Odette Photo + Art Photography Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 21 days ago, Photographer

Odette Photo + Art takes family, wedding, engagement and corporate photos, helping people preserve their best memories and develop personal brands. Odette lives in Miami, Florida, but she frequently travels to other locations if necessary.

Odette Photo + Art: Biography

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Odette Photo + Art decided to become a photographer because she enjoys capturing special moments and presenting them in the form of images to people. She lived and studied in Cuba

At the University of Informatics of Havana, she wrote Pixeles: a column about photography. At that moment, her passion for photography bloomed. Odette deeply plunged into the topic and never parted from it.

Back in 2007, a friend gifted her first point-and-shoot camera. Odette photographed everything around her. 4 years ago she began photographing her friend’s children on the weekends. She didn’t even notice when it turned from a hobby into a professional activity.

So, she primarily got engaged in family photography. Odette says it’s very precious to be invited in a family celebration to document it. She considers it truly sincere and tender. However, she was also interested in brand photography since it’s also important to communicate a brand’s message through powerful imagery. Soon, she widened the range of provided services and began arranging branding photoshoots.

The main genre she is currently working in is portrait photography. Her portrait photo was highly awarded at the Portrait Masters Awards. She won the bronze medal in the Teen and Senior Portrait category.

odette photo art review

Since Odette had no idea how to run a business, she completed trainings in the sphere of marketing, business, and sales. What’s more, together with Utility Avenue, Odette runs a blog to promote local entrepreneurs and works to build a virtual assistance agency that will provide marketing services along with branding photoshoot packages. The photographer is ambitious to create a magazine about female entrepreneurs.

She cares much about the quality of her work so she has a limited number of portrait sessions a month. If you want to order a portrait photo session, it will cost you at least $1500. When it comes to branding photography, the price is around $1200.

Main Genres

Odette Photo Art focuses on family and brand photography. She takes portraits as well as captures the brightest moments at birthday parties, weddings, engagements, etc. Moreover, you can order image processing services to improve your old shots.


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Odette takes timeless family portraits that will be the centerpiece of any photo album. She also practices other genres, photographs family members in the informal environment, at home, or in the open air. If necessary, she can suggest locations and clothes for the shooting.

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Odette takes images of kids trying to show how quickly they grow up. She has more than 3 years of experience in this photography sphere and an abundance of children photography ideas in reserve. The photographer turns the shooting into a game for children to have fun. Parents, in their turn, get priceless memories that will be treasured forever.

I like that Odette focuses on the details. She aims at capturing emotions and documenting connections. She doesn’t make people pose. Instead, she helps them feel at ease and be themselves. According to her clients’ feedback, even small kids feel comfortable at her photoshoots.


Odette Photo + Art is about documenting life and helping business owners promote their brand. The photographer carries out business photo sessions providing clients with the visual representation of their brand. Odette takes images to solidify your brand and present its peculiarities. In her photos, Odette “explains” why clients should work with your brand and how it is different from the competitors.

First off, Odette will map out the headshot and branding session with you. On the day of the photo shoot, she will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Then, you purchase your favorite images from a gallery during a Zoom reveal.

Odette Photo Art takes images capable of attracting potential clients and promoting your business. Thus, your company receives higher profits. She is actively engaged in product photography and helps promote personal brands. Her photos can be used in advertising campaigns, on websites, in social networks, letters, presentations, etc.


Odette organizes romantic photo sessions for couples and newlyweds. You can invite her for a walk with you or order a studio session. When it comes to wedding photography, the photographer works in the documentary style and concentrates on the moments and your love story.

If you decide to hire her as a wedding photographer, Odette will capture emotions, people, movement, and the light in a professional way. Not a tiny moment will escape from her camera. She will capture smiles, dances, tears, etc. You may be sure that even in thirty years you will recollect those touchy moments watching your wedding portraits.

Digital Restoration

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If you have a box with old photographs, Odette will help you restore them and make them colorful. Such a surprise will be a great pleasure for parents and grandparents. Addressing a photo restoration service, you can liven up your old pics and remember the family history for a long.


editing by odette photo art editing by odette photo art

When editing her shots, Odette focuses on the natural look of portraits. She enhances the skin tone, removes imperfections, and adjusts contrast and brightness. Odette chooses a photo style based on clients’ desires and takes into account the character and mood of the person she photographs.

What’s more, when improving images, she fully focuses on a client, keeping the background less catchy.

Blog for Clients and Beginners

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If you want to view the Odette Photo Art works, you should check her portfolio or blog. In the blog, she also shares some useful tips on how to take eye-catching branding photos, how to start a photography business, etc. If you want to get a dose of inspiration or learn more about Odette, welcome to her blog.