30 Best Headshot Photographers That Inspire

30 Best Headshot Photographers That Inspire

Looking for some dose of inspiration and famous headshot photographers to improve your headshots? You are lucky to find this article. Here I have compiled information about the most remarkable and famous headshot photographers to motivate you to create something extraordinary.

30 Best Headshot Photographers

I have created a list of 30 best headshot photographers, who are known for their dedication, professionalism and unique approach to the art. Examine the photos of these outstanding masters, learn the stories of their success and take something away from their artistic style.

1. Bradford Rogne Website

Location: USA
bradford rogne best headshot photographer Bradford has been working in the photography industry for more than 20 years. He is known as a talented photographer and skillful make-up artist.
In his work, he mainly focuses on beauty, commercial-aspect and fashion. Bradford’s photographs were featured in magazines like Allure, Life & Style, OUT and InStyle.
Such networks as Lifetime, ABC Family, Bravo and Style have used Rogne’s works for commercial purposes.
bradford rogne best headshot
Photo by Bradford Rogne

2. Dino Mosley Website

Location: USA
dino mosley best headshot photographer Dino Mosley is a Los Angeles-based photographer, who can be proud of his professional portfolio. He is engaged in fashion portraiture, modeling portfolios and headshot photography.
Dino Mosley works in his own studio in Los Angeles. He says that the main goal of a professional shooter in LA is to help a model get the look that will fit any situation.
dino mosley best headshot
Taken by Dino Mosley

3. Peter Hurley Website | Instagram

Location: USA
peter hurley best headshot photographer Working in New York, Peter Hurley has proven to be one of the most talented headshot photographers. He made his name taking headshots for actors and businessmen.
In his work, Peter tried to capture genuine expressions of people. Also, Peter Hurley is known for a little stint on “The Apprentice”, shooting for Levi’s. Moreover, Backstage magazine has chosen him many times as one of the best headshot photographers in NYC.
peter hurley best headshot
Taken by Peter Hurley

4. David Noles Website | Instagram

Location: USA
david noles best headshot photographer David Noles has his own unique style. The majority of his works really look like magazine covers.
He tries to make his models appear as natural as possible in the photos. Noles often uses backgrounds that match the color of model’s hair and clothing.
Being in love with New York, David Noles moved there from Los Angeles. Currently, he works in his own studio in NYC and has a busy schedule.
david noles best headshot
Taken by David Noles

5. Jessica Osber Website | Instagram

Location: USA
jessica osber best headshot photographer Apart from taking headshots, Jessica Osber is an actor, director and dreamer. She has been working in the photography sphere professionally for 8 years.
Using her directorial vision, Jessica tries to compose each frame in a flattering and creative way. She worked as an assistant with a top headshot photographer Peter Hurley.
Being inspired by this collaboration, Osber decided to open her own studio in 2015. Jessica Osber worked with Merrill Lynch, New York Times, Black Rock, Huffington Post, the National America Opera Center, USB Memory Direct and Paramount Pictures.
jessica osber best headshot photographer
Taken by Jessica Osber

6. Michael Levy Website | Instagram

Location: USA
michael levy best headshot photographer Michael Levy is an American headshot photographer, who was born on Valentine’s Day in 1983. He started his artistic path in 2014 organizing headshot photo sessions.
By the way, his wife was one of his models. In his work, Michael Levy tries to create a special story to get interesting and vibrant results. He doesn't look for any special model, pose or expression in his work.
Among his clients, there are those, who have appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway and TV-shows such as Castle Rock HBO's "Girls", White Collar, Limitless, Gossip Girl Netflix's Orange Is the New Black, etc.
michael levy best headshot
Taken by Michael Levy

7. Alan Weissman Website | Instagram

Location: USA
alan weissman best headshot photographer Alan Weissman devoted 30 years of his life to headshots. His works were featured on CNN, ABC News and other media. Also, Weissman took celebrity acting headshots for HBO, FOX and American Movie Classics. Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie and Jack Lemmon are just a few of numerous starts Weissman has collaborated with.
Alan’s spectacular photos are exhibited at the Bergemont Station in LA, NYC Hilton, Boston’s Polaroid Museum, Brooklyn Museum and ABC studios.
alan weissman best headshot photographer
Taken by Alan Weissman

8. Geoffrey Donne Website | Instagram

Location: USA
geoffrey donne best headshot photographer Having won numerous awards, including Emmy, Geoffrey Donne is considered to be one of the most demanded cinematographers and top headshot photographers. Geoffrey created a unique approach working both behind and in front of the camera.
He uses his cinematographic, directorial and acting experience to create a vibrant and artistic atmosphere that enables his clients to show off their best side.
geoffrey donne best headshot photographer
Taken by Geoffrey Donne

9. Jordan Matter Website | Instagram

Location: USA
jordan matter best headshot photographer Before he became a photographer, Jordan Matter was a promising basketballer. But when your grandmother and mother are involved in a photography business, you can’t stand aside.
One day Jordan examined headshots taken by his friend and found them rather ordinal and boring. So, he decided to take his camera and take a couple of shots.
They were brilliant. Apart from being profiled on TV, Jordan Matter’s works were featured in numerous magazines and galleries all over the globe.
jordan matter best headshot
Taken by Jordan Matter

10. Michael Helms Website | Instagram

Location: USA
michael helms best headshot photographer Michael Helms is one of the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles. Having more than 35 years of photography experience, he can boast an array of photographs of megastars in his portfolio.
From shooting documentaries on the orphanage of Kathmandu and taking brilliant pictures of Papua, New Guinea to photographing sea life in Bonaire.
Michael Helms’ works are very diverse and full of adventures.
michael helms best headshot
Taken by Michael Helms

11. Barry Morgenstein Website | Instagram

Location: USA
barry morgenstein best headshot photographer Barry Morgenstein’s portfolio features numerous representatives of the modern era of pop-culture. Oliver North, Donald Trump, Meryl Streep and Steven Tyler are only several famous people he managed to photograph.
Whether Morgenstein invites a beginning actor or megastar to his photo session, he professionally interacts with his clients producing the best possible results.
Barry Morgenstein has a clear vision of how to set the scene and show the model in the best light. By the way, the artist has his own studios in NYC.
barry morgenstein best headshot photographer
Taken by Barry Morgenstein

12. Cathryn Farnsworth Website | Instagram

Location: USA
cathryn farnsworth best headshot photographer Cathryn Farnsworth is a top actor headshot photographer from Los Angeles. She is passionate about working with people and producing emotionally attractive images. Farnsworth became a winner of “Favorite Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles”. Her pragmatic and earnest shooting style turns her photoshoots into an amusing adventure for both actors and models.
Cathryn Farnsworth knows how to make her clients feel relaxed, enabling them to demonstrate their energy and triggering a host of contradictory emotions during the photo sessions.
cathryn farnsworth best headshot
Taken by Cathryn Farnsworth

13. David Chang Website

Location: Canada
david chung best headshot photographer Thomas is a British photographer who specializes in landscape and traveling genres and is rapidly earning his place at the top. His portfolio includes a stunning variety of different styles, and Heaton also runs an inspiring YouTube channel, where he uploads encouraging videos about landscape photography. His fans love his sincere, energetic vlogs and images and consider him to be the best landscape photographer out there.
Thomas adores hiking and focuses on finding the perfect location at the most opportune moment rather than chasing after expensive camera gear.
Heaton’s other sources of income come from publishing his photographs in popular magazines and organizing workshops dedicated to his favorite genre.
david chung best headshot
Taken by David Chung

14. Nick James Website

Location: UK
nick james best headshot photographer Nick James takes actor headshots. He enrolled in art college, but after two years of study, he decided to get into GSA. After graduation, James took up acting, art and photography.
Nick James felt it was acting and art that helped him achieve success in headshot photography. During the last 13 years, he confirmed his professionalism by getting numerous recommendations from the best agents in London.
nick james best headshot
Taken by Nick James

15. Claire Newman Williams Website

Location: UK
claire newman williams best headshot photographer Claire Newman Williams is one of the best headshot photographers in the UK. Moreover, she does editorial work. Having a rather rich portfolio, Claire managed to photograph such celebrities as Penelope Wilton, Tom Hiddleston and Richard Armitage.
Claire Newman Williams works in London and across the United Kingdom. Her works were featured in different periodicals, including The Washington Post, The New York Times and Time Magazine. Currently, Claire Newman Williams works near Chippenham.
claire newman williams best headshot
Taken by Claire Newman Williams

16. Kirill Kozlov Website

Location: UK
kirill kozlov best headshot photographer Kirill Kozlov is a leading UK headshot photographer with vast experience of more than 20 years. His specialty is Director of Photography, so he knows everything about framing and lighting.
These skills help him take remarkable headshots. Kirill Kozlov collaborated with the Artists Partnership, Curtis Brown, the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and others. He works in his own studio in East London.
kirill kozlov best headshot
Taken by Kirill Kozlov

17. Roger Connolly Website

Location: UK
roger connolly best headshot photographer Roger Connolly’s headshot portfolio includes brilliant pictures taken for business owners, fashion houses, actors and celebrities.
Roger has a perfect vision of how to take a professional headshot. He may work at any location depending on the client's preferences whether it is a home, office, workplace or studio.
roger connolly best headshot photographer
Taken by Roger Connolly

18. Henry Harrison Website

Location: UK
henry harrison Several years ago, working with a casting director on a feature film, Henry Harrison was amazed at how much an actor’s career depends on the headshot portfolio.
It was obvious that the most important factor in this assessment was the quality of actor headshots. Those people, who worked with Henry Harrison say that he is a true professional, who organizes the working process in an effective and creative way.
henry harrison best headshot
Taken by Henry Harrison

19. David Yiu Website

Location: UK
david yiu best headshot photographer David Yiu has been a photographer for over 11 years. He has a studio located in South-East London. Although David studied at the film university, he strived to become the best headshot photographer.
After graduating from university, he treated photography as a full-time job, and since then he considerably boosted his career.
Film sets, live events, collaboration with the most famous brands in the world, his artistic path is full of great achievements. Also, David's works were featured in Spotlight, Headshot Hunter and Mandy.
david yiu best headshot photographer
Taken by David Yiu

20. Amelia Shepherd Website

Location: UK
amelia stepherd best headshot photographer Amelia Shepherd works as an independent photographer. She specializes in portraiture, headshot, interior, documentary, travel and staging photography.
Her works were featured in various magazines and even on the BBC News. Also, Amelia Shepherd participates in different exhibitions. Her project Peacehaven in III Parts was chosen for Photoworks’ Magazine Showcase.
Moreover, Amelia Shepherd received financial support from Arts Council England to develop her projects.
amelia stepherd best headshot
Taken by Amelia Stepherd

21. Alan Howard Website

Location: UK
alan howard best headshot photographer Alan Howard made his name in the film industry. Nevertheless, he has been working as a professional photographer for over 2 last decades.
In his work, Alan uses natural light, interesting locations as well as a cinematic grade for high-quality TV/movie production. Although Alan Howard has been doing headshot photography for only 6 years, he achieved great success in this sphere.
alan howard best headshot
Taken by Alan Howard

22. Michael Wharley Website

Location: UK
michael wharley best headshot photographer Michael Wharley is a talented London-based photographer. He specializes in shooting professional headshots for actors as well as movie and theatre posters. Michael Wharley is proud to be a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography and APHP Chairman.
Also, he is a fan of Liverpool FC and a coffee and outdoor swimming lover. In 2010, Michael started developing his photography business. He understands how complicated it is to take a perfect headshot.
That is why he found a perfect recipe for his work which is a combination of subtle lighting, photography and direction.
michael wharley best headshot
Taken by Michael Wharley

23. Paul Smith Website | Instagram

Location: UK
paul smith best headshot photographer Paul Smith is an award-winning photographer, who lives and works in London. His work is mainly focused on portrait and headshot photography.
Among Paul Smith's clients, there are actors, business owners, TV companies such as BBC and ITV, publicity companies, publishing houses and theatre schools. Also, Paul Smith owns a photo studio in Kennington.
paul smith best headshot
Taken by Paul Smith

24. Vincenzo Website | Instagram

Location: UK
vincenzo best headshot photographer Vincenzo is a top headshot photographer with an amazing portfolio which includes photos of Jessie Buckley, Hayley Atwell, Paul Nicholas and more.
As a photo retoucher, he says that images should be enhanced in a professional way with the natural look preserved.
Vincenzo believes that actors should look in their headshot exactly as they look in real life. He owns a studio in London.
vincenzo best headshot
Taken by Vincenzo

25. Kim Hardy Website | Instagram

Location: UK
kim hardy best headshot photographer Kim Hardy is another prominent photographer, who can boast spectacular actor headshots examples. In his work, he uses natural light and creative approaches.
Kim Hardy appreciates the interaction between a model and a photographer. During the photo session, he tries to create a pleasant atmosphere and make the client feel relaxed.
Kim Hardy has a studio in Peckham with lots of space and natural light.
kim hardy best headshot
Taken by Kim Hardy

26. Jon Holloway Website | Instagram

Location: UK
jon holloway best headshot photographer Jon Holloway is an experienced photographer, who has been working for more than 15 years in the industry. Apart from doing commercial photography, he works on different art projects.
Jon Holloway collaborates with famous personalities and brands, which helps him to grow his business. He has a photo studio in East London with a unique design that suits his professional requirements.
When Jon Holloway has free time, he prefers to spend it in the family circle.
jon holloway best headshot
Taken by Jon Holloway

27. Tom Parsons Website | Instagram

Location: UK + Italy
tom parsons best headshot photographer Tom Parsons grew up in the UK. Before discovering an interest in headshot photography, his career path took other directions. He photographed for TV, magazines, did fashion and corporate photography.
Tom Parsons worked with many musicians, models, chefs, and even royalty. Being one of the most famous headshot photographers in the UK, Tom tries to deliver the best possible results to his clients.
He takes spectacular photographs both in natural or studio light. Aside from portrait and headshot photography, Tom Parsons has a lot of food, interior, architecture, landscape and corporate pictures in his portfolio.
tom parsons best headshot
Taken by Tom Parsons

28. Sally Flegg Website

Location: Australia
sally flegg best headshot photographer Sally Flegg is one of the best headshot photographers in Sydney. She collaborated with many Australian stage and screen actors. Sally is a very open-hearted person, who tries to create a relaxed atmosphere during the shooting.
Taking a good headshot is a really complex task, but she copes with it perfectly. Sally Flegg has her own studio in Sydney, where she works with her clients.
sally flegg best headshot
Taken by Sally Flegg

29. Sebastian Szulfer Website

Location: Poland
sebastian szulfer best headshot photographer Sebastian Szulfer is a Poland-based photographer, who specializes in event photography as well as in corporate portrait and headshot genres. Being a destination photographer, he often works in such cities as Barcelona, Berlin, and Warsaw. Sebastian Szulfer speaks English, Spanish and Polish, which greatly helps him in his work.
He works only with first-class equipment and has an individual approach to each client.
sebastian szulfer best headshot
Taken by Sebastian Szulfer

30. Dimitris Vlaikos Website | Instagram

Location: Greece
dimitris vlaikos best headshot photographer Dimitris Vlaikos is a well-known Greek portrait and headshot photographer, who works and lives in Athens. He takes top-notch photos and works with companies, publishers, advertisers and megastars from around the globe.
In 2011, he presented his projects in Aegina Folklore Museum. In 2012, he was nominated by the British Professional Photographer Magazine as a photographer of a year.
dimitris vlaikos best headshot
Taken by Dimitris Vlaikos

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