8 Best Photography Blogs You Need to Follow in 2024

By Tata Rossi 3 days ago, Apps and Software

Photography blogs are perfect online knowledge databases for both beginners and professionals, where you will be able to find the information and helpful resources from the talented photographers.

You will know more about technique, improving, photography tips for beginners, get encouraged from photo stories etc. In addition, you will be informed about the pro-grade cameras, equipment, and technologies.

Top 8 Photography Blogs

  1. FixThePhoto - Updates on a daily basis
  2. Weedit.Photos - Theoretical and practical content
  3. ExpertPhotography - Extensive library of tutorials
  4. Behind the Shutter - Modern interface
  5. PhotographyCourse - Comprehensive learning platform
  6. Depositphotos - Simple layout
  7. The Phoblographer - Best tech blog
  8. PhotoFocus - Best software education blog

Before you choose the photography blog to follow, take a glance at detailed tutorials, griping hacks, recent software reviews, guides, clear pictures, videos, URLs, and so on for an improved engagement.

The following blogs concentrate on a great variety of types of photography. There is something new for everyone in diverse fields, such as landscape, portrait, food, and other kinds of photo blogs.

1. FixThePhoto – Our Choice

Updates on a daily basis
  • Variations in content
  • Sphere-related updates
  • Plain language
  • User-friendly navigation
  • None

Verdict: FixThePhoto is a widespread photo blog that delivers useful discoveries, hacks, and tutorials for both beginner and expert photographers. Counting an extensive range of content, the blog tells about diverse aspects of photography, involving improvement strategies, gear reviews, photography composition tips and techniques, and sphere-related trends.

The articles are well-written and clear. They enable readership to take the required data quickly. Expert FixThePhoto's team of photographers and editors share their expertise, providing useful advice and step-by-step tutorials to assist photographers to boost their skills and get striking results.

This graphic design blog inform about widely popular software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, providing thorough guides and practical before-and-after examples.

fixthephoto photography blog interface

2. Weedit.Photos

Theoretical and practical content
  • Encouraging examples
  • Exclusive reviews
  • Regularly publications
  • Greatly-illustrated articles
  • No subscribe feature

Verdict: The Weedit.Photos blog offers a wealth of guides, hints and strategies to help photo experts improve their shots employing software instruments such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom. From basic settings to progressive retouching options, the photography blog includes a variety of enhancing topics, letting photographers improve their skills and generate a visually immersive result.

You will also enciunter creative photography ideas and software review. Weedit.Photos involves diverse photography genres, such as portraits, weddings, landscapes, and product photography.

The blog's content is well-arranged and intuitive in navigation, making it possible that readers can quickly access the data they need. The articles are given in a precise and comprehensible manner, making it simple for photographers to discover and embed the mentioned their techniques into their own work process.

weedit photos photography blog interface

3. ExpertPhotography

Extensive library of tutorials
  • Wide compilation of guides
  • Encouraging photographs and interviews
  • Articles are regularly updated
  • Plain layout
  • Bounded interactivity
  • Presence of advertisements within the content
expertphotography photography blog logo

Verdict: With more than 2,000 articles, you’ll get access to all types of information on their blog, such as photo tutorials for beginners, artistic photography projects, macro photography tips, or how to select Adobe options.

The blog's articles involve advice, tips, and hacks that photographers are able to instantly implement to enhance their photos. This helpful tutorial helps readers improve their technique, composition, and general approach to taking a splendid shot.

They also possess a great photographers' community on Facebook that you can join and ask questions and receive feedback about your photography.

expertphotography photography blog interface

4. Behind the Shutter

Modern interface
  • Community
  • Constant updates
  • Professional contributors
  • Various content
  • Lacks expertise in some topics
  • Minimal video content
behind the shutter photography blog logo
Behind the Shutter

Verdict: With more than eight years of experience and a stunning number of over 180,000 subscribers, as well as 185,000 followers, this blog is a must for people who strive to discover. A lot of their blog publications concentrate on using black-and-white overlays on images, thus if you are into in this style, this blog got you covered.

Photographers of any experience are able to find guides ranging from aperture setting to something more artistic and complex, such as applying color gels in portraits. In addition, readers can encounter information on the latest and affordable equipment as well as hacks on monetizing their work.

Furthermore, readers can get inspired from opinion articles created by well-known photographers, who deliver a striking insight into their professional performance, how to get client in photography and their life as a photographer.

behind the shutter photography blog interface

5. PhotographyCourse

Comprehensive learning platform
  • Simple to read
  • Created by experienced photographers
  • Comes together with podcast
  • Deep content
  • Membership is a must for full access
  • No category of popular posts
photographycourse net photography blog logo

Verdict: PhotographyCourse has been a reliable photography blog for more than 20 years. Readers get inspiration from learning about diverse photography factors, involving photography ideas, photography hacks, landscape photography, gear reviews etc.

The articles are subdivided into various sections to facilitate exploring and understanding them. You are able to set search by your level such as progressive, intermediate, or beginner. Furthermore, you can put in a term to encounter precisely what you are looking for such as lens, lighting, shooting tips, or photography books.

The blog delivers in-depth explanations and examples, making sure that readers receive a detailed comprehension of the discussed concepts.

photographycourse net photography blog interface

6. Depositphotos

Simple layout
  • Free access to materials
  • Professional tips
  • Article page has relevant content
  • Contemporary interface
  • Bounded community engagement
  • Poor subdivision of categories
depositphotos photography blog logo

Verdict: This blog represents a perfect source of inspiration for any person immersed in photography, design and marketing. They post photography guides, recent trends, stock photography insights, and marketing hacks. If you require some inspiration, you can read their interviews with well-known photographers, discover extensive images compilation from their library or keep track of the latest trends.

You will encounter wedding photography tips, main strategies and hints for sports photography, original trends, and so on. Being related to a stock photography site, the blog includes high-end visuals and immersive imagery to support its articles and showcases.

depositphotos photography blog interface

7. The Phoblographer

Best tech photography blog
  • Knowledgeable and insightful
  • Articles are regularly updated
  • Article page features related content
  • Concise post size
  • Ads and sponsored content
  • Lacks video content
the phoblographer photography blog logo
The Phoblographer

Verdict: The Phoblographer delivers deep articles, guides, equipment reviews, and interviews with outstanding photographers covering multiple genres, techniques, and equipment. It relates to photographers of all expertise level, from amateurs to professionals, delivering hacks and insights to improve their skills and performance.

Beside its written content, one of the best photo blogs sites offers immersive visual examples, showcasing eye-catching pictures from diverse photographers. These shots function photography inspiration and illustrate the principles and strategies discussed in the articles. The blog keeps an engaged community of photography enthusiasts through its comments section and social networks.

the phoblographer photography blog interface

8. PhotoFocus

Best software education blog
  • High-end articles, guides
  • Constant reviews
  • Accent on both technical and artistic inspiration
  • Well-arranged website
  • Bounded multimedia content
  • Poor categories subdivision
photofocus photography blog logo

Verdict: The blog includes plenty of photography genres, involving landscape, portrait, wildlife photography, street, and more. It offers articles, guides, and reviews on diverse themes such as camera equipment, post-processing software, lighting strategies, composition intricacies.

In addition, Photofocus acknowledges the importance of staying updated with the latest advancements in photography strategies and trends. The blog often includes reviews of new gears, lenses, and accessories, assisting photographers in creating informative decisions when it comes to their camera investments.

photofocus photography blog interface