Helane Blumfield Photographer Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 10 days ago, Photographer

Helane Blumfield photographer is a real creative person and dreamer, who has shown herself worthy both as an employee of agencies and retail. She has held many positions in her career – from a simple employee and photographer to a creative and art director.

Her portfolio is full of compelling projects that have taken the shopping industry to a whole new level, and many awards. However, the main merit still remains the strong commitment of buyers to the brands that she has led to success.

Helane has been the inspiration behind the most famous brands, holding the highest creative positions. These include global corporations such as Bloomingdale and SFI Creative Group, with annual turnovers of tens of millions of dollars.


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A talented person is talented in everything, and Helane Blumfield is no exception. Noticing her in a cabaret, visitors do not immediately understand what exactly she will do – sing or shoot. However, what they know for sure is that she will do it at the highest level.

Helane Blumfield started her career in the fashion world with a camera in her hands. This is how her love for cabaret was born, and in two directions at once – singing and photographing. This amazing combination of success, both on stage and behind the scenes, makes her a first-class specialist who knows all the ins and outs and has a genuine passion for this art.

While working at the Lori Beechman Theater as an archival photographer, Helane decided to take an additional job with the Manhattan Association of Cabarets. Then, at the 2019 MAC Awards, she took incredible B&W shots that are still her hallmark. She combined all this with creativity in her own studio, shooting portraits and advertising photographs for artists, and visited various communities to capture the artist’s creative process.

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Everyone who knows Helane personally notes her endlessly energetic disposition, with which she charges everyone around. For example, she occasionally took a break from her photography career, taking part in popular and award-winning cabaret shows like 4 Women, 4 Stories, and Meg Flather Songs: A Cabaret Sisterhood. At the end of 2019, Broadway World Cabaret made her an offer she couldn’t refuse – to become the show’s official troupe photographer. Through this twist of fate, she took her legendary shots of Vanessa Williams, Eden Espinosa, The Skivvies, and MAC award winner Sean Patrick Murtha.

This amazing and talented woman combines subtle understanding and perception, a sense of taste and style, which ultimately gives the world full-fledged stories in which all points of contact intersect, with both TV and the media, as well as the Internet and social networks. Helane Blumfield photographer is a creative innovator who has been at the edge of forward-minded technology, constantly embracing fresh approaches to advance digitally.


helane blumfield photography portfolio

Helane drew inspiration from everyone around her. She has met many talented photographers in her life, thanks to which she also wanted to do this business, learning new techniques and discovering new photography locations. She attracted good, talented, and generous people who were not stingy with sharing their knowledge. Among them was Albert Watson, whose advice Helane absorbed like a sponge. She also always looked up to the work of Annie Lebowitz, her biggest idol.

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In photography, she is most attracted to the intimacy of the process. She sincerely believes that the best way to see the soul of a person is possible only through the lens. This gives the feeling that only you see what is in front of you through the lens.

Working as a photographer in a cabaret – she likes it inside and out. However, the greatest love is the feeling of belonging to this unusual community. Looking at this action through the lens, she feels a completely different level of unification with this world.

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The working week of Helane Blumfield photographer consists of shooting two shows. According to her, each of them is unique, and she notes something new for herself every time. She is also a food photographer for The West Bank cafe, which is located a couple of floors above.

In this review, I would pay special attention to her lighting technique. It took her a long time to define her own style, trying different cameras and different lighting settings. Having experimented enough, she found herself in the world of photography and her own unique style.

helane blumfield photographer portfolio

Helane notes that when there is only one singer and few musicians on stage, it is easy to take pictures, as she can focus and notice everything that is happening. However, what cabaret is complete without drag and burlesque? They do not stop for a second until the performance is over. Upon returning home, she watches all the frames. This is an indescribable feeling when, among endless shots, you see the only one that was worth all these efforts.

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Being a first-class portrait photographer, Helane Blumfield reveals her secret – communication with the model. She believes that photography should be as simple as possible to reveal everything you want to capture. To do this, you need to talk to a person to get to know him. This seemingly insignificant thing creates real magic, which is reflected in breathtaking shots.


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When improving her fashion photograps, Helane always leave the skin of the models as natural as possible and pay special attention to hair retouching. Thus, the hair of the models in her pictures looks well-groomed and smooth, there is always shine and volume.

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She also makes harmonious light and shadow combinations. This applies in particular to shading and background highlights.


Helane Blumfiled photography’s blog is full of her stunning masterpieces and stories about photography. However, here you can also find stories of her life and personal experience of photo shooting. I am very impressed that her stories are very honest and sincere. Unlike many famous photographers, everything here is very sensual and honest.

Instagram for Inspiration

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If you are interested in Helane’s personality, then in addition to the blog, you can also subscribe to her Instagram account. Here you can get to know her better as a person and her life, including her photography considerations.