Orlando Sydney Event Photography Review For Inspiration

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Photographer

Orlando Sydney Event Photography is a professional photo studio with an experienced team, offering a great variety of services. The agency can help you beat other companies in the photography sphere with spectacular images that bear the message of your brand.

They are skilled photographers who know well how to establish the connection between your business and the target audience. The company’s team has a special tactic of building reliable relationships with customers and take eye-pleasing, educating, and impressive images.

About Orlando Sydney

orlando sydney photography

Photographer, Orlando Sydney has worked for twenty years in the commercial and corporate fields. During this period, he has visited numerous business and corporate events.

Orlando Sydney got his first camera at the beginning of 1990 and since that time the photographer has been working hard to deliver high-quality services to his clients. The quality of his work has always been in point no matter whether he has to photograph 100 or more than 10 000 people.

For the last 30 years, Orlando has lived in the inner Sydney and Surry Hills communities, so he knows the Sydney CBD venues very well.

Orlando Sydney has membership in such organizations as Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA), Sydney CBD Chamber of Commerce, Surry Hills Creative Precinct (Board Member), and National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA).

Main Genres

Orlando Sydney Event Photography provides a vast array of photo services. The company takes images at weddings, family events, and holidays, and also assists businesses. You can order a photoshoot for your company, get impressive product images, as well as amazing interior and architecture photos.


orlando sydney photography wedding

If you are in search of a talented wedding photographer, turn to Orlando Syndey. He offers high-quality wedding photography services for couples who want to capture special moments of their wedding.

Clients can choose wedding photoshoots in numerous venues including the countryside, Centennial Park Rose Garden, their ancestral home, etc. Small wedding packages are reasonably priced and are suitable for those couples that prefer warm and romantic photo sessions without fuss and stress.

orlando sydney photography wedding ceremony

No matter whether a couple is organizing a huge or small wedding, quick communication with a photographer via email, phone, or in-person is very important. The connection between a shooter and a couple is the most significant aspect of any checklist.

It is also a great idea to conduct a pre-wedding shoot to get prepared and try wedding photography poses so that at the real photo session you can feel more relaxed. Couple photography from Orlando Sydney is a time just for you and your beloved one, but not for your relatives or people you have invited to a wedding.

wedding photo retouching service wedding photo retouching service

Besides, you can take advantage of professional editing services to make sure your pictures look amazing.


orlando sydney photography portrait

Orlando Sydney Event Photography is also engaged in portrait photography services. Experts take high-quality images showing your best features no matter whether they conduct a photo session outdoors, at home, in your office, or at studio. They always suggest the most winning portrait photography poses that help convey particular ideas and emotions.

orlando sydney photography portrait shoot

Do not be afraid to show your inner world to the team. Besides, such a photo session is rather affordable, so it will be a great present for your family. The shooting process is well organized, as these skilled photographers prefer a simple and relaxing way of organizing their portrait photoshoots.

You can make sure that the result of your portrait photoshoot will be amazing, while the process will be fun and enjoyable.


Professional headshots can help women and men, who specialize in business, cinematography, and other industries, make a successful career. The specialists of Orlando Sydney Event Photography can come to your home or office to take photos. During the pandemic, photographers prefer conducting their photo session outdoors, in some natural locations making your shots look fresh and captivating.

According to LinkedIn analytical data, people who order headshot photography services and include such photos in their business profiles get more views and connection requests. Besides, accounts with attractive pictures will induce other users to contact you or respond to your messages.


orlando sydney photography event

Orlando Sydney has also made a name in event photography. He can make any corporate meeting more successful and engaging. Business meetings require huge investments, so it is advisable to hire only knowledgeable shooters.

Besides, corporate photography services delivered by the agency are quite affordable. Specialists encourage every client to check the corporate even photography portfolio that is available on the official website. In such a way you can evaluate the quality of images and decide whether they correspond to your expectations and requirements.

orlando sydney photography senior event

Another advantage is that the agency delivers photos quite fast so you can share them with your colleagues shortly after the event. If you are going to conduct corporate meetings, exhibitions, or other events, do not hesitate and choose the photography services offered by Orlando Sydney.


orlando sydney photography ecommerce

E-commerce photography is in high demand among products and photography businesses. Employees of the company know that new clients have switched to a web store due to changing customer needs, especially in the last few years. They browse through e-commerce websites to check what products and services are available.

Ordering product photography services for your online store can totally change the way your company is perceived on the market. Consumers prefer professional and descriptive product images. At the same time, they avoid web stores with poor shots that don’t provide all the needed details about an item.


orlando sydney photography architecture interior

Professional architecture photography involves paying attention to every detail, choosing the material thoroughly to capture the building or other objects accurately, and representing it in the best light possible.

orlando sydney photography architecture

Exterior photography focuses on exterior cladding, detailed finishes, excavation sites, etc. Interior images should highlight interior finishes and the unique features of the design, show the functionality of a particular space for a person’s professional or daily activity, etc.

Orlando Sydney has cooperated with various clients from the commercial sector for two decades. The agency keeps every detail in focus when creating projects for various contractors.

Orlando Sydney Blog

orlando sydney photography blog

The team prepares useful articles and publish them in the Orlando Sydney blog for every service. Therefore, you can learn detailed instructions on how to prepare for a business photo shoot, how to choose the most appropriate poses for wedding photo sessions, where to look for picteresque locations in Sydney, and more.

One of the most interesting articles is about the main types of corporate event photography. Orlando Sydney specialists can perform photo sessions in any genre on a professional level.

Orlando Sydney Prices

As Orlando Sydney Event Photography provides a great variety of services, they have an individual price for every package. Such a number of options are great as they allow you to organize a photo session fully consistent with your goals.

For example, the price of family portrait photography in your home starts at $440. A portrait of a single person costs $350 – $500 per hour. Besides, the price doesn’t change, if you decide to invite a partner. Involve kids or other family members into a photoshoot, and you will manage to save, as the price per person reduces greatly for groups.

Corporate event rates have remained unchanged for a long time. As the number of large consumer and B2B trade shows, as well as other corporate events, is limited, professional photographers who specialize in the corporate photography field don’t alter their prices. The agency charges from $400 to $2800 for this kind of service.