Joan Cebria Photography Review

By Tata Rossi 9 days ago, Photographer

Joan Cebria is a professional photographer who began his career working with different models such as Vivi Castrillon, Montse Roura, and Valeria Bond. He created his website, which has proven to be very successful, excelling in wedding photography.

This review will interest aspiring portrait and boudoir photographers, who want to improve their photography skills. You can also try different training courses from Joan Cebria to master various editing and touch-up programs.

Joan Cebria Photography: Biography

fashion photo joan cebria

Joan Cebria is a professional boudoir, portrait, and fashion Spanish photographer from Girona. His interest in photography came from her sister. She studied art and showed her brother an analog camera in 1998.

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After that, the aspiring photographer entered the ERAM school and in 2011 began his professional career. Joan Cebria is inspired by the style of other photographers rather than their works. His style resembles that of Frank Dorho and Annie Leibovitz.

Joan Cebria Photography: Main Genres

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The main passion of this artist is portrait photography. When working, he uses generally accepted portrait photography tips. He tries to avoid extremes and approaches positions individually. He experiments with various boudoir photo ideas when shooting, so his works look stylish and have a touch of romanticism.

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Also, he does a great job as a wedding photographer. The peculiarity of wedding photography is that it combines such genres as artistic portrait, reportage, wedding boudoir, product, and interior photography.

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When shooting weddings, Joan Cebria easily works in staged and reportage genres. Also, he takes very romantic black and white wedding pictures. Besides portrait, boudoir, and wedding photos, he photographs products, real estate, and documents events.

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Joan Cebria Photography: Books

In addition to professional photography, Joan tried his hand at doing business. Because of the pandemic, he decided to try writing but didn’t expect success. However, he’s released two very interesting books.

He decided to read the book “The Artist's Way”, which contains several exercises. One of them was to write a sentence every day. Joan Cebria decided to give it a try. On the first day, he wrote only four lines, on the second day - ten, then half a page, and on the fourth day he already developed a taste for writing. This is how he wrote his first book “No tango ideas”.

With his book “No Tango Ideas”, you can learn how to write your first book and find out how Joan did it. It doesn’t offer any particular course, just several guidelines, which will help you discover your talent.

The second book “Process Creative” got this name because the artist follows a particular creative process to take his photos. This book shows you how to find your inner self and is specifically aimed at aspiring photographers. According to it, the most important thing in photography is not the best camera but a person, who will help the photographer to achieve the result.

In this book, the author wants people to identify and connect with their inner selves so that they can escape from everyday life at least for a moment.

Joan Cebria Photography: Courses

Joan Cebria offers many paid training courses and tips for beginning photographers on his official website. He also provides help with Photoshop and shares all his tricks on how to edit images. Also, he teaches how to use Lightroom to edit and organize pictures.

Also, he dwells on his experience of using Capture One Pro. This is the world's best editor for working with RAW files in an efficient way.

All online courses are held via SKYPE. That’s why make sure you set up your WEBCAM and microphone correctly before taking these courses.