Photographer Soren Mccarty

Photographer Soren Mccarty

photographer soren mccarty

Photographer Soren McCarty is a renowned photographer from Colorado fond of taking nature photos and concerts. His works can be found in many well-respected publications, and the shots feature world-class rock stars. Also, Soren successfully writes several columns on the net, where he publishes concerts’ reviews and covers his favorite hobby – mountain sports.

Photographer Soren McCarty: BIO

photographer soren mccarty

Before becoming a professional at music festival photography, Soren McCarty used to work as a staff photographer at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater. In addition, he is the main photographer for Marquee Magazine and the House photographer for the Fox Theatre in Boulder.

Soren’s shots can be found in numerous magazines known worldwide, for instance, Time, Elle, Rolling Stone, New York Times, Billboard, Playboy and others. He studied Photographic and Film/Video Technology at Fort Lewis College.

It is worth noting that Soren McCarty isn’t an ordinary amateur but a real pro and a fan of his profession. A large number of people interested in Soren’s creative work always visit his photo exhibitions.

In 2010, he held an exhibition called “Ten Years of Red Rocks Music” at the Denver Photo Art Gallery. There Soren displayed a selection of his favorite shots from Red Rocks, a place where he has been shooting various music events since the beginning of the 2000s.

Soren managed to combine his passion for nature photography and music and collected the unforgettable moments from the most prominent concerts. His world-known shots taken at Red Rocks feature such bands and individual artists as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, the Beastie Boys, Kings of Leon and others.

It is funny how his career began. Soren attended his first concert in the 6th grade. It was Mötley Crüe opening for Ozzy Osbourne in 1984. At that time, many people believed that heavy metal was Satan’s creation and through this kind of music, he was sending secret messages that could be heard if you had played the record backwards.

photographer soren mccarty

That’s why Soren’s teacher told him that the concert would be full of scary elements. In fact, it wasn’t true and was disappointing for young Soren. Osbourne turned out to be just a tattooed fat singer.

Today, aside from concert shoots, Soren McCarty is also involved in fashion photography. He pays special attention to the shows of sportswear for an active lifestyle.

Also, Soren can often be seen at Aspen Fashion Week, which is known for demonstrating the latest trends in outerwear from such brands as Columbia, Obermeyer and on the open-air Apres Ski Stage at the base of Aspen Mountain.

Soren tends to use Canon cameras for shooting and also enjoys mobile photography while traveling. In addition, Soren McCarty is an active user of social networks like Instagram where you can not only get acquainted with his works but also keep track of his creative endeavors.

Soren McCarty’s Gallery

photo by photographer soren mccarty Henry Rollins Taken by Soren McCarty photographer soren mccarty Furthur Taken by Soren McCarty concert by photographer soren mccarty Eric B. & Rakim Taken by Soren McCarty photographer soren mccarty concert photo Snoop Dog Taken by Soren McCarty photographer soren mccarty Taken by Soren McCarty photographer soren mccarty Taken by Soren McCarty photographer soren mccarty concert Taken by Soren McCarty photographer soren mccarty Taken by Soren McCarty photographer soren mccarty Taken by Soren McCarty

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