Marc Weisberg Photography Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 16 days ago, Photographer

Marc Weisberg Photography Review 2023

Marc Weisberg Photography is directed at the Luxury Property market but the photographer himself also conducts intensive workshops on the subject in Southern California. He has been working behind the camera lens for over two decades now and apart from property, was interested in capturing food and portraits.

In this review, you will learn about the three brands he founded, his hugely popular personal blog providing various photography and business tips, and other interesting aspects of his life.

Marc Weisberg Photography: Main Genres

Marc Weisberg became interested in photography at the age of 13 when his father gave him a 35mm film camera. Marc tried himself in many genres, but over the years you can see how the main genres that interest him have been clearly identified:

marc weisberg photography real estate

Real Estate Photography - Having studied Fine Arts and Art History at the School of Fine Arts, it was only natural that he would combine his photographic abilities with a love for architecture. His Luxury Real Estate Photography include filming for Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, Irvine Company, KIA Motors, CBRE, Lennar Homes, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Eataly-Los Angeles.

marc weisberg photography headshot

Headshot Photography – Marc has taken headshots all over Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego, San Clemente, and on the coast of Newport. He likes taking them both in the studio and outdoors.

marc weisberg food photography

Food Photography “Food & Wine” is a special section of Mark's portfolio. Before becoming a photographer, Mark was a chef in Manhattan restaurants and has repeatedly referred to treating food as a form of art. Following a career as a chef, Weisberg wrote award-winning wine lists recognized by the Wine Spectator.

marc weisberg pet photography

I want to additionally mention Marc’s love for Pet Photography. In his portfolio, you can see dozens of cute portraits of dogs, cats, and even horses. Most often these are individual pictures of animals, but sometimes he captures them with their owners.

Marc Weisberg Photography: Brands

This professional founded three brands that share the main areas of his work. Each brand has its own website and doesn’t overlap with others.

MW Luxe Real Estate is the flagship as the majority of Weisberg's clients are commercial and luxury real estate brokers, multinational firms that own or operate real estate, high-end interior decorators, resort managers, small home building and large construction companies with projects ranging from tens of millions to several hundred milliards dollars.

Tiny Tree Family Photography is a mix of natural light portraits and laid-back outdoor family shots. His kid and family images have entered an odd dozen books by Amherst Media, along with the works of professionals with worldwide fame.

Blue Eyed Dawg is a brand created, probably, for the soul. Mark is very fond of animals, especially dogs. He promises you a great and cheerful photoshoot of your pet if you hire him to take the pictures.

Marc Weisberg Photography: Gear

marc weisberg photography gear

It is great to see photographers, who are happy to share their experiences with others, and Marc Weisberg is one of them. On his website, you can find the most detailed information about all the equipment that he has ever used, with links to purchase it from online stores. Mark talks about cameras and lenses for different budgets and purposes. Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm are the brands he prefers to use for his photography.

The way he gives some of his pictures as examples is quite admirable because he supplies them with information on how they were taken and with what equipment. In addition to advice on choosing a camera and lens, you will find out what Mark uses beyond that: lighting, grips, tripods, computer, cleaning kits, and even photography gear bags.

Marc Weisberg Photography: Blog

marc weisberg photography blog

Mark maintains a very useful blog for those, who want to start or are already practicing real estate photography. Besides describing in detail his technique and the equipment he used, he also gives advice on how to shoot different types of real estate interior or exterior spaces. Offices, Villas, Small Houses, Hotels, etc. - when shooting each of them, you need to adhere to certain rules and avoid making the classic mistakes. Marc concentrates on these mistakes and shows how to choose the right angles, perspectives, and light for shooting.

Mark devotes several articles to headshots and editorial photos in which he shows his images and talks a little about how the shooting went. One of the latest articles on insurance is very useful, where he talks about the mistakes that can be made when applying for insurance and how best to avoid them.