Ozphotographer Studio Services Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 10 days ago, Photographer

Ozphotographer is a wedding and videography photography studio headquartered in Sydney, Australia. These guys have a distinctive style that combines storytelling, editorial, and fine art photography.

So, if you are currently looking for specialists to capture your wedding, Ozphotographer wedding photographer agency will definitely suit your needs. The company offers different packages, including wedding MV, pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding day photographs, video and makeup services.

About Ozphotographer Studio

ozphotographer image example

Ozphotographer consists of a team of skilled wedding photographers and videographers based in Sydney. Although the main office is located in Milperra Sydney, they have contact offices in Ashfield and Lidcombe, NSW. Yet, photographers and videographers can travel to any part of the Sydney metropolitan area and regional area of New South Wales.

With extensive expertise in the niche, Ozphotographer wedding photographer studio has a good reputation and is popular among clients. Talented shooters and filmmakers catch every detail, like smiles, tears, jokes, etc. These guys know how to capture all emotions and feelings, and turn them into a touching story.

ozphotographer wedding photoshoot

If you are interested in the services they provide, the studio can organize a free consultation for you. This way, you will discuss all details of the Big Day and ask questions if you have any.

For now, the studio has more than 800 weddings under its belt. The team members believe that if they follow their current concept, they will be able to make happy another 1000 clients. They also have a very reasonable pricing policy. Photographers and videographers use the latest equipment to document weddings. They also have backup cameras in case something goes wrong with main equipment.

If you compare prices at Ozphotographer with other agencies, you will see that the studio delivers truly budget solutions. At the same time, the quality doesn’t suffer. The price for wedding photography packages starts from $1280, and for wedding cinematography ‒ from $1299.

Main Genres

ozphotographer main genres

Although Ozphotographer studio mainly focuses on wedding images, they also provide birthday photography, christenings, maternity photography services, capture commercial events and other occasions.

They customize their packages according to clients’ needs and do their best to make customers happy. The agency has several AIPP award-winning members, so you will have real professionals working at your wedding.


ozphotographer wedding example

As the Ozphotographer studio specializes mainly in weddings, its team has many wedding photography ideas to bring to life. Looking through their portfolio, you will find many photos that mesmerize with natural colors and shades.

Note that these guys don’t make people pose. They favor relaxed wedding photography poses and genuine feelings. Specialists also pay much attention to wedding accessories and details, like shoes, bouquets, rings, dress patterns, etc.

With professional photography gear and extensive experience, experts can capture the most memorable moments so that you can remember them for your whole life. They experiment with different themes. They worked at Western weddings, Indian weddings, Muslim weddings, as well as other types of events, and delivered impressive outcomes.


ozphotographer engagement example

Ozphotographer wedding photographer studio can arrange an engagement photography session for you. Choose the place and they will do the rest. At the consultation, you will discuss how your session should be conducted while experts will offer original engagement photo ideas.

The company believes that a pre-wedding session is about fun. So, you will get really candid photographs that will make you smile. Plus, an engagement photoshoot is a perfect way to get acquainted with a shooter and evaluate his/her work style.


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When hiring a professional photographer, people expect to get many wedding portraits. Specialists at Ozphotographer take natural portrait shots. They make a bride and a groom enjoy every moment of the process. Since the company has already more than 800 clients, they know how to approach different situations. They take care of all photo-related aspects, so you can feel relaxed and have fun.

Editing Techniques

ozphotographer before after ozphotographer before after

At Ozphotographer, photographers use various photo & clip editing techniques. However, by default, they make clean edits with natural color gamut, and apply minimum changes. If a client likes a specific wedding photography style, they will work according to it.

The agency also follows the latest editing tendencies. For example, an up-to-date trend is to make oranges brighter and desaturate greens. If you check out several blogs, you will see many examples of such editing.

Among sample pics, you can also find light and slightly desaturated colors, like those resembling classical film tints. When it comes to B&W photography, experts will pick several shots and make them black and white.

Video Production

Ozphotographer company provides staging, filming, and post-processing services. Wedding videographers can create an emotional video for you to remember the happiest moments of the wedding day.

Videographers will blend into the crowd and capture emotional moments to create great video pieces. Thanks to their experience at such events, specialists will become invisible and capture the moments that really matter.

When creating videos from your wedding, specialists take into account your desires and wishes to provide an original and personalized product. Video editing experts, in turn, can make various changes, e.g. remove noise, apply effects, etc.


ozphotographer blog

The company has a wedding photography blog where you can find useful tips, like how to look stunning in wedding pics and how to choose a wedding photographer. Plus, you can learn what the best month for wedding is and how to avoid common wedding budget mistakes and more. The blog is regularly updated.

Ozphotographer on Instagram

ozphotographer instagram

Ozphotographer wedding photographer studio has an Instagram page. Here, you can evaluate sample pics and get inspired. Plus, you can read reviews and see what people think about the company. What’s more, you can comment and ask questions you are interested in. By watching photo examples, it is possible to understand whether you want this company to work at your wedding.