Weezevent Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 8 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Pricing: $0.99-90

Verdict: Weezevent is a user-friendly event planning tool that makes it easier to set up a ticketing system. It facilitates the registration process and allows users to add cashless payment options.

You can use it for assigning access rights as well. The company provides services for those who organize all kinds of events, including conferences and parties.

  • A streamlined interface
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy-to-customize tickets
  • Informative scan reports
  • Cashless payments
  • Quick marketing campaign creation
  • No discounts
  • WeezEvent Access app is not supported by all smartphones
weezevent interface

Weezevent was used by the organizers of such well-known events as Hellfest, Alexandra Palace, and Lakefest, among many more. Regardless of the number of potential attendees, this service will help you find the best solution for organizing your event.

I like the fact that the team keeps in touch with clients. The key advantage of this service is that it allows you to manage all the tasks using one centralized system. You will get access to a CRM. Besides, you will be able to control access and the box office.

Weezevent lets you change the ticketing interface, organize recurring events, track activities, and manage reservations from a convenient dashboard.

Weezevent: Main Benefits

weezevent logo

Using dedicated software, organizers can schedule, promote, and organize events more efficiently. The company makes the event-planning process less stressful and takes care of all the details.

The services provided by Weezevent were used by over 300,000 event organizers who were interested in convenient ticketing and cashless payment systems.

Real-Time Scanned Ticket Tracking

weezevent interface ticket tracking

Weezevent allows you to track the number of attendees and validate tickets for 10-100,000 people or even more if necessary.

You can select different validation methods depending on the size of your event. Besides, users can create a list in an app or on paper. This service has intuitive access control tools, which allow you to use them without any previous experience.

Another advantage of the service is that it lets you scan your attendees regardless of the version you use, be it a free or paid one. Due to this, you can control access to guarantee that people with fake tickets won’t be able to visit your event. You can also set the number of allowed entries. This service will perform other necessary tasks automatically, which will make your event even more secure.

Detailed Attendance Reports from Your Event

weezevent interface attendance reports

This service allows you to get reports about your attendees and access a scanning history via a dashboard. You can download them in CSV format. Weezevent also allows you to create access lists.

Using this report writing software, you can group people by different parameters, such as an event, ticket type, or time slot. It will make it easier for you to manage access rights.

If you need to sell tickets using third-party services, you can import them on your dashboard and validate them on the same day.

Convenient Organization of Contacts in One Place

weezevent logo interface

Another advantage of this service is that it facilitates contact management and data synchronization. Weezeevent will automatically update the contact list and merge identical contacts. You can also track the activity of each attendee.

What I like the most is that WeezTarget integrates with other Weezevent products, such as WeezTicket, WeezAccess, and WeezPay. When using this service, you can quickly find contacts and see their actions.

Whether you need to launch an automated email campaign or use a manual solution, the information about you and your attendees will remain secure. This contact management software meets all modern data protection regulations, which makes it safe to use.

Complete Customization of Your Tickets and the Ticketing Module

weezevent interface ticket customization

You can customize e-tickets without paying a dime. However, to get access to premium customization tools, you need to pay. You can customize the Weezevent ticketing module by adding your brand colors. Weezevent allows you to set different prices for categories and sub-categories, set sale triggers, and use the shopping bag’s timer.

You can quickly send invitations to different categories of invitees by email. Each custom email will have a PDF attachment. Business owners can get access to a special platform for sending mail invitations directly or using RSVP.

User-Friendly Ticketing for All Needs

weezevent interface ticketing

Using Weezevent, you can set up your online ticketing system in a few minutes. It has tools for managing registrations and ticket sales, which makes it perfect for organizers of different types of events. Another thing that impressed me is that it has tools for creating guest lists and various types of tickets.

weezevent interface event types

Due to this, your clients will be able to make reservations easily. You can also use it to facilitate registration and send invitations. You can quickly add a ticketing system to your site or Facebook page. It also allows you to sell tickets on location using the box office solution. Alternatively, you can use your own equipment.

Easy Cashless Payments and Automatic Refunds

weezevent interface cashless

When organizing an event, it might be difficult to manage payments. Weezevent provides cashless services for setting up cashless collection points. It makes it easier to track all the payments and prevent money from being stolen.

Their cashless devices are fully waterproof, autonomous, and can withstand shock impact. Users can utilize them in severe conditions. These mobile solutions allow users to get refunds in one click. They can be paired with NFC access control as well.

I like that these cashless solutions can function even without online access. They integrate with device, terminal, and system safety levels for better security. Thanks to these tools, users can quickly get refunds on their bank accounts.

Tailor-Made Emails Personalized for Your Audience

weezevent interface email design

WeezTarget facilitates the task of communicating with attendees. You can use this email marketing software to write messages more quickly using its drag-and-drop UI. The program allows you to write custom emails with a responsive design.

You can also add the first and last names of your invitees to send personalized emails. I like that this program enables me to automate my email marketing campaigns by scheduling announcements, providing people with information, and performing other tasks,

Users can monitor the performance of their campaigns using a convenient dashboard and track the activity of attendees.

Weezevent Prices

After contacting Weezevent, you need to pay a fixed fee for specific services. The prices shown below are the ones for Canada and they're not the same for every country. Besides, it's free for free events.

Ticketing & Registration – $0.99 per every sold ticket + 2.75% per ticket sold. Sell on location or at the ticket office - from $90 per day excluding tax, or $1,250 for purchase. Tickets with stubs, rolls of tickets, laminated cards, and badge kits cost from $40.

Access Control – WeezAccess Mobile is free. WeezAccess Pro device costs from $75.00 per day excluding tax.

Cashless Payment – From $1.20 excluding tax per attendee.

Marketing & CRM – FREE - for up to 2,500 contacts. Then, from $0.12.


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