Luke Bell Photography Review: Biography & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Photographer

Luke Bell takes premium and mesmerizing images, especially if it comes to weddings. He studied photojournalism and cinematography for a long time, so he developed a unique approach to lifestyle pictures.

When you look through your photo album, you will recollect sincere emotions that you felt that day. Keep reading Luke Bell photography review to learn more about the works of this master.

Luke Bell Photography: Biography

luke bell wedding photographer

Luke Bell is a British photographer who uses a storytelling approach in his works. He is known within the UK and abroad.

Luke is all about cinematic photography which considerably affected his style. He studied design and film at university. Since then, he worked in New Zealand and Australia as a wedding photographer.

porthilly wedding photography luke bell

Luke Bell says that with the help of the wedding genre, you can transfer the whole atmosphere of that day into a shot. Also, you can take a genuine cinematic shot. The photographer is ready to work regardless of the conditions, whether it is a small room or an open area. The weather also doesn’t matter.

yorkshire village wedding photography luke bell

The photographer has got numerous awards over the past 4 years. He was featured as a BODAF Best New Talent in Europe in 2019 and was included in the Top 30 Rising Stars of World Wedding Photography by the Rangefinder magazine in New York.

In 2020, Luke Bell was named as one of the 100 Best UK SLR Lounge Photographers and one of Elle Magazine's Top 17.

Portfolio with Extraordinary Shots

luke bell portfolio

Luke Bell photography isn’t only about the predictable moments on weddings such as vows, confetti, portraits, performances, group shots, the first dance, etc. Luke Bell always waits for the moments when he can take a couple of non-standard pictures that convey the atmosphere of that day, the mood of guests, and a couple.

You can see the example of such works in his portfolio available on the official website. All images are in high resolution, so you can examine the smallest details.

Meetings before the Wedding

Like the best wedding photographers, you can ask Luke Bell to meet before the event and discuss wedding plans together, talk about potential contests, etc. Luke often says: "I'll be more than happy to buy you coffee if you're around."

However, if you are in another city or country, you can organize an online meeting by video call. The important thing is that you aren’t limited in time, because the better you get to know each other, the more riveting the final images will be.

Once your meeting is over and both parties are happy, you need to pay the booking fee (which is deducted from the total cost of your wedding package). After that, you will get a digital contract. Study and sign it if you agree with all its points.

Complete Camera Gear Set

luke bell equipment set

Like any professional photographer, Luke Bell has a full range of professional gear in his arsenal, so you don't need to worry about renting light setups, etc.

The photographer has several cameras for wedding photography, a set of charged batteries, a professional lens for wedding photography, different light sources, a tripod, reflectors, and more.

No matter how many devices the photographer will use for your photo session, its price is always fixed. All services are included in the price list and indicated in the agreement.

Professional Editing Approach

wedding photo retouching wedding photo retouching

Luke Bell considers the editing stage as one of the most important parts of his job. The photographer is focused on taking cinematic shots and performs color correction in this direction, adding a bit of drama to images.

Usually, his photos have slight grain and delicate matte shades, even skin tones and smoothly flowing light. The photographer doesn't like bright contrasts and vivid colors. He prefers a calm color gamut. Besides, he highlights the softness by using sunlight and eliminating harsh shadows.

In addition to color correction, Luke Bell focuses on retouching faces, hair, and skin. He makes a face and emotions appear alive. The hair looks voluminous and shiny.

Luke Bell often makes the model or group of people stand out by applying blur or darkening the background. With this technique, he draws viewers’ attention to the main subjects.

4 Years of Instagram Life

luke bell instagram

Aside from an open portfolio on the official website, Luke Bell actively maintains his professional Instagram page as a photographer. You can see examples of wedding photographs that he has collected over 4 years of his work. Moreover, you can comment on the photos and ask the photographer the questions you are interested in.