TheVito Photography Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 14 days ago, Photographer

TheVito photography is the project by Devito Wallace, known as “TheVito” from Barbados. Since 2015 he is a prominent social and portrait photographer of TheVito Barbadian Social Photography.

There are only several facts known about him. He graduated from Barbados Community College. During his studies, he showed himself as a talented chess player. Devito Wallace received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Then he combined his main activity with the position of a professional photographer at Sandals Resorts International.

TheVito Photography: Main Genres

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Devito doesn't tell much about himself. But we can consider him an energetic and cheerful person due to his photography style and passion for aerial shooting and Nikon cameras. He prefers bright colors, takes advantage of the riot of tropical nature, and is always at the center of events. Let's find out what else attracts clients besides his charm and energy!


thevito photography review

TheVito positions himself as a portrait photographer. Portrait photography in Barbados is not usual refined studio shooting. People prefer to show their cheerful character outdoors in almost ideal climatic conditions. Photographers can take amazing pictures capturing the subject in sea breeze and luscious tropical greenery. Models usually wear flashy clothes.

TheVito proves to be a truly thoughtful master in mother photography. He notices the external and internal feminine beauty of mothers-to-be very accurately. He skillfully interprets the world-known wisdom that motherhood adorns women. His models are seductive and harmonious in their new state.

Wedding Stories

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Barbados wedding photoshoots and TheVito photography, in particular, differ from the classic, ceremonial shooting. A bride can take off her shoes and run on the wet sand against the fantastic sunset. Only here you can get your own kind of experience.

If you want, you can also get the usual wedding shots in the traditional bride and groom outfits, with gentle hugs and eye-to-eye looks and a mute promise to love each other endlessly.

TheVito has a great sense of humor. The photographer will help you relax and you will get a unique playful photoshoot. The sea romance will complement your feelings in the best possible way. A bridal veil or a flower in her hair will remind you of a wedding or engagement.

Events Shooting

thevito photography review

However, his real passion is event photography. He feels like a fish in water organizing such photoshoots. Check out these impressive couples, poses, and outfits! Would they wait a couple of minutes for the photographer to ask them to correct their head rotation a little? Of course, not. Everything happens here and now. This means that TheVito can be in the right place at the right time.

How can such a photographer miss the annual Trinidad Carnival, a yacht celebration or a fun corporate party? It is obvious that girls are his regular models. They are happy to pose for him and play along. I would like to mention TheVito photography and his pictures of people celebrating during the global pandemic, their genuine emotions and piquant moments. Note that in quarantine conditions, not every photographer can withstand such a pace.

Commercial Headshots

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It seems that they celebrate around the clock in Barbados, but we all know that they work as hard as they have fun. Therefore, he suggests updating their headshot. There are limited slots of headshot photography studio offers that usually take 45 minutes of your time. TheVito is often very busy, so he posts these offers in advance with the option of pre-booking.

Although TheVito has chosen his main genres, he is not afraid to experiment. So, during different holiday periods, you can order themed mini-sessions. When I was working on TheVito photography review, there was a limited number of Easter kids mini-sessions available. Here you can periodically order family, Christmas mini-sessions, aerial photography, and printouts. Everything depends on Devito's busy schedule.

TheVito Photography: Social Networks

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Undoubtedly, TheVito home page is a kind of showcase for his studio and activities. But you can find most of the content and suggestions on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. So, subscribe to TheVito on social networks, and you will receive a decent portion of new offers and pictures that have not been published on the website.

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By the way, we've discovered another facet of Devito's talent through social networks. This is skillful photo retouching and even old shots restoration thanks to the courses in basic graphic elements and graphic design software. A calendar for booking mini-sessions or studio shootings is also available in his accounts.

TheVito Photography: Blog

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TheVito’s blog clearly shows that he is a social photographer, who cares about current trends and issues of his country and outside his homeland. Here you won’t see intrusive advertisements, but you will make sure that the topics of mental and physical health during a pandemic and COVID-19 photography are close to him.

He is also interested in the BLM movement and has created an impressively straightforward collection of emblematic black and white images from the Barbados protest against police brutality and system racism. TheVito took part in those events.

Let's get a little nostalgic for the times in 2020 when open-air mass parties were common. After all, at the heart of carnival is the spirit of unity and coming together. Let's wish TheVito inspiration and energy to open the next carnival season.