Laurel Belle Photography & Branding Review

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Photographer

Laurel Belle is an award-winning portrait photographer. Laurel’s funny and sincere portraits show girls’ and women’s temper and mood during a photo session. Besides, the artist creates content for brands and offers curation services.

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Check out this Laurel Belle photography review to learn more about the professional life of this photographer. 

About Laurel Belle

laurel belle photographer

Laura Tompkins (Laurel Belle) creates branding materials and content for companies. She takes images for websites, social networks, and advertisements, that are in line with the brand. If you need a quality website, Laura can help you develop a beautiful and effective landing page, using the call-to-action buttons and interesting content to increase conversions.

Besides, the photographer is fond of glamorous and boudoir photography with women and girls being her main model. Laura started The Confidence Project since she believes beautiful images can unleash feminine energy and correct models' self-perception. Laurel Belle Photography helps girls of all ages to become more confident and reveal their beauty through images.

Main Genres

Besides photographing women and girls, Laurel practices many genres, including portraiture (both commercial and artistic), family photography during holidays, and everyday life. She also works with brands, creating professional and modern content.

Head Shot

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Laurel Belle focuses on trendy, fresh, naturally lit headshot photography for various target audiences including brands, companies, models, actors, and personal use. Since Laurel is a seasoned headshot photographer, she knows that the right angle, lighting, and facial expressions are the first things viewers pay attention to. Due to the friendly atmosphere during the shooting, recommendations on natural headshot poses, and sincere communication, every model can feel relaxed and comfortable.

laurel belle headshot team

Laurel Belle Photography team organizes shootings on location. They can come to your venue to take beautiful pictures. If you need to get images of a whole team, the studio offers discounts based on the number of people. They also offer a group portrait option that comes with a discount.

Any headshot photography session includes an individual approach. The photographer communicates with a model to find out her preferences and goals. The team also offers photo processing services, delivering beautiful portraits with natural skin tones and gently highlighted facial features.


laurel belle family

Family photography is a very popular genre. It is about capturing sincere emotions and important moments among relatives. Photographs can tell whole stories and convey warm emotions with the help of images. Since time flies by quickly, it is crucial to capture the main stages of life from birth to old age. Laurel Belle takes photos of children, loved ones, and large families.

Many families want to find a professional photographer who can capture their invisible bonds and offer interesting family photo ideas. Nowadays, people strive to show real emotions, natural poses, and sincere smiles. If you also share these values, then the Laurel Belle Photography team is your choice. Thanks to kindness and friendliness, photographers quickly find a common language with clients and, as a result, deliver great pictures.

You are likely to feel worried if this is your first photo session. However, you can fully trust this professional team as they will suggest the best family portrait poses and help you look your best in images. Laurel Belle's team likes fun and modern portraiture, enjoys working with children and families, and strives to build long-term relationships with clients.


laurel belle brand

The team also helps large businesses. They take images to visually present your company to consumers in a winning way. Photographers create content consistently using relevant color combinations, props, and décor. They can photograph products, your team, and a working environment to convey your brand's uniqueness.

To make your photos more attractive, you need to master professional photo editing software. If you are new to this, address a product photography service and let experts take care of your photos.

product retouching service product retouching service

Laurel Belle uses an individual approach to each client. Before starting to work, the team explores the market, analyzes competitors and the target audience to deliver a relevant result. Besides, experts develop a work plan for brand promotion.

Photographers try to capture products in real-life conditions (with people in the shot demonstrating how to use a product) since such images attract more viewers than staged shots on a white background. Lifestyle or styled product photography shows users how to use a product correctly, increasing conversions and engagement.

Laurel Belle Website Design Service

laurel belle website design

When designing a website, it is important to think about an ideal client, brand reputation, and matching visuals.

Laurel Belle can create an informative, and eye-pleasing website that will help business owners and brands attract new audiences and advertise their services in an interesting manner.

If you don’t like the existing site and are not ready to spend time and energy, mastering web design software, get in touch with Laurel Belle studio. Experts will help you develop a beautiful and vibrant website, boosting your online presence.

Working with the Laurel Belle team, you can discuss all your wishes concerning a custom website. Besides, specialists write unique texts for your product and provide content optimized for different platforms. They take care of search engine optimization and brand development strategy. Before building the strategy, they communicate with clients to clarify all points.


The company offers different packages of services. Thus, the small team package of the headshot session works great for a company of 5-20 team members.

The package includes headshots that match the brand identity. It can be a photo session at a location with a half-day setting. Plus, you get logistics and enhancement tips. Each team member receives a collection of edited photos by email.

A small package costs $399 for the entire team. The mid-size package includes similar features along with a handy online calendar where clients can pre-book a time to shoot. This package costs $40 per person. It works great for companies with 21-50 employees. A large team package is suitable for companies with 50+ employees. The price is $35 per person. The package contains all services necessary for convenient work.

Laurel Belle Photography offers three branding packages, custom pricing for family and personal photoshoots, and mini sessions for $99.