Business And Corporate Headshot Poses For Photos

Business And Corporate Headshot Poses For Photos

Headshot poses have greatly changed over time as well as the approach to this type of shooting. Employers aren’t interested in photos of candidates with serious faces being photographed against a white background.

Modern entrepreneurs have absolutely different demands for business headshots. To make such photos really attractive, you need to take care of the location and suitable outfit. Having this covered, look for corporate headshot poses.

40 Best Headshot Poses for Male and Female

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Nowadays, headshot photography industry is very developed. Headshot poses differ depending on the sphere you are going to use such images for.

For instance, corporate headshots and those you send to entrepreneurs aren’t the same. Below, you will find useful tips on how to pose for a headshot.

1. Making Sincere Smile

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One of the best headshot tips to make your images appealing. Of course, you shouldn’t smile in every photo, but several such shots will be OK. If you aren’t in the mood to smile, calm down and think about something pleasant.

Relax your muscles. The key moment here is to smile not only with your lips, but with your whole body. May seem difficult, but it is worth trying.

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2. Standing Straight

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When a photographer asks you to feel casual in front of a camera, the reaction is usually opposite. But remember that your everyday pose, like the one when you are pondering over something or reading a book, brings the most natural headshots. Employers really like such photos.

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3. Showing Emotions

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Most people think that a headshot photo must feature a person with a serious, somehow stone face. Partially true, but at the shooting, feel free to demonstrate your emotions.

Think about the one that you don’t know how to show and try expressing it. Be open, ingenious and enjoy the process.

Even if you doubt that such images can be sent to your potential boss, a skillful photographer may snap several really admirable images for you to remember this period of your life.

4. Making Emotionless Look

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This is an absolutely neutral pose for a headshot picture. If you think that it is the same as everyday pose, you are mistaken.

For most people, they are different, with the latter is you acting naturally, while the former is controlling your muscles and suppressing emotions. Remember – neutral isn’t natural.

5. Tilting Your Head a Bit

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This is an effective trick of portrait photography that you can use to get professional headshots. When your head is a bit tilted or the chin is slightly directed to either side – you will look more confident in a picture.

Mind that this is a “masculine pose”, bringing a sense of power to photos.

6. Bringing Face Forward & Pointing Chin Slightly Down

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If you need professional headshot poses that help you look reliable and confident, use this one. Point the chin a bit down and push the face forward. This is a quick way to hide a double chin.

7. Keeping One Shoulder Away From the Camera at a Small Angle

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To appear slimmer in a photo, just move either shoulder away from a camera at a small angle. This is a perfect idea for a female headshot and it also brings additional depth to a picture.

8. Being in Motion

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Both studio and outdoor headshots may have some dynamics. For this, you need to move around – walk, jump, shake hands, adjust hair, etc.

This surely brings lively and realistic results. Besides, dynamic business headshot poses may help you reveal your true nature, so an employer will know what an active and enthusiastic person you are.

9. Changing Facial Expressions

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A headshot photographer may encourage you to show a range of emotions. Don’t refuse! Once he/she names an emotion, show it.

Be it anger, happiness, fear, sadness, disgust – anything different from common will look truly captivating.

10. Flattering

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In most cases models know their best angles and poses. If you don’t, practice in front of the mirror before the shooting or ask a photographer for help.

Remember that body parts that are closer to the lens, look bigger in photos. So, if you want to conceal something, choose appropriate corporate portraits poses.

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11. Turning Two-Thirds to the Camera

how to take a good business headshot

This is a commonly-used trick in corporate headshot photography that helps you look less uptight than when looking straight in the camera.

Turning 2/3 means the upper part of your body is turned two-thirds away from the lens. Do it while taking wide or close-up headshots.

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12. Wearing Glasses

how to take headshots for actors

If you wear glasses, you need to be very mindful and attentive when learning how to pose for a professional headshot, since there may appear glares in pictures.

First, take a comfortable pose and then a photographer can adjust lighting. The important moment is that the light mustn’t fall directly on your face.

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13. With Arms Crossed

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One of the most popular business headshot poses. Doing it right, you can get an elegant, professional-looking image, but if you cross the arms too tightly, you will look introverted and unwilling to cooperate.

A woman posing this way, should half turn to the camera and lower a shoulder a bit.

14. Leaning Against a Wall

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Being very simple, this pose results in a natural headshot photo. Stand near the wall and lean your lower body part or one shoulder against it.

Don’t choose patterned or colorful walls, something plain will work perfectly. If there is a landscape in the background, blur it.

15. Walking for More Open Photos

how to pose for a good headshot

An example of dynamic headshot poses that make your body relaxed and facial expressions natural. Just remember to keep your posture straight.

16. Showing or Talking Something

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Corporate portrait photography may be a fun thing to do, especially if a person can show his/her profession by movements. For example, if you are a choreographer, show some dance steps.

17. Standing without Support

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This is a standard pose for professional headshots, both suitable for outdoor and indoor shooting. Face the camera and relax all your facial muscles.

18. Looking Over the Shoulder

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When you turn your back to the camera and look over the shoulder, a corporate headshot photographer can focus on your eyes and hair. Natural or studio surrounding will be a nice background for such images.

19. With Hands on a Support

how to take corporate headshots

Place your hands on any support, e.g. a chair back, and look at the camera. This is a good idea both for a female and male headshot picture.

20. Playing with Hair

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You can use this pose to add motion to your headshot photos. Play with your hair and keep your hands motionless for several seconds, so a photographer can capture this moment. The portrait will look really lively.

21. Hiding a Part of Your Face Behind Objects

how to take headshots for business

To make a professional headshot more interesting and even intriguing, you can cover a part of your face with any object. This can be your own hands or hair, a scarf, a book, flowers – anything that you want to show in the foreground.

22. Playing with Shadows

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Having proper headshot photography lighting, a shooter can experiment with different light and shadow patterns. If you incorporate hats, plants, curtains and other objects that cast a shadow into the frame, the result may be quite interesting.

23. Looking Down

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If you look down, the photo will acquire a thoughtful mood. This way, you can also focus attention on the hands. Shooting from above can help accentuate a natural make-up.

24. Putting Hands Near the Face

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With your hands near the face, you can get a captivating headshot photo. Place fingers of one hand on the palm of the other and tilt the chin.

25. Capture the Symmetry

tips for taking business headshots

Try to frame your face with the help of your hands. Place your palms under the cheekbones with the fingers touching the face. Turn to the light source at the small angle and direct the face a bit down.

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26. Framing the Face

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Place one hand up to the chin, while other is resting on top of the head, forming a frame for the face.

27. Sitting Down

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Both male and female headshot will look great if you sit side-on and rest elbows on the knees. Hands are underneath the chin.

As a result, they will create a nice shape if are shot side-on not flat. Check whether the fingers are curled gently.

28. Give Preference to Natural Image Editing

headshot photo editing headshot photo editing
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Nowadays, most shooters approach image post-production services at outsourcing companies. FixThePhoto is one of the most popular ones.

Such a reliable platform guarantees that you will get top-quality pictures strictly on time.

Consider professional assistance of experienced specialists as they can perform picture retouching of the face at a high level.

29. Keeping Head Forward, Chin Down

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Most headshot tips mention a strong jaw. It can accentuate the overall shape of the model’s face. However, there are no chances to see it when you are sitting naturally.

So push the head forward and chin down a little bit. As a result, the jawline will be extended while the taut skin around the face will reveal bone structure better.

30. Full Frontal Face (Close-Up)

corporate photography tips

This is one of the best headshot poses. It is both beautiful and simple. The main accent is on the eyes rather than on the body.

Mind that the worst thing in the photo is a pair of dead eyes. That’s why you need to think about something while modeling.

31. Check Your Hair

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A model must check her own look in the mirror before taking headshot photos. It is especially important if you see a shooter for the first time and he/she simply doesn’t know your preferences in clothes and haircut.

32. Dress Neutrally

headshot tips what to wear

To benefit from headshot poses, pay special attention to the clothes. Stripes and patterns may look awful. It is better to choose neutral colors.

Don’t put on an outfit which looks too fashionable if it is not a part of your job. The best choice is a classical style.

33. Less Is More with Makeup

headshot make up

It is possible to do a lot with lighting and image retouching to make your skin look perfect. So there is no necessity to overdo with makeup and pretend you are going to the Oscar ceremony.

For business headshot fotografie, you want to look like on the best day. Wear bold lipstick if you want, it’s okay. Just don’t do anything that can make you look like a different person.

34. Shiny Skin

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Unfortunately, studio lighting can make your skin look glossy especially on the summer hot day. So, you’d better use a bit of concealer or foundation.

Men can go to the toilet to clean face before taking headshot photos. Mind that a quick wash with a baby wipe can also help.

35. Don’t Forget About Your Best Side

how to pose for headshots

Most people know how they look in photos. So it’s better to remember about the best side of the face while shooting. If you don’t like some feature of your face, then tell about it to headshot photographer.

36. More Smile

best headshot poses

This is one of the simplest headshot posing tips. How do you like when you are smiling in a photo: with open or shut lips?

If you are hesitating, then ask a photographer for advice. He/she can take a few pictures to find the best look. Or, you can take a few shots of yourself and then ask the family and friends.

37. Use Props

using props

Props are essential for implementing creative headshot ideas. But it is necessary to be careful with them in order not to get an undesired outcome.

For instance, a lawyer with a clown’s nose will look strange. However, a writer holding a pen against the lip will deliver a convincing message.

38. Slightly Raise Hands

shooting headshots

When people just stand as usual, often their hands are pressed to both sides. This causes several problems.

First of all, they look awkward and uncomfortable in professional headshot photos. Secondly, hands pressed to the body look thicker than they really are.

39. Turn Shoulders

tips for headshot pics

This is very simple but one of the most important professional headshot tips. If a person stands exactly in front of the camera, he/she looks bigger.

This is good if you are shooting a football player or director of a large company, but is not very suitable for taking model portraits. Turning shoulders, the model shows a more beautiful profile and looks slimmer.

40. Visit the Mirror Before the Photoshoot

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Now you know how to pose for a headshot. Also you should visit a mirror before and after photo session.

Look at yourself to make sure you are satisfied with your own reflection. There supposed to be no food in the teeth and the necklace should be okay.

FREEBIES for Editing Hedshots

If you want your headshot photography look even more attractive, you need to take care of image color correction and basic portrait enhancement. I prepared several free tools which will be of great help to you.

Free Preset Portrait "Contrast"

free lightroom preset for headshot photographyfree lightroom preset for headshot photography

This filter is suitable for any headshots taken in the studio. You can easily regulate white balance as well as lighting.

As a result, pictures will be bright with a clean look. Mind that it is suitable not only for portrait photography but for any other genres.

Preset Portrait Free "Darken"

free lightroom preset for headshot photosfree lightroom preset for headshot photos

If you think your photo will look more interesting with darker colors, apply this filter. However, do not overdo it in order not to get a gloomy portrait.

Action Free Portrait "Color Tone"

free photoshop action for headshot picsfree photoshop action for headshot pics

It often happens that the skin looks bright red or too pale in photographs. This action will help smooth out skin color, as it has a healthy, natural shade and retains texture.

Free Portrait Action "Smooth Skin"

free photoshop action for headshot photosfree photoshop action for headshot photos

Choose this action if you want to achieve shiny and velvety skin. It will not harm the skin structure while making it smoother. The action will help you get rid of acne, dark circles and other unwanted defects.

The main advantage of this free tool is that it doesn’t intend to blur important parts of corporate headshots, such as lips, eyes or hair.

Action Color "Creative"

free photoshop action for headshot imagesfree photoshop action for headshot images

Apply this action to make the pictures brighter and colder. In this way, they will attract more attention. The action is recommended for business headshots with plain clothes.

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