Matt Blum Photography Review

By Tata Rossi 20 days ago, Photographer

Matt Blum Photography Review

Matt Blum Photography is a project started by Matt Blum, a photographer from Dallas, Texas. He has been working in fashion, glamor, nude, commercial, and editorial photography for 12 years.

He has worked for GQ, Esquire, USA Today, Men's Health, and Playboy. He also worked with such agencies as Ford, Wilhelmina, and NEXT in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. In 2013 Matt Blum was nominated for "Photographer of the Year" by FashionTV.

Matt Blum Photography: Main Genres

matt blum fashion photography

Matt Blum started working as a photographer at the age of 20 after completing an elective at college. He has been doing it for 18 years now, 12 of which professionally, making a living from photography. He started by taking pictures of everything around, but then he developed his own style and took up the genres that he was interested in:

matt blum portrait photography

Later Matt Blum started working more in Editorial Photography and Commercial Photography, skillfully combining them with previous genres. If you look at his works over the past year, you will see that Matt is mostly engaged in Nude and Fashion Photography.

As Matt Blum said in his interview for VoyageDallas, most of all, he likes taking pictures of ordinary people, who are not models or celebrities. He likes it when people realize that they can be beautiful, sexy, or attractive without being a professional model.

Matt Blum Photography: Projects

Like most photographers, Matt, apart from commercial photography, takes part in projects related to a specific topic. At the moment, Matt Blum has created two projects - The Noir Book and HELLNESS AND WEALTH.

The Noir Book

matt blum the noir book

He started Noir Book in 2007 and now it’s a collection of stunning black and white photos, which blur the boundaries between classic beauty and erotic photography.


matt blum photography wellness and health

This is a new project that consists of two parts - WELLNESS AND HEALTH and HELLNESS AND WEALTH. Their idea is that some people have their own "self" and there is another side that their friends see. Some people have an everyday version that people see and an alter ego, which appears when they cease to fetter themselves with prohibitions.

matt blum photography hellness and wealth

WELLNESS AND HEALTH contains images with beautifully lit, classic black and white colors to demonstrate the human body. HELLNESS AND WEALTH includes defiant shots without limits and taboo, most often in the nude or fashion genre.

Matt Blum Photography: Vlog

Until 2018, Matt Blum was a quite active blogger on YouTube. In his videos, he shows how he shoots in the studio, on the streets, and during trips, and shares different thoughts on photography and life. Watching how Matt works and communicates with models, what problems he faces in his work, you can get inspired and add fresh ideas to your works.