Kenneth Lim Photography Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photographer

The Kenneth Lim Photography studio is based in Central, Hong Kong. It has been specializing in corporate headshots since 2008. Kenneth Lim, a founder of the company, was an investment banker in New York, and now he is a successful portrait photographer in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

He owns workshops and teaches courses for small groups in his spare time. Besides, he understands the complexities of life and the intricacies of doing business from the perspective of an ex-pat.

Kenneth Lim Photography: Biography

kenneth lim photography review

Kenneth Lim, a fourth-generation New Yorker, started his five-year career in investment banking after graduating from Brown University with the intention to become a private banker for the Wu-Tang Clan. He did an internship at VIBE magazine and an investment bank, where he later got a full-time job.

Wall Street and love led him to Hong Kong in 2006, where he began his career and got a promotion. This rising through the ranks resulted in longer working hours, and he decided to get out of the game in 2008 and start a journey that changed his attitude towards his life and career.

He bought his first camera, the only companion on the road when he wandered around taking pictures. It helped him to express his creative potential. He became a self-taught photographer who learned from podcasts. In 2008, he opened his first Kenneth Lim Photography studio, married and moved to a new studio in the Central district.

Kenneth decided to quit the financial sphere because his job as a financial analyst was boring. His task was to design, print and send pitch books to clients, give presentations, etc. Kenneth Lim was eager to create something valuable and tangible.

Kenneth Lim Photography: Main Genres

kenneth lim photography headshot

He likes taking portraits and is fond of meeting new people and learning their stories. His dream is to shoot a new person in his studio every day for the rest of his life. It is not surprising that his favorite genre is portrait photography. He can take professional portraits for LinkedIn, company or school, CV, public speaking bio.

Despite the popular belief that a professional should be stern and reserved, in his studio, you will see smiling faces. This is because Kenneth invites his models to his simple open studio decorated with some of his most memorable works and inspires everyone with his fun and relaxed approach. Sometimes, Kenneth makes friends with his clients, who even later invite him to private events as a guest and a holiday photographer.

kenneth lim photography portrait

Kenneth Lim does not lose his natural approach even when shooting in the office or conference rooms of law firms, investment banks, hedge funds, etc. If a company needs portraits of a team, it can opt not only for headshot photography in a studio but also in the office.

Someone may feel in an office like at home, and someone finds it difficult to relax next to the boss. With many years of experience, Kenneth can put people at ease and shoot portraits in a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Many people are surprised by his ability to talk to anyone, to remember the names of the entire team, even if it consists of a dozen people. This proves that Kenneth has great organizational and professional skills.

kenneth lim photography office

Portraits of employees is a great choice if one needs to associate a company with certain people. Professional office photography allows one to learn more about the office culture and team spirit. Such photo sessions can tell the company’s story and show the atmosphere in the office.

Just like real estate photography, this genre is perfect for showing office spaces, recreation areas and meeting rooms. Such shots clearly show interactions within the company: brainstorming sessions, meetings and other moments that demonstrate collaboration within a team.

Such images perfectly reflect both the personalities of people and their working environment. Kenneth Lim photography is known for a reportage style. Subjects appear confident and relaxed, the moments seem real rather than staged, as the employees don’t care about the formalities and don’t bother with the minor things.

Kenneth Lim Photography: Videography

kenneth lim photography videography

Kenneth’s workshops also specialize in professional video production and the creation of corporate video content. Beautiful photo stories can tell you much about a company, but it is better to hear about it from the employees themselves. Professional video content provides a more complete picture of the team, evokes a response and creates a positive image of a company that values the time of its customers and employees.

A company can select the most suitable format of a corporate video, such as an interview, showreel, trainings, BTS, virtual presentations, product launches, etc. The task of Kenneth’s team is to take care of lighting equipment and wireless microphones. They also provide all the necessary components for successful corporate on-location or studio video-shooting.

Kenneth Lim Photography: Blog

kenneth lim photography blog

When compiling this Kenneth Lim photography review, I also checked out a blog of this artist. It is different from blogs of other famous photographers, who publish various articles, ads of the equipment released by well-known brands, etc.

Kenneth’s blog is rather a collection of illustrated mini-stories about the creative experiments and events that impressed the author and allowed him to achieve success in his professional life. You can also find some pieces of advice there.

Kenneth is very happy to conduct photography lessons in small groups so that those who have picked up a camera for the first time can get acquainted with their new SLR and digital cameras without learning complicated professional terms. He wants people to enjoy the process of capturing beautiful moments as much as he does.

Being a husband and father himself, Kenneth often works with young parents who want to learn how to take beautiful photos of their babies at home. He also offers private lessons for more enthusiastic photographers, so contact him if you want to change your life, leave a stuffy office and start a journey to the world of photography.