Showhomes Review 2024: Benefits & Pricing

By Tata Rossi 21 days ago, Apps and Software

Showhomes Agency

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Verdict: An experienced in-house staging, interior design, and renovation agency, Showhomes employs talented, dedicated specialists who can transform any space into a welcoming and inviting space. They are true professionals in preparing real estate for sale or rent.

The agency does not specialize in virtual staging, offering only physical services. The package of such services includes consultations, planning, design, and delivery of furniture, interior items, decorations, etc. All this translates into a tidy sum, which may be unbearable for some clients.

  • Realist designs
  • User-friendly client service
  • Highly qualified design team
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Keeping up with industry trends
  • There are no service prices on the website
  • Limited availability
  • Portfolio could be richer
showhomes website

Show Homes agency has in-house staging techniques and a wealth of industry-specific experience, which combine to give you the ability to sell your properties for a much higher price.

Focused on details, they create a cozy and inviting vibe in your homes, thereby increasing the number of people who want to buy or rent and increasing your chances of a successful bargain.

Showhomes Agency – Main Features

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Showhomes Orlando was founded in 1986 with the goal of transforming vacant properties that often put customers off their dullness and unlivability into appealing and inviting spaces. They have over 30,000 satisfied homeowners and their realtors to their credit, with transactions totaling over $10 billion.

The agency is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, where the company’s senior executives specialize in real estate, design, client support, and franchise operations.

Customized In-House Staging Solutions

This high-end design company is in constant contact with its customers to ensure that their ideas and vision of the design of their properties are as close as possible.

The Showhomes home staging team is highly skilled in color science, interior design, lighting, and interior decoration, and they use this knowledge to reveal the potential of each home and make it desirable for buyers and tenants.

showhomes staging solution services

The process of cooperation with the team is simple and straightforward – they first conduct an on-site consultation, evaluating your space, determining its advantages and disadvantages, as well as options for correcting and improving them. Next, the team is engaged in the selection and arrangement of furniture, decorations, interior items, and other details that create overall comfort in the house.

Their staging strategy is to emphasize the benefits of the property, enhance natural light, and create an inviting atmosphere. Their task is to build an emotional connection with potential buyers so that they can imagine how they settle down in this house and build their life.

Home Updates to Attract Buyers

showhomes home updates

To compete in the real estate market, the seller of a house must first invest in making the house desirable to buyers and increasing its price tag.

Showhomes Jacksonville knows what each specific house needs to increase its value, speed of sale, and the number of potential buyers. The team selects only the best materials, furniture, and decorations to update your property and controls the entire staging process.

Design Consultations from Experts

showhomes design consultations

As I wrote above, cooperation with Showhomes begins with a consultation. After assessing your property, top designers will develop a custom plan to update and rearrange your home and recommend suitable furniture, color pattern, layouts, etc.

The team provides design and consulting services not only for the staging of homes for sale but also for homes that you continue to live in, where you simply want to update and refresh the environment.

No Virtual Services

Unfortunately, the Show Homes agency lacks virtual staging. Its advantage over the physical one is that it frees you from the delivery and rearrangement of furniture and other real changes. This gives more freedom of imagination and the embodiment of the most daring ideas.

If you feel like it’s yours, then don’t hesitate to contact FixThePhoto – true masters of producing super-realistic images of unrivaled quality. The service package includes item removal and replacement, HDR bracketing, light and color correction of your real estate agent photos, and even a 360° virtual tour. At the same time, the prices will please you – they start from $1.50 per photo.

fixthephoto virtual staging before after fixthephoto virtual staging before after

Their stagers prefer only cutting-edge rendering software and virtual staging software for their projects. With their help, they professionally place furniture and other interior items on your shots or even on 3D models of your empty spaces.


Physical staging agencies such as Showhomes Orlando take quite a long time to prepare a home, and it will take even longer if you continue to live in it. This is so because the team needs to clean up, organize belongings, repair the property as much as necessary, and improve it, which cannot happen quickly.

This is only a preparatory stage, followed by the staging itself, which also does not promise to be lightning fast because it’s necessary to plan, find furniture and accessories, set up the rooms, and only after completion put the house up for sale.

Limited Availability

showhomes limited availability

Like other physical staging agencies, Showhomes Jacksonville may not be available to some customers, especially during peak seasons. Because of this, service planning may be delayed, and case completion times may increase.

Limited Customization

The goal of staging is to end up with a space that appeals to as wide a range of buyers as possible. This limits clients from giving the property a personal touch and creating the style they want.

What’s more, it often happens that the buyer wants to see an empty space without furniture so that he can fantasize more vividly about how he will arrange everything in it following his preferences and tastes.

Reliance on Third Parties

showhomes example of work

Showhomes home staging services are not performed by a single team, but often in collaboration with various contractors or vendors renovating, refurbishing, or furnishing a home. Thus, one more participant appears, on which the timing of the project and other points also begin to depend.

Personal Preferences

In trying to create a one-size-fits-all atmosphere that will be equally attractive to everyone, you risk losing the personality of your home and its special vibe.

In the same way, some visitors and potential buyers of your home may feel uncomfortable in a generic home that lacks personality, which can destroy the emotional connection with the property.

Maintenance and Upkeep

showhomes physical staging maintenance

Physical staging requires regular care so that a beautiful picture is maintained throughout the entire listing period. The house will require regular cleaning and maintenance of furniture and decorations in proper condition. Keep in mind that it takes extra time and money. In case you are looking for rent-collecting apps for streamlining maintenance requests, take a look at the reviews posted on the Young and the Invested platform to select an option that suits your needs best.

High Prices

There is no fixed price list on the Showhomes website, however, you should understand that you will have to invest a considerable amount to pay for staging a house.

What’s more, some agencies charge a monthly fee to maintain the furniture placed in your house until you sell it.


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