Adobe Podcast AI Tools 2023: Review and Testing

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Software reviews

Adobe Podcast AI

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Verdict: Adobe Podcast AI can help podcast creators optimize their workflow to produce high-quality content more efficiently even if they don’t possess the technical knowledge necessary to use podcast recording software.

You can voice over entire tomes of texts in a single click, enhance the audio, perform noise reduction, record audio remotely, automatically synchronize files among multiple users, employ project templates, and even tweak the microphone settings to achieve a cinematic sound.

  • AI audio transcription
  • Voiceovers and voice customization
  • Noise removal and frequency increase in a single click
  • Remote recording
  • Podcast templates
  • Closed beta test can’t be accessed by everyone
  • No official release dates announced yet
adobe podcast ai

You can record audio from scratch by connecting a microphone or uploading existing files from your PC or cloud storage. Next, Adobe Podcast AI will automatically detect the content of the recorded audio and create a script that can be edited and enhanced as you see fit.

Additionally, you can synchronize Adobe Podcast AI with various desktop software like Adobe Audition, the free version of Adobe Premiere Pro or the free Adobe Spark, to create full-fledged podcasts or perform specific adjustments.

Adobe Podcast AI – Main Features

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By relying on advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, Adobe Podcast AI offers an array of expanded functions and features for optimizing the podcast production process, including automated transcribing, smart editing tools, and audio enhancement functionality.

Instant Audio Content Transcription

adobe podcast ai audio content trascription

One of the biggest advantages that need to be mentioned in this Adobe Podcast AI review is the software’s capability to convert audio files to text using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology.

This feature allows podcast creators to quickly and easily transform their audio content to written form, which can later be used for notes, blog posts, and other types of content marketing.

It saves you a lot of time and effort, as previously podcasters had to manually transcribe their audio content using a specialized transcription app or a third-party service.

Podcast Voiceovers and Detailed Voice Customization

Another interesting Adobe Podcast AI feature lets you generate synthetic voices that sound natural and realistic. You can use these voices for narrating or adding comments and interviews to your podcast.

In contrast to speech to text software, this solution lets you customize the voice by adjusting its pitch, speed, tone, and emotions. Once you’re satisfied with how your podcast sounds, you can simply export it.

Automated Transcript Generation

Another fantastic Adobe Podcast AI addition is the ability to automatically generate transcripts for podcast episodes while offering different audio clips that can be posted on social media to promote your podcast.

Single Click Audio Quality Enhancement

adobe podcast ai single click audio quality enhancement

The AI-based audio functionality included in this software offers an array of tools for enhancing the sound to elevate your podcast quality to a new level.

For instance, the "Speech Enhancement" function employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the clarity of your voice by deleting the background noise and increasing the frequency sharpness.

You can also boost the sound by 100-500% without losing its original quality, which allows you to avoid using third-party mic booster software.

Such functionality not only saves you a ton of time and effort but also gets rid of the necessity to purchase professional podcast equipment.

Remote Recording and Instant Synchronization

You can also take advantage of the remote recording feature, which allows users to easily record content wherever they are while instantly exchanging audio. By simply sharing a couple of links, you can record audio along with multiple people located in different parts of the world.

Adobe Podcast AI automatically records the audio of each user in high quality locally and then synchronizes it in the cloud for convenient editing. This feature allows you to avoid messing around with complex settings, saving you a lot of time and work while providing professional-grade audio quality.

Project Templates

adobe podcast ai project templates

Adobe Podcast offers project templates that can significantly simplify your workflow. These templates provide a premade structure for your podcast, allowing you to focus on creating content instead of starting everything from scratch.

For instance, it only takes one click to pick a template for an interview, radio show, etc. Additionally, you can create your own templates or edit your favorite ones from the library to later share them with other users on your team, making it easier and more time-efficient to collaborate on a project.

Professional Microphone Calibration

adobe podcast ai professional microphone calibration

The Mic Check AI feature in Adobe Podcast is a game-changer for everyone who wants to enjoy maximum sound clarity. This tool uses artificial intelligence tech to analyze the audio quality of your mic settings while referring to a large database that contains information about how a properly set up computer microphone should sound.

After analyzing your microphone, the software provides personalized recommendations based on your specific settings.

Adobe Podcast AI Prices

Currently, Adobe Podcast AI is only available to close beta test participants, which is why you have to create an account (or log into an existing Adobe ID profile) and fill out a form to try and gain access to this tool.

The application process lasts about 7 business days, during which the developers will decide if you’re going to be granted early access to this software.


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