Fine Art Production – Photographer & Videographer Review

By Tata Rossi 15 days ago, Photographer

Fine Art Production has worked with over 2500 lovely couples and amassed over two decades of wedding photography and videography experience. They are among the most renowned Indian wedding photographers and videographers both in the United States and across the world.

They offer all types of photography: engagement, pre-wedding, underwater, aerial, bridal shower, portraiture, candid, etc. They are also capable of producing fantastic Indian wedding movies using the latest technologies and their creativity to wow every single client.

Fine Art Production: Biography

fine art production photographer videographer work

Chirali and Amish Thakkar launched Fine Art Production in the year of 1995 in Baroda, India before eventually migrating to the United States in 2001. They are probably the first photography agency in the US that began offering Indian wedding photography services in a more informal style.

Amish studied the art of photography from Chirali’s dad who is one of the most popular masters of film photography in India. Amish is the sole photographer who was invited to record a movie in Germany in 1999 due to his talent, creativity, and professionalism and he only went up from there.

Amish also gained a lot of experience in the advertising industry from Guru Gopal Shah who is a top-tier videographer in Bollywood. He became a master of Indian wedding filmmaking and created a long list of popular videos that are cherished by thousands of newlywed couples across the globe.

fine art production photographer videographer work

Akin to Amish, Chirali is a wedding photographer who has learned her craft by growing up in the photography world while having her father guide her along every step of the way. Chirali stood next to him in the darkroom while he was developing film photos, as her passion for this art form grew stronger with each day.

Chirali combined her background with a unique ability to understand the needs and tastes of a bride to ensure her clients receive the results that have always dreamed of and will cherish for the remainder of their lives.

Together, Amish and Chirali run the Fine Art Production photographer videographer agency that provides services around the globe. Nowadays, they have the expertise and equipment necessary to work on both huge weddings that involve multiple photographers and videographers and intimate events that only feature the couple with equal success.

Main Genres

Fine Art Production specializes in Indian-style wedding photography. Their portfolio features weddings done in a variety of styles and genres. When looking at their work, you won’t find any fake smiles or staged poses, just stunning, informal photos from start to finish.


fine art production photographer videographer engagement

Fine Art Production offers engagement photography services that are included in a larger package that allows implementing a broad range of engagement photo ideas that involve the bride and groom. It also allows their photographers to try out different angles and poses to ensure the wedding day shoot goes through without any issues.

If you’ll order an engagement photoshoot from the Thakkar family, you can be certain they’ll help you find the ideal attire, poses, makeup, and locations to make every aspect of it perfect.

The agency’s employees are always ready to negotiate and change the location, poses, and other aspects of the shoot to suit your needs.

The photographers also teach the couple how to stand in creative wedding photography poses during the engagement photo shoot to ensure they feel comfortable and look natural.


fine art production photographer videographer candid

Thanks to the photojournalistic style of their wedding photography, Fine Art Production helps create a candid visual story of the most important day in the lives of the happy couple while using the photographer’s mastery and creativity to highlight the uniqueness of each wedding. Candid photography is their go-to strategy and technique when working with newlyweds.

Indian candid photography manages to expertly blend in both traditional and new motifs by capturing an old-fashioned, culturally-appropriate wedding in a new, unique light. The agency’s photographers especially love taking pictures of the couple and the guests when they don’t know they’re being photographed. The main appeal of candid photography is the raw, natural emotions displayed by the people. Such pictures always make for lasting memories and resonate with the viewers the most.


fine art production photographer videographer editorial

Their editorial photography approach to weddings is ideally suited for modern couples who want to receive timeless pictures that tell the story of their love. Such photoshoots combine techniques used for fine art and photojournalistic photography.

Their origins stem from fashion photography which features eye-catching compositions, impactful lighting, and unusual angles. The editorial influence can be seen when the photographers choose poses for both individual and couple photos.

Aerial and Underwater

fine art production photographer videographer aerial

This rare service deals with taking beautiful and captivating photos from the ground, sea, and sky. It mixes underwater photography with drone wedding photography to deliver fantastic results that will spice up and beautify any maternity, honeymoon, love story, or wedding photoshoot you have in mind.

When taking underwater photos, you get to choose between going into the deep sea or sticking to a shallow swimming pool. Whatever the case, the results will look amazing and you'll forever remember such an experience.

Fine Art Production also offers aerial portrait photography, bridal party photos, bride and groom aerial pictures taken with drones for filming, aerial video recording for outdoor ceremonies, aerial videos of your exclusive Indian wedding baarat, aerial photography of your baarat with the groomsmen driving a beautiful car or riding on a horse or your baarat using an elephant. Their photographers will ensure such aerial pictures will be some of the most memorable ones you'll ever have.

Customs & Rituals

fine art production photographer videographer customs rituals

Each Indian wedding features a rich display of culture and tradition, with the specific elements being determined by the region, religion, and taste of the soon-to-be-married couple. Regardless of how exactly such a wedding looks, it’s always a festive, colorful occasion.

All customs and traditions that are represented during an Indian wedding celebration carry philosophical or spiritual meaning. Regardless of where they are in the world, most Indians follow the rituals and practices of their people that are unique to their culture.

Fine Art Production photographer videographer services are tailored to perfectly fit all possible traditions and rituals involved in Indian weddings and create vibrant wedding party pictures. They accept orders for the following traditional weddings: Gujarati, South Indian, Punjabi, Muslim, Malyalee, Interfaith-Fusion, Marathi, Bengali, and more.


fine art production photographer videographer bridal portraits

All Indian brides dream of looking perfect on their wedding day and there’s no better way to fulfill that dream than immortalizing their beauty with tasteful, candid bridal portraits.

The photographers capture everything: the makeup, hairstyle, and wedding dress photography. The agency’s approach to bridal portraits involves candid poses that don’t look too cheesy or formal, expressions and gestures that match the bride’s personality, and locations that help convey the spirit of the occasion.

fixthephoto wedding retouching fixthephoto wedding retouching

Do you want to deliver photos to your clients without sacrificing the editing quality but rather improving it? Reach out to our services. Our professionals will enhance the colors, get rid of all skin flaws, and add special effects to create a magical atmosphere. You can get all of that for an affordable price with a fast turnaround.

Getting Ready

fine art production photographer videographer getting ready

Bridal preparation photos are just as important a part of an Indian wedding as any other. Fine Art Production is ready to accompany the lady during every part of her wedding day activities, from her waking up to doing the makeup, hairstyle, putting on jewelry, bridal shoes, lehenga, tikka, interacting with the wedding party, etc. The agency will capture all of those scenes while ensuring not a single moment of happiness, laughter, or endearing nervousness is missed or forgotten.

Maternity & Newborn

fine art production photographer videographer maternity

After you've celebrated your wedding, gone on a honeymoon, solidified your career path, and purchased your dream house, it's time for the next step – growing your family. The agency’s photographers and videographers are ready to accompany you from the very first days of becoming a mother by offering creative maternity photography, newborn baby portraits, and lots of other services. They can also organize a family portrait photoshoot anywhere and anytime you want.


Indian weddings involve a lot more moving parts and rituals that the standard western wedding. Many videographers are simply unable to keep up with everything that is happening or don't know what parts and traditions to focus on. That's why it's vital to pick a videography agency that knows all the details and rituals that can be involved in the wedding you're planning.

Other than providing top-tier photography services, Fine Art Production also has the expertise necessary to record cinematic Indian wedding videos that will tell the perfect love story of your special day while ensuring you don't forget a single important moment from it for as long as you live.

Wedding Albums

fine art production photographer videographer wedding albums

The best way to keep the memories of your wedding day alive and ensure you go back to them frequently is to create a stylish wedding photography album. The agency is ready to deliver personalized handmade albums that can be customized to match your desired size, material (leather, silk), photo size, etc. You can also order banners, acrylic prints in different sizes, canvas prints that can be framed, and several other products.


fine art production photographer videographer blog

The Fine Art Production website has a wedding photography blog that the authors use for sharing photo reports from the weddings they worked at.

They also give tips on how to prepare for an Indian wedding, how to choose the perfect wedding location, and what bride and groom poses will look the most flattering. If you want to get inspired by beautiful wedding pictures or learn answers to the most intriguing questions about Indian weddings – study the articles written by these photographers.