David Chang Photography Review: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Photographer

David Chang is a professional headshot photographer who is determined to offer the highest possible image quality to his customers. Thanks to the wealth of experience David possesses, he excels at establishing a comfortable environment in his studio while ensuring the client feels relaxed and confident during the entire photo shoot.

Over the last few years, Chang has worked with hundreds of clients, taking headshots for businesspeople, actors, models, and regular employees in the general Toronto area. David also has experience collaborating with an array of global brands like Mercedes Benz, TD Bank, and Quadreal.


david chang photography website

Being involved in headshot and portrait photography for over fifteen years, David Chang has earned the reputation of one of the best professionals in his genre. His studio can be found in the Distillery District while the range of his services encompasses LinkedIn, portfolio, corporate, and team headshots as well as private portraits.

David believes that the main purpose behind studio headshots is conveying the client’s visual brand identity. With the current competition in any marketing being so fierce, taking a regular headshot photo isn’t good enough if you want to stand out from the rest.

David Chang photographer services can help you with that by delivering stunning headshots that will capture the core of your brand’s identity while ensuring you always capture the eye of the person looking at your photo. His photography style relies on clarity, as Chang strives to minimize the number of distracting elements in the shot while focusing on showcasing your personality.

david chang photographer portfolio

Your brand should represent who you are, who you dream of becoming, and what kind of person others consider you to be. That’s what this headshot photographer believes in and he is ready to help his clients with the following:

  • Wardrobe preparation(s)
  • Facial expressions
  • Poses – standing, angle/leaning, or maybe even sitting
  • Portrait crop or aspect ratio – square for LinkedIn, landscape shot for your website, or maybe a custom printing resolution
  • Backdrop selection – either one included in his studio or added later during image post processing

If you’re looking for a professional headshot photographer in the larger Toronto area, you’ll notice that their prices can range from as low as $65 and up to $800 for business branding bundles. The differences in pricing mainly come down to the photographer's level of experience and the quality of their studio setup, as photographers need to make up for the investment in the studio space and expensive gear.

David Chang generally works on average rates, as he has to pay for his personal photography studio in Leslieville. While Chang’s prices aren’t the cheapest in the area, he makes up for them with a relaxing studio environment and top-of-the-line gear that guarantees professional results.


As already mentioned in this David Chang photography review, you can request a broad range of different services including LinkedIn, branding, business, and real estate headshots. It’s worth mentioning that David doesn’t just take photos but also suggests valuable headshot photo poses that bring out the best in each client.

Profile Photo for LinkedIn

david chang photographer photo for linkedin

Your LinkedIn page is one of the most important aspects of your brand, which is why the headshot photo you add there has to look perfect since it will be the first thing anyone who’s looking at your profile sees.

Being an experienced portrait photographer, Chang knows what he has to do to ensure you look fantastic, using his retouching skills in Photoshop to make you look slimmer and younger while ensuring you still look like yourself.

david chang photographer sample of work

Another important aspect of a proper LinkedIn headshot is the background. When working on your order, David allows you to pick between various digital backdrops that can be used to make the headshot look stylish, eye-catching, and relevant for your brand.

Portraits for Development of Branding

david chang photographer branding portrait

Such a headshot is used to convey your identity, story, and niche. Whenever someone makes a purchase, they usually want to know who they're buying from, and having a stylish, visual representation of yourself and your business can be the deciding factor that sways a customer in your favor.

david chang photography portfolio

David Chang is an expert at taking photos of this kind and can get them done with a quick photoshoot. Once he's taken the necessary headshots and retouched them to ensure look they don't suffer from any skin or clothing imperfections, you'll receive the images via Google Drive for instant download.

Corporate Images

david chang photographer corporate image

Such photos are used by businesses to convey their identity, uniqueness, and reliability to existing and potential clients and employees. They usually have white, grey, or black backdrops but David is ready to organize such a photoshoot in an office environment as well while offering the required extra gear without bumping up the price.

david chang photographer corporate picture

Chang also offers valuable tips regarding what poses and facial expressions work best for each individual. His studio has a big 15” monitor that lets him and his clients keep an eye on the picture quality at all times. If you want to ensure the results are delivered to you as soon as possible, you can specify which specific headshots you want to receive.

Realtors Headshots

Classic realtor portrait photos against a grey background aren’t as impressive as they used to be. Your professional headshot photo has to grab the viewer’s attention and make them instantly consider contacting you. To achieve such a goal, you have to look confident, friendly, and refined on both your website and all social media pages.

David Chang is there to implement all your ideas by providing top-tier headshot pictures while working in a studio that meets all protocols dictated by the current situation caused by COVID-19. The studio itself is located downtown in the Distillery District and represents a rustic, minimalistic space.

david chang photographer realtors picture

The photographer will ensure the delivered headshots match your marketing style while emphasizing your personality and getting rid of all existing flaws. David will also send you online proofs to help you decide which headshots should undergo expert retouching and be used as your main profile pictures.


david chang photographer portrait shot

David Chang Portrait Photographer prefers to work with neutral tones and minimalistic environments. He strives to avoid using a plethora of props and vibrant color combinations. David also prefers to work with clients who aren’t afraid to show their emotions on camera, as the resulting photos look far more natural and eye-catching even if they’re staged.

david chang photographer portrait image

Chang has stated that Vanity Fair covers and the Fine Art style are the main inspirations behind his photography style and it is further reinforced by his rustic studio in downtown Toronto. If you’re a fan of artistic portraits or avant-garde in general, you’ll adore the photos that David can take for you.


Chang can masterfully perform lighting adjustments and skin retouching while ensuring all colors look true-to-life. He mainly specializes in clean editing and retouching while adjusting key settings like sharpness, color temperature, and clarity to end up with a beautiful, professional photo that doesn’t look like it was overly edited or artificially enhanced.

David is ready to perform the following image manipulations:

  • Full retouching with background replacement
  • COVID-19 Team Photo – everyone’s photo is taken individually and composited as a group
  • Natural skin retouching
  • Chin editing
  • Complete dental retouching
  • General retouching
  • Overall retouching for actors
  • Removal of common issues
  • Wrinkle removal – Successful retouching depends on fabric and pattern

headshot photo retouching fixthephoto headshot photo retouching fixthephoto

If you already have headshot photos but don’t know how to edit them, reach out to our service. FixThePhoto professionals are ready to work on orders of any complexity level while handling everything from culling to retouching your photos and delivering them as quickly as possible.


Other than the official David Chang photography portfolio, the website also features his personal blog. Inside, you’ll find useful headshot photography tips and poses that he relies on during his photoshoots. It’s great to see that David writes these articles himself while falling back onto his own experience.