Lisa Saad Photography Review: Biography & Style

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Photographer

Lisa Saad is a famous photographer in prolific commercial and advertising flows. She has been engaged in these spheres for over 30 years and has taken images for high-profile ad campaigns, fashion and lifestyle magazines, corporate projects, restaurants, and more.

Lisa is well aware of digital and analog media and uses her technical knowledge to implement the most off-kilter ideas. Thus, her works always attract the attention of people with unique charisma. 

Moreover, her cinematography pieces have been featured in TV commercials, series, short films, documentaries, and corporate videos.

Lisa Saad Photographer: Biography

lisa saad photograher work

Lisa got interested in photography in 1977. She was 6 years old and curious about virtually all new things surrounding her. She bumped into an old camera and was determined to understand how it worked. 

Since that time, Lisa Saad has been doggedly honing her skills, experimenting with interesting ideas, seeking original photography opportunities, and simply enjoying every day of her professional life.

She believes that every person deserves to have high-quality images. That’s why, she actively mentors enthusiastic photographers, so that the photography community keeps growing. She speaks openly about her personal challenges, how she dealt with them, and what should be done to become a successful shooter.

lisa saad photography project 11

Lisa Saad didn’t rely on self-education only. In fact, she got a Bachelor’s degree at RMIT University and later received a Master’s degree in Multimedia from Swinburne.

She also took part in various photo galleries and exhibitions. The first one was in 1996 and it was a stepping stone for her career. In 2000, Lisa organized her first solo exhibition at The Photographers Gallery, in Melbourne, Australia. 

6 years later, she was awarded the title of AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year. In total, Lisa Saad photographer has won more than 200 awards and represented such brands as Phottix, Ilford, Manfrotto, Epson, Eizo, and Tamron.

lisa saad photography genres

In addition to a keen interest in architecture photography and illustrative chops, Lisa also runs a successful business. Currently, she is the owner of 2 reputable photographic companies. 

Thanks to the genuine talent and entrepreneurial skills, she manages all operations from her studio in Melbourne. Lisa Saad Photography Pty. Ltd. Laser-focuses on creating vivid, top-quality imagery for advertisement and corporate projects, illustrative purposes, and similar needs.

Main Styles

Lisa Saad masterfully plays around with different photoshoot themes thanks to her rich experience. However, her most popular genres are architecture, portrait, and advertising photography.


lisa saad portrait photography

The most spectacular sample of her portrait images is the Project 11. It is a series of pictures of 11-year-old children. Lisa tried to show a special and fragile transition from innocent childhood to a more rigorous adolescence.

The main idea of this project is fascinating. You should study every photo very attentively to notice how poses and facial expressions are captured to show different tempers, moods, desires, and simply emotions at that specific moment. 

Lisa took special care of lighting and photo compositions to receive photos that “tell stories”. She also captured minute details to highlight how a playful gaze eventually turns into a thoughtful look.


lisa saad architecture photography

Lisa Saad has also made strides in architecture. Her pictures are included in The Anonymous Man Collection that touches upon the concept of human existence and how people survive in the urbanized world full of pressures, anxieties, and lucrative freedoms. Such concepts are shown through the simplicity of the architecture and the insignificance of most life conundrums.

The highlight of photos from this collection is that they all were taken with a DSLR camera with a wide angle lens. Thus, the photographer was at a short distance from the objects in focus but the frame resembles those captured at a long length. Such a choice of gear isn’t random. Photographers strived to achieve a surreal effect and they did it perfectly.

Editing Features

lisa saad editing

Lisa Saad also approaches photo editing very creatively. Her images look a bit unrealistic, resembling cartoons. However, it doesn’t mean that they have traits of fun photography. In fact, most images are characterized by a dark mood. Besides, you can easily trace Lisa’s style across all her works.

In fact, her images are a perfect combination of captured objects and artistic elements added during photo post processing. She accurately works through every detail of a shot, including heights, cobbled streets, etc., but keeps the physical traits of a person intact. Thanks to her deep knowledge of Photoshop, she can visualize the boldest ideas.

While editing portraits of children, she opted for print-like quality instead of a digital feel, accentuating subdued, pastel colors, subtle textures, and delicate backgrounds.

Social Media Networks

lisa saad social media

Lisa Saad is a very sociable person, which is also understandable from her profiles on social networks. You can monitor her on Instagram and Facebook. There she shares her photos, professional tricks, and even secret shooting methods. 

She also has a YouTube channel, where she announces her new projects, exhibitions, and upcoming event. Lisa’s Pinterest account is a real source of inspiration.