Wedding Photographer Sydney Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Photographer

Wedding Photographer Sydney takes great photos, helping couples capture genuine emotions on their wedding day. Based in Sydney, this award-winning company of wedding photographers and videographers travels to other states and cities to take family, wedding, and engagement images.

Wedding Photographer Sydney: Biography

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Wedding Photographer Sydney is a group of professional photographers and videographers from Sydney. These wedding photographers and videographers provide services to clients from different cities, documenting special moments people want to save.

They focus on candid, fine art, and beautiful wedding photography, so choosing these guys, you will get many emotional images that will bring tears to your eyes every time you look at them. Although they specialize in wedding photography and videography, they can also document birthday parties, christenings and any other special occasion. I like that they work according to the client’s favorite style and demands.

The Wedding Photographer Sydney team consists of skilled photographers and videographers who use high-end full-frame cameras to take candid wedding pictures with some stylish touches. While working at the wedding, they don’t solely focus on a bride and a groom, but also pay attention to their guests, so every person participating in the celebration will be present in photos.

Wedding Photographer Sydney work

With extensive experience in photography, Wedding Photographer Sydney is a one-stop company providing everything you need for your wedding. The service packages include a wedding clip, pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding photo session, video, and make-up. Moreover, the company also partners with talented wedding coordinators, so ensure that your wedding will run smoothly from the beginning to the end. The prices for such services are competitive.

Whether you are planning an extravagant celebration, a traditional church wedding, an intimate meeting, or an engagement in Milperra, Sydney, the Wedding Photographer Sydney team has you covered. They can film every second of your special day and create a professional film from the footage if you want. You can choose one or more professional photographers and meet them before the wedding to discuss various nuances. The consultation is free.

Main Genres

Wedding Photographer Sydney mainly specializes in wedding photography and videography. However, they also offer portrait photography services, take engagement and family photos, work at corporate meetings, and practice some other types of photography.


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Experts from this agency know the peculiarities of different wedding photography styles and can take traditional, fine art, and candid wedding shots. They aren’t afraid of experimenting with offbeat wedding photography ideas to provide clients with unique photos.

No wonder, couples feel worried on their Big Day, so Wedding Photographer Sydney does its best to calm down their clients and set them in a proper mood for a fantastic experience for both parties. They help newlyweds choose winning wedding photography poses so that they look relaxed and happy in images.

Wedding Cinematography

Using the best DSLR for video, a top-quality studio lighting kit, and professional audio equipment, they manage to monitor all major stages of the celebration and capture all details.

Experts don’t use ready-made filters, but manually edit wedding videos. They take into account your style both while recording and editing videos.


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It is a common practice for people to get shy and uptight when another person, especially the one they barely know, photographs them. Wedding Photographer Sydney experts perfectly understand how to remove tension and make clients feel at ease, while implementing different engagement photo ideas.

Besides, the company tries to make the cooperation process enjoyable by offering clients a free meeting with a photographer in advance. Thus, you will learn each other a bit better and will be able to discuss future photo session, poses, props, etc. This is a really great approach, allowing both a bride and a groom as well as a photographer to agree on engagement photography style before getting down to work.


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Wedding portraits taken by Wedding Photographer Sydney professionals display sincere emotions and a special atmosphere. Photographers can take both staged and spontaneous images. They photograph newlyweds, guests, take individual and group portraits, using professional lighting gear and cameras for portraits.


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You can address Wedding Photographer Sydney if you want to order newborn photography services or organize a photo session for elder children. Photographers know what newborn photography poses to choose and how to organize a process that is not only cheerful but also safe.

In addition to the standard pack, you can order a christening photoshoot. Experts will take individual and group images, so you can diversify your photo album with beautiful family portraits.


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The company also specializes in event photography and its subtypes. They use top-tier equipment for conference photography, party and birthday photography, while capturing awards ceremonies to get lively images. They will notice and photograph guests, decorations, environments, and moments of any event.

Album & Prints

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Wedding Photographer Sydney offers dozens of albums and prints for different needs. Ordering an album, you can organize your photos in a better way, create thematic groups, and more.

It is possible to personalize an album cover with a photo, glass and leather. Choose any option you like. All pages are printed on museum-grade art paper.


The company uses different techniques to enhance photos, whether it's clean edits with natural colors (their default style), a lighter and more vibrant look with slightly desaturated colors, classic film-inspired images, or trendy colors with orange and green discoloration. While editing photos, they always pay attention to how natural they look not to go overboard.

Wedding Photographer Sydney reviews each photo and makes individual tweaks. Retouchers enhance skin tone, remove blemishes, adjust contrast and brightness. This careful approach ensures that every photo looks flawless. 

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If you need help with wedding photos, you can contact the FixThePhoto team. Professionals improve photos of any genre no matter how challenging requirements are. In the shortest possible time, they will do not only basic improvements like skin defects removal, texture fixing, teeth whitening, but also complex manipulations, e.g., background replacement or removal, etc.

Blog with Useful Tips for Photographers and Clients

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If you are new to wedding and event photography, expert tips in the blog will be especially helpful to you. You will find articles on how to master different wedding videography styles, traditions that a photographer should know, what the most popular photography hashtags to gain followers are, and more.

Articles are written in simple words. Thus, you will figure out how to organize your dream wedding. There are also recommendations on how to choose a wedding venue, how to prepare for a photo session, what to wear, and what to ask a photographer before hiring him/her. In fact, there is a 9-step guide on how to find the best wedding photographers in Sydney, which you can follow.