5 Best Mic Booster Software in 2022

The best mic booster software helps amplify the sound of external and internal microphones. Such programs support various options that help increase the volume. They increase microphone sensitivity, use preamplification, fader gain, and more.

Some instruments enhance the volume at the system level, so you can record an amplified sound using dedicated software.

Top 5 Mic Booster Software

  1. Voicemeeter - Routes a multitude of sources
  2. Expstudio Audio Editor - Supports WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG
  3. Equalizer APO - Analyzes peak gain
  4. Kazi Sound Recorder - With sampling settings
  5. Audacity - Supports multitrack audio

When testing the best mic booster software, we checked whether these programs are easy to use. These programs allow you to save recorded audio in MP3, MP2, WAV, AAC formats.

Some of the programs support different sound effects, such as fading, distortion, bass, treble, echo. What’s more, some tools allow users to visualize recorded sound waves.

1. Voicemeeter - Our Choice

Routes a multitude of sources
  • Free supplemental software available
  • Convenient interface
  • Mix and adjust the output sound
  • Mono or stereo sound from the microphone
  • None

Verdict Voicemeeter has a few unique features that make it stand out among its competitors. This mic booster software does not require any plug-ins, there are no hardware components to configure, there is a free virtual sound and instrument library, and many more. It also has several great virtual music samples for you to use.

You can use this software with supplemental tools. Except this, it has tools to mix and adjust the output sound. The program can record mono or stereo sound from the microphone.

voicemeeter mic booster software interface

2. Expstudio Audio Editor

Supports WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG
  • Cut, copy, silence, mix tools
  • Bandpass and low pass filters
  • Converts female voice to male
  • Effects audio like vibrato, pitch shift
  • Includes only basic documentation

Verdict: Expstudio Audio Editor comes in handy when you want to edit your audio recordings quickly and easily. One of the best features of this software is the mic booster. This tool can help you to make your audio recordings sound better than they originally sound.

Using this mic booster software, you are able to turn an inconsistent mic signal into a consistent one. This will help you to have a clean sound. With this audio editor, you are able to add effects to your voice. The mic booster tool will also allow you to maximize the effects of any microphones for podcasting or wireless microphones.

expstudio audio editor mic booster software interface

3. Equalizer APO

Analyzes peak gain
  • Open-source
  • Works on the system level
  • Latency and response time of sound
  • Low pass, high pass, bandpass filters
  • Time-consuming and unresponsive

Verdict: Equalizer APO comes with so many great features, like a true analog sound, variable limiting on both the mic gain and input level, and the built-in equalizer. It also comes with digital options for limiting, panning and faking a drum roll.

This mic booster software uses true analog filters and circuitry which are what helps to make the mix sound so real. It also offers manual equalization of any input through the usage of a high-gain USB. This virtual surround sound software allows you to mix your songs and sounds as you see fit. Along with the mic plug-in adaptor, there is a mixer with knobs that allow you to change between either a cardioid with the push of a button.

equalizer apo mic booster software interface

4. Kazi Sound Recorder

With sampling settings
  • Grabs any sound
  • Supports VCR, Telephone, TV, Radio
  • Saved in WAV, MP3, OGG, Vox
  • Support for RealPlayer, Winamp, WMP
  • Lack of technical support

Verdict: This mic booster software will allow you to monitor the volume levels of each microphone when you are recording and playback. The mic amplifier feature will boost the volume level of your microphone even further. This feature allows you to use a much higher quality microphone when you are recording.

There are also several different types of recording media that you can use with Kazi Sound Recorder including MP3, WAV, and CD audio files. This recorder has an audio monitor that will allow you to listen to what you are doing and fix it when necessary. The built-in recording studio feature allows you to easily create multiple recordings and store them onto your hard drive.

kazi sound recorder mic booster software interface

5. Audacity

Supports multitrack audio
  • For Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Records internal or external microphones
  • Microphone sensitivity control
  • View sound waves of captured audio
  • Destructive editing only

Verdict: You can use Audacity for recording and monitoring noises. It has a mic booster feature that will enhance your digital recording sounds. This software records internal or external microphones.

You must always carry out a test run on your microphone before using the software. This free audio editing software will also help you in editing your recordings easily. You will also find that this software has a good price tag as well.

audacity mic booster software interface