Real Estate Photography Jobs

Real Estate Photography Jobs

Are you a photographer, who have troubles with real estate photography job offers? Finding work online can be a challenge but you can save much time and visit these websites with real estate photography job offers.

Top 7 Websites for Find Freelance Real Estate Photography Jobs

Freelance is becoming popular among photographers. Someone takes extra work to get additional income, someone considers freelancing as a full-time main job.

For a real estate photographer it can be quite difficult to find clients. However, do not be discouraged. I’ve prepared seven websites with the help of which you can speed up the search process for real estate photographer jobs.

1. Glassdoor Real Estate Photographer Jobs

glassdoor real estate photographer jobs

Glassdoor is one of the most popular boards for finding and posting jobs. Many real estate picture takers use this particular website to find orders. It provides a wide range of job offers including both full-time and part-time work.

You can also find offers of one-time collaboration, discover many useful tips and advice regarding job search. These may include real estate photography jobs salary, traditional interview questions, and even feedback from former employees.

TIP: Use job alerts not to miss a cool position. By specifying in the alert settings all the positions and working conditions you are interested in, you will receive daily messages with suitable jobs in your email.


  Company Location Salary
VIEW JOB OFFER “PlanOmatic” all US states $15-$22 per hour
VIEW JOB OFFER “Virtuance” Bronx, NY $9-$18 per hour

2. Indeed Photo Jobs in Real Estate

indeed photo jobs

Indeed can be your real assistant in finding realtor photography jobs. Here you can find many job ads including company information, advertisements in print newspapers and magazines, job ad boards, and links to other online resources that will help you find the desired position.

By uploading your resume to the website you will receive a personal link that you can later send to potential employers. You can also apply for a job, find out the information you need about salaries and companies.

TIP: Benefit from the possibility of using filter search. Personally, I just love the option “with none of these words”. In this way, you can avoid browsing real estate photography jobs that are not suitable for you or those you have already seen many times.


  Company Location Salary
VIEW JOB OFFER “DeVore Design” Kissimmee, FL $50-$100 per hour
VIEW JOB OFFER “VHT Studios” Rosemont, IL $30-$80 per hour

3. The Creative Loft

thecreativeloft real estate photographer jobs

If you are looking for a real estate photography job, you need to go to The Creative Loft board created specifically for photographers. Access to TheCreativeloft costs $12.95 per month. As a rule, about a thousand vacancies are available on the site and new offers appear daily.

There are job advertisements based on freelance cooperation, part-time or full-time work. Create your profile, upload your CV and start your search.

TIP: Remember that you can return the money spent on a subscription if you are dissatisfied with the services provided. Their refund policy is quite flexible and loyal to customers. Your money will be paid within 24 hours.


  Company Location Salary
VIEW JOB OFFER Freelance New Jersey, NJ $10-$20 per hour
VIEW JOB OFFER “ColorProductive” Denver/Boulder, CO $9-$18 per hour

4. Upwork

upwork real estate photographer jobs

Upwork is a popular job search service. More than ten million freelancers and 4 million companies use this web platform to post and search for vacancies. You can find a lot of ads for freelance photography jobs that are divided into several categories for easier searching.

Here are a variety of proposals for working both remotely and locally. You can choose a fixed-pay position or hourly real estate photography salary. The website has many offers for photographers of different levels: from novice specialists to experienced professionals.

Perhaps, someone will consider such a categorization too confusing. However, in general, it helps find what you need more accurately and quickly.

TIP: Take the opportunity to "test" your skills and indicate them in your profile. It will not take you much time and in the future, you may find it rather useful. If you are only taking the first steps in the freelance real estate photography, then I suggest you starting with the Photography Lighting test and the Adobe Photoshop test.


  Company Location Salary
VIEW JOB OFFER “PGL Real Estates Group” all US states $35/hr working 3 hours per day
VIEW JOB OFFER “Austin Real Estate Marketing” Greater Austin, TX, San Marcos, TX, North San Antonio, TX $10-$100 per hour

5. Monster

monster real estate photographer jobs

Monster is an excellent message board for job seekers. It offers many additional applications and other resources to help you in your search for real estate photography jobs. You can use Monster to post your resume, view company information, apply for jobs, read various career tips and more.

TIP: Starting work on any website, learn its map. This will help you navigate more easily and quickly. Monster contains not only the Job section. You can also find many useful things in the Tools and Advice section.


  Company Location Salary
VIEW JOB OFFER “PlanOmatic” Columbia, SC $15-$22 per hour
VIEW JOB OFFER “CoStar Group” Seattle/Puget Sound, WA $100-$150 per hour

6. LinkedIn

linkedin real estate photographer jobs

LinkedIn is very popular platform among photographers. This social network has more than 460 million users and this number is constantly increasing.

All users can create their own profiles. It can be both workers and employers. In addition, they can use LinkedIn as a kind of connecting platform for establishing and developing cooperation. Install the mobile app and be always online.

TIP: Create an interesting and attractive summary. Benefit from the summary section. Indicate your professional goals and achievements as a real estate photographer.


  Company Location Salary
VIEW JOB OFFER “PlanOmatic” Indianapolis, IN $15-$22 per hour

7. Photography Jobs Central

photography jobs central real estate photographer jobs

Creative Jobs Central is one of the leading platforms on the freelance photography market. To get a premium membership, you need to pay. However, it quickly pays off.

A huge number of companies publish their ads every day so it’s easy to find real estate photography jobs in Los Angeles or another region. In addition, amateurs usually do not buy premium membership and it significantly reduces the number of competitors. You can also start with the usual free registration.

TIP: If you do not find real estate photography jobs Atlanta or in another area, let them know. Job Sourcing Department will solve this problem. This company distributes job ads offering positions not only in all states of the United States but also in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.


  Company Location Salary
VIEW JOB OFFER “Realtors Group” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $10-$40 per hour
VIEW JOB OFFER “Real Estate Photography Marketing” Albany, New York $15-$25 per hour

Real Estate Photography Salary

The cost of real estate photography services differs as well as the property’s price does. There are various aspects that influence the real estate photography salary. For example, location, accessibility, type of shooting, preparation work, the required photo quality, and the usage license.

real estate photography salary

The average real estate photographer salary in the USA is about $73,000 per year or about $38,00 per hour. Beginner shooters are likely to start with about $23,000, while professional photographers may annually get even up to $124,000.

Although you should be aware of other photographers’ charges in your location, mind that their pricing policy can’t be used without thorough analysis. Assess your work and determine your own financial targets before creating the price list. Moreover, estimate how much work you can do a day and your picture editing speed.

How to Price Your Services Right?

Look though the following ways of pricing real estate photography jobs as a true professional.

real estate photographer pricing structure

This method is commonly used in the USA since information on home size in square feet is always available and you may easily set a price for this or that shooting:

real estate photographer pricing structure

To my mind, it is a reasonable method. Sometimes, clients want to have many images reflecting each detail of their tiny apartment, while others are satisfied with one overall image of a great mansion. And, in terms of time and effort, it has a great difference for a shooter since he/she has to adjust the camera for each shot and pay attention to each image while retouching.

real estate photographer pricing structure

It is also a good method of pricing since it allows taking an “unlimited” number of images while realtors are used to shooters who set limits in the number of shots (for example, 15 shots). As a result, real estate agents like it because there are no limits.

The number of shoots just depends on how much time we can spend at this real estate object. Moreover, you may be in charge of your time and schedule a timetable for each photo session.

Tips on Finding Real Estate Photography Jobs

If you feel that your creative freedom is somehow limited, become a freelance photographer. Although this career is rather appealing, don’t forget to have a strategy if you want to make your business a profitable one.

1. Collaborate with Companies and Websites that Need Photographers

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with companies you are eager to collaborate with. For instance, contact Airbnb, which may offer you some real estate photography jobs such as taking original pictures of apartments for rent. Or you may take images for virtual real estate tours with Orbeo. You visit homes and get money for it! Ideal job, isn’t it?

Mind that your creative direction and portfolio should comply with the company brand and content. In such a way, the company will immediately notice you.

2. Market Your Business

Don’t forget that freelance real estate photography business, like any other commercial activity, requires marketing. There is no need to hire a professional marketer but, still, you are to monitor advertisements in local newspapers, pay attention to billboards, distribute advertising leaflets and brochures, etc.

Consider the following photography marketing tips and check whether you have all the necessary marketing tools available.

3. Hand out Business Cards

real estate photographer business card Download Business Cards Free

No matter what kind of real estate photographer you are ‒ a freelancer or a shooter working for an agency ‒ you should have an appropriate business card. It is an effective way to advertise your services and find customers.

By giving a card to your client, you create the first impression of your skills. Remember that the colors and typeface on your business card should be catchy enough to attract people and lure them to become your clients in the future.

I recommend cooperating with a real estate agent. For example, you offer a free photo session and they in their turn, will distribute your cards.

4. Create Your Own Photography Website

Nowadays, people search the web if they want to get some services. So, you also cannot go without the Internet if you are looking for freelance real estate photography jobs. I hope these photography websites will motivate you and help design your own site.

Keep in mind that your website should include all the information that may be useful for visitors, such as your location, photo specialization, price policy, contacts, etc. If you want the potential clients to see your portfolio, don’t forget about your site’s local SEO. In such a way, it will be the first on search engines.

5. Take Your Business to Social Media

Today, a qualitative web site is a must-have for each real estate photographer, but it is not enough, actually. You should necessarily have a social media page in order to show the results of your photography activity.

Try to contact people via all possible social channels. Your task is to create a page on every social platform. Upload catchy images and write interesting posts to attract followers. Your content should be inviting and entertaining.

Photo Editing Freebies for Real Estate Photographer

If you dream of real estate photography jobs and want to take really qualitative pictures, real estate photography presets will definitely come in handy.

1. Free Lr Preset "Highlights"

real estate photographer free highlights presetreal estate photographer free highlights preset

It happens, that weather conditions play against you and you fail to take bright real estate images. Don’t get upset. Our presets will save the day.

There are special Lightroom presets that are used to clarify the image taken on a cloudy day and make it brighter.

2. Free Lr Preset "White Balance"

real estate photographer free white balance presetreal estate photographer free white balance preset

Real estate pictures should be taken with correct exposure. This Lightroom real estate preset will add the shade of natural light and correct white balance.

3. Free Lr Preset "Contrast"

real estate photographer free contrast presetreal estate photographer free contrast preset

The “Contrast” preset for real estate will enhance brightness and make the picture lighter.

4. Free Lr Preset "Saturation"

real estate photographer free saturation presetreal estate photographer free saturation preset

You can easily saturate colors with this LR preset. You may remove sharpness effect on the borders. Moreover, it makes the white color clear and adds a cooler shade to the image.

5. Free Lr Preset "Vibrance"

real estate photographer free vibrance presetreal estate photographer free vibrance preset

This Lightroom HDR preset will help correct the defects and add vibrancy, brightness, and saturation. You may download it for free.

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