Michael Adamidis Arts Review 2024: Brushes & Courses

By Tata Rossi 21 days ago, Photographer

Michael’s talent as a visual concept and graphic designer is instantly visible from the site’s layout, aesthetics, and diverse portfolio of digital artworks that cover everything from landscapes to portraits and abstract pieces.

Moreover, Adamidis provides professional digital art courses, offering digital artists a chance to discover how to create paintings in a similar style.

Michael Adamidis: Biography

michael adamidis photo

Michael Adamidis Arts was established by the artist of the same name who hails from Germany and has been tightly interconnected with the art industry since he was a kid. Michael started with physical mediums, as he dedicated years of his life to mastering most traditional techniques.

As an artist who also has over 10 years of experience working in Video Game design, Adamidis effortlessly converted his talents into the digital space, as he saw the numerous advantages this medium offered.

Even though he became a master of creating digital paintings, he’s still highly proficient at handling physical mediums like pencils, oils, and acrylics, which serves as further proof of his versatile artistic talents.

michael adamidis portfolio

When exploring Michael’s portfolio, I was greeted by an expansive selection of artworks that cover portraits, landscapes, graphics designs, concept art, illustrations, logos, etc. His willingness to work on all kinds of commissions has allowed him to express his artistic vision in all manner of ways.

Main Styles

Adamidis’ signature style offers a natural mix of physical and digital painting techniques that allow him to create breathtaking and dynamic pieces. His talent for merging both mediums helps him convey a unique artistic vision that has found fans among all kinds of art aficionados.

Regardless of whether you’re looking at a beautiful landscape or a detailed portrait, you’re bound to instantly recognize Michael’s style and talent.

Brushes to Create Fantastic & Ultra-Realistic Paintings

Adamidis has a lot more to offer than just his artistic creations, as you can also benefit from his cutting-edge drawing tools like the MA-Brushes for Photoshop. These advanced tools were designed to convey the experience and effects of classic canvas painting to the digital space, ensuring your digital artworks look more authentic and natural.

This famous graphic designer went through thousands of Photoshop brushes to determine the top 416 options that he included in his fine art brush package.

michael adamidis ma brushes

Being a digital artist myself, I gave MA-Brushes a go. This collection offers tools for creating digital portraits, landscapes, environments, and abstract pieces as well as specialized brushes for hair, clouds, foliage, grass, pebbles, and so on. The entire package is neatly organized and separated into categories and each option is unique and has a natural look.

In addition to MA-Brushes. I obtained the Magic Canvas, which is a Photoshop file that offers 26 unique Fine Art Canvas Textures that are a perfect match for the brushes. The canvas has a resolution of 5,000x3,2999, meaning it’s perfect for big paintings and prints.

The downloaded brushes were not only a huge time-saver for me, but also helped me significantly improve my digital drawing skills.

"The Magic Canvas was a fantastic find. It makes all the applied brushes look natural and highly realistic. I’m still going through all the different options and seeing how many of them I can use to create different parts of my artworks." - Howard, digital artist ★★★★★ (5/5)

Courses that Elevate Skills to the Next Level

Besides being known through his art and brushes, Adamidis is also known because of the digital art courses that help the artists improve in all fields. I tried a few of them and, honestly, both ones were well curated for my experience level, with great guidance and great help through voice-over.

Michael's teaching provides invaluable insights besides basing on the fundamentals of individual techniques, which have helped me raise my level of nature digital painting skills. Moreover, tutorials by him that he provides free are a huge bonus, guys, and I was happy I got to sign up for his courses.

Digital Landscape Painting ★★★★★

michael adamidis arts digital landscape painting course

Michael Adamidis Arts lets you pick between two digital landscape painting courses. I benefited a lot from taking course No. 1, which took about 5 hours, was completely narrated, and explained everything in terms that were perfectly understandable to a newbie like me. I particularly appreciated the focus on painting digital landscapes without over-relying on plagiarizing techniques or picture manipulations.

Afterward, I enrolled in course No. 2, which expanded the knowledge I gained in the first course and helped me hone my skills even further. It was divided into two main classes that were primarily dedicated to imitating a painterly style when working on a digital canvas. I learned how to utilize various techniques to paint stunning landscapes.

michael adamidis arts digital landscape painting course example

I was also very happy to experience Michael’s tutoring style. The structure of each class is clear and concise and he thoroughly covers all relevant aspects of the subject from composition to perspective to lighting and texture. I liked Adamidis’ emphasis on how important it is to create authentic art without resorting to shortcuts and manipulations.

Each session ensured I continued to deepen my knowledge of various digital painting methods, gradually learning how to handle perspective or add smaller details like streams, farmhouses, and bushes. Every step was explained to me in detail, allowing me to focus on one task at a time.

Portrait Painting ★★★★★

I also had a pleasurable time going through the Digital Art – Portrait Painting course. While I had a bit of experience creating digital paintings, I didn’t work with portraits before so this task seemed quite intimidating.

Thankfully, with Adamidis’ professional advice and his well-laid-out lessons, I managed to learn how to approach this genre properly.

michael adamidis arts portrait painting course example

The commentary and tips that Michael provided during the lesson were particularly useful, as his thought process helped me better understand what I should be focusing on when creating digital portraits. I mastered a bunch of tricks and techniques while feeling increasingly more confident in my skills.

Even though it took me more than 10 hours to finish my portrait, it was definitely time well spent, as I significantly developed my painting skills while Michael’s professional advice and tricks will come in handy for years to come.

"michael's tutoring approach is clear and friendly, allowing me to quickly make sense of difficult concepts. each lesson is great, and i didn’t have any trouble practicing the techniques i learned straight away." - Phillip, graphic designer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Realistic & Useful Digital Painting Video Gallery

One of the first things that caught my eye when I visited Michael’s website was the Digital Painting Video Gallery, which hosts a huge number of free tutorials. Each video provides invaluable insight into different painting techniques and styles, allowing everyone to find something they’re interested in.

One of my favorite videos covered the process of painting mountain scenery. In this guide, Adamidis shows how to draw the breathtaking beauty of mountainous terrain in a traditional style. While imitating classical paintings, Michael goes over the techniques that are useful for creating the rugged texture and awe-inspiring scale of mountains when using digital software. From getting the composition right to applying smaller brushstrokes, I was diligently taken through every step of the process.

Another fantastic tutorial allowed me to create a painting of the ocean by employing MA-Brushes in Photoshop. I was taught how to depict the dynamic, ever-changing look of the ocean through meticulous brushwork and color. Michael introduced me to a variety of techniques that enabled me to create a seascape that can either convey a sense of calmness or unease based on the atmosphere I wanted to depict.

Graphic Design Gallery

michael adamidis arts graphic design cards

The site also features a graphic design card portfolio that highlights Adamidi’s impeccable artistry and attention to detail. Whether you’re interested in a minimalistic trendy business card or a colorful and cheerful invitation, you can find suitable examples of graphic design ideas here. I’ve employed Michael’s cards for different projects and was never disappointed by their look or quality.

Digital Oil Painting Gallery

michael adamidis arts oil painting example

Another interesting section is the oil painting gallery. Each artwork displayed here is a beautiful showcase of the artist’s ingenuity and artistic spirit. Both his portrait and landscape works will amaze you with their detail.

Meanwhile, the displayed interplay between light and shadow helps make the paintings feel more realistic. I spent countless minutes examining each piece and being amazed by Michael’s talent.

Informative Blog

michael adamidis arts blog

Michael also has a graphic design blog. It isn’t particularly filled with posts at the moment, but the ones that are there are as useful as some of his tutorials.

I particularly appreciated the posts on how to create a digital portrait painting, recommended brushes, and digital landscape creation tips.

Social Media Networks

michael adamidis arts social media network

Adamidis is a very outgoing artist, which you can see from his social media pages. You can follow Michael on Instagram or Facebook. He uses his accounts to share pictures, visited locations, and tips for artists. Adamidis also owns a YouTube channel, which can inspire you for new paintings and creative journeys.