There are different types of digital photography in the fashion world. Some of them show off trendy clothes while others are aimed at selling specific products. Finally, there are photos the main goal of which is to highlight and convey the beauty of a person.

In most cases, beauty photos are represented by close-up portrait photography that treats the model’s face as the main subject, which is why the most important part of any beauty photoshoot is professionally done makeup.

The skin is also very important since the facial skin tone has to match the neckline and cleavage tone, and ideally the rest of the body as well. That said, the primary goal of beauty photography is still to emphasize and convey the beauty of the face.

I’d like to note that this genre is frequently used for make up photography and can benefit from all kinds of female poses.

Commercial and Advertising Genre for Business

a rrajani photography commercial photos
a rrajani photography commercial photos

A. Rrajani is a highly successful commercial photographer who has experience working with advertising and product photography. Rrajani believes that the advertising photography projects he has completed allowed him to become a highly demanded personality in this genre even though advertising pictures is one of the most competitive markets out there.

While the general shooting process is rather similar to other genres that A. Rrajani deals with, the skillset he applies for such photos is quite different. The main goal here is to capture and convey a specific subject (living or inanimate) in a way that engages the viewer and makes them want to get it.

When working on orders in this genre, the photographer relies on some of the best product photography ideas to achieve a result that will wow his clients. Now, if you want to study this genre yourself, then I suggest taking product photography classes.

Celebrity Photographer for Taking Pictures of Popular People

a rrajani photography celebrity photos
a rrajani photography celebrity photos

A. Rrajani has experience collaborating with a long list of Bollywood celebrities and artists. Being a widely acclaimed fashion photographer, he applies all of his fashion and model photography skills to capture and present celebrities in the best possible light.

The results speak for themselves, as A. Rrajani is considered one of the most successful fashion and celebrity photographers in India thanks to the quality of work he delivers to his clients.

Thanks to the fact that he managed to work with a lot of celebrities across different countries in a surprisingly short period, A. Rrajani photography is actually considered a household name in Mumbai.

A.Rrajani Photography Prices

The photographer offers several discounts because of lockdown and quarantine. More specifically, you can get 50% off any photoshoot. The minimum price of a photoshoot is 20 thousand rupees (about $270) for a 4-hour session.

The maximum cost of a photoshoot is 55 thousand rupees (about $740) and it includes 11 hours of shooting. Additionally, each package includes a specified number of looks and costumes, the work of a makeup artist and stylist, and professional touch ups.

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