Boudoir Courses By Michael Sasser Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Photographer

Michael Sasser started his career as a professional photographer more than 11 years ago. He went deeper into boudoir genre during the last three years. He takes professional photos of women to emphasize their naturalness and beauty. Besides, Michael conducts boudoir courses for photographers.

Michael Sasser will help you learn all the secrets of this field. He provides great ideas for boudoir poses. As a bonus, you will get a set of presets. You can join a boudoir model search course and master videography to create vivid shots in a consistent style.

Michael Sasser Boudoir Courses: Collection

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There are three Michael Sasser boudoir courses: Accelerated, Finding Models, and Boudoir Videography. You can purchase a set of professional Ever Summer presets separately. Users can pay $499 for a package that includes all the courses and services or buy them separately.

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These courses are available with no expiration date. You can play the video instructions at any time. Besides, you can download all video tutorials to your computer or laptop to watch them offline.

The Boudoir Accelerator Course 2.0

The Accelerator Course works great for aspiring photographers who want to start earning with boudoir photography. Michael Sasser mentors the course virtually. Though his income reaches a six-figure amount, the course costs $297. You will learn how to work with clients, gain their trust, and measure your capabilities.

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The course includes helpful video tutorials. Besides, you will learn about the 25 best poses, such as plus size boudoir photography poses. You will discover how to use the most effective marketing strategies thanks to the Evoke Boudoir service, get access to a self-assessment course and tutorials for male photographers.

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You can learn more about boudoir poses by watching a 50-minute video. It demonstrates each step in detail, so you can learn how to use each pose correctly.

To save money, you can purchase this course together with Videography or Finding Models courses. Though the price for such kits is slightly higher ($394), it’s lower than the price of the separate courses combined. If you want to get both a course and the author's set of presets, the price is $337. This is an excellent option for novice photographers.

If you need help with boudoir editing, you can contact the FixThePhoto team. It can cope with any task regardless of its complexity, from culling to retouching. They will send you edited images shortly.

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In this Michael Sasser boudoir courses review, you can also learn more about marketing video tutorials Evoke Boudoir created by Daniel. The photographer has 10 clients monthly. They book his services 4 months in advance that proves his expertise.

After listening to his marketing tips, you will learn how to sell your products and services on Instagram, use digital marketing tools effectively, build contacts, and drive sales. He explains how Google ads can help you promote your services and attract new customers.

The Finding Models Course

The Finding Models Course costs $147. It is useful for photographers who don’t know how to work with models during shooting. If you feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say, check out this course. Thanks to these tips, you will learn how to find the right model for implementing your boudoir photo ideas.

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Michael Sasser covers the behind-the-scenes of two shootings in Bali and Hawaii. He describes the shooting process and tells which camera settings he used for each shot. Besides, he explains all the stages of a photo session while working with a model, gives posing tips, and shares other details.

Michael Sasser explains all his tips clearly, which will help you take great shots. These step-by-step tutorials will guide you through the entire process, from finding models to printing photos.

You can buy both this course and a videography one for $226. Alternatively, you can buy boudoir courses by Michael Sasser and portrait presets for $187.

The Boudoir Videography Course

Thanks to this course, you can improve your skills and become a pro-level videographer. You will learn more about filming, editing, reviewing, etc.

The $147 course includes a 37-page e-book that covers popular topics related to boudoir videography. You will learn how to create an attractive promotional video in 4 steps, find a stunning pose in 11 steps, and create a magical video. This videography course will come in handy for wedding boudoir photographers.

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You will learn which camera settings and additional equipment you need to use for shooting. The photographer also shares tips on how to choose the perfect music for the video, describes various boudoir photography outfit ideas, and provides instructions on importing and exporting videos on both Mac and PC.

Besides, you can use 18 sample videos to shoot clips in a similar style. The course includes marketing tips. You will learn how to post your videos on Instagram to grab the attention of potential customers.

Michael Sasser Boudoir Courses: Biography

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After taking the Michael Sasser boudoir courses, you will see that this photographer has extensive experience in professional photography and can work in different styles. He began his career by shooting children's sports during the hot summer season.

The photographer worked for 16 hours a day for less than $10/hour. Then he started to specialize in portrait photography and work with high school students. He improved his headshot photography skills, started to take wedding photos and create music clips until discovered the boudoir photography genre.

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Today, Michael Sasser is one of the best boudoir photographers based in West Los Angeles. He conducts unique photo sessions for his clients and implements the most creative photography ideas. Michael Sasser conducts several courses and shares his experience in boudoir photography to help you build a successful photography business.

Ever Summer Presets by Michael Sasser

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These Lightroom presets by Michael Sasser will help you enhance portraits. The photographer spent 6 months carefully choosing the perfect beautiful tones that will help you give a natural and charming look to your photos. With these presets, you can soften skin and add warm tones to a picture.

After paying $59 for these presets, you will get access to 4 video tutorials. You will learn how to improve colors and work with shadows in 30 seconds and see how Michael Sasser edits an entire boudoir session. The package allows you to adjust the settings of your images in one click.

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With the Skin preset, you can make the skin smoother. The Crush preset adds soft warm tones to a photo. You can apply warmer, cooler, and more neutral effects.

Black-and-white presets look no less impressive. With them, you can create a matte effect, improve contrast, add smooth or deep blue and bright skin tones.