Art of Seduction Boudoir Review 2024: Bio & Portfolio

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Photographer

Art of Seduction Boudoir is the brainchild of Argentina Leyva. It's a special boudoir studio maintained by women and located in 2 cities - Chicago, IL and North Austin, TX.

Argentina and her team like watching clients break free from their comfort bubbles and embrace feeling beautiful and self-assured. This boudoir photographer offers top-notch services, taking pictures in a relaxed and storytelling way.

Art of Seduction Boudoir: Biography

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Argentina Leyva is the person in charge and the one behind the camera at Art of Seduction Boudoir.

She used to be an Engineer, but she shifted gears and became a boudoir photographer. When she made the choice to spend her life showing the beauty of women through boudoir photos, she was determined to excel in this sphere.

She works hard so that all brides and women in general can look their best in pictures.

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In 2008, she started her first private boudoir studio right in the heart of downtown Chicago. Then, in 2015, Argentina set up shop in North Austin, TX, close to the bustling shopping spot, The Domain. With over 15 years in the game, she's taken photos of more than 3000 women, no matter their age, shape, or size.

This famous photographer is a pro at bringing out the unique features of every person she photographs. Besides, she always willingly guides models on the most winning poses during a photoshoot.

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If you choose the Boudoir Experience Photoshoot package, you get a two-hour session in fancy lingerie paired with shoes, corsets, and jewelry. Besides, experts will take care of your hair and makeup.

After the photo sessions, you will receive edited photos neatly compiled in albums. The team believes this package is a terrific and personalized present for a woman before the big day. Plus, it's a chance for her to flaunt confidence and shine before a wedding.

Main Styles

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Art of Seduction Boudoir is an unrelenting proponent of diversity. They know how to capture special moments in various styles for different people. The team is all about changing up the beauty norms.

This studio is the go-to for different boudoir vibes, from bridal and couple's to plus size, mature women, outdoor, nude, and even erotic boudoir. Their focus is on making sure every client gets a personal and empowering experience.

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Argentina knows great poses and shooting tricks that can cleverly conceal areas most people worry about, like the tummy or a double chin. Plus, she discerns how to make you appear taller, longer, and slimmer. She will explain to you how to choose the right lingerie and poses, and will be responsible for lighting, so that every photo turns out fantastic.

As for clothing, you can take advantage of Argentina’s lingerie guide full of boudoir outfit photo ideas. You will understand how to choose the best variant for your body type.

Plus Size Boudoir

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There are many positive Art of Seduction Boudoir reviews dedicated to the team’s careful approach to choosing shooting concepts and lighting techniques. Typically, clients can expect 5 to 6 concepts and a whopping 250 images.

Argentina is very attentive when guiding her clients in getting ready for a plus-size boudoir photoshoot. She shares tips on plus size boudoir photo poses, helping every woman feel relaxed and confident.

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The team creates art pieces that tell stories and mirror the inner strength of every model. They do this by taking close-up shots that highlight the client's radiant smile.

Or they photograph women when they take elegant poses that accentuate their curves. They use soft lighting and stylish backgrounds to achieve a timeless look.

Bridal Boudoir

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At Art of Seduction Boudoir, you can also order a wedding boudoir photoshoot. They establish friendly connections with their clients to ensure they feel comfortable at a photo session. Thus, final images will reflect their unique style and story.

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These experts can capture the intricate details of bridal lingerie, a soft veil, and even excitement leading up to the wedding day. Each moment is carefully framed to create a captivating story.

The team focuses on supporting women and encouraging them to show their sensuality. They work diligently to capture their natural beauty in an empowering way.

Couples Boudoir

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When working with couples, Argentina and her colleagues go the extra mile to make clients feel at ease. Thus, they will be able to “tell their story” and behave naturally during a photo session. It is very helpful that a photographer recommends suitable boudoir photo poses, prepares matching props, and arranges the scene. Argentine thoughtfully plans each photoshoot to demonstrate the personalities and preferences of a couple.

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When taking photos, they focus on how the light surrounds the couple's bodies. Thus, the models’ outlines are perfectly defined and give off a cozy vibe. They often use gentle, natural light to show how connected the partners are and to bring out the beauty of how they're tangled up together.

Editing Features

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The team strives to make women look fantastic without relying much on digital edits. Argentina ensures her clients are ready for the camera by getting specialists who will take care of their hair and makeup.

She helps them choose lingerie and poses that will make their bodies look seductive. Thus, she can minimize cellulite, stretch marks, and other imperfections before a photo session starts.

The team use Photoshop just to improve pictures a bit. They correct colors, fix sharpness, get rid of any distractions, and deal with outfit issues. Art of Seduction Boudoir always prioritize realism, focus on romantic and sensual vibes without losing the real feel of the moment.


art of seduction boudoir blog

Art of Seduction Boudoir has a blog full of helpful tips. You can check out articles on the psychological aspect of boudoir photoshoots, challenges of maternity sessions, basic lingerie items, strategies for a successful boudoir photoshoot, and more.

Social Media Networks

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You can keep tabs on the studio on its YouTube channel, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. There you can find lots of boudoir photo ideas and get inspired by women confidently showing their sensual side in front of the camera.