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Photographer Kariuki

photographer kariuki

Isaac Kariuki is a modern photographer who promotes unusual types of photography. He also actively participates in various exhibitions and projects, takes lifestyle photos and loves photojournalism. Though Isaac Kariuki is very young, he is in great demand. He writes works on the history of photography and devotes a lot of time to researching patterns and trends in photography.

Isaac Kariuki: Bio

photographer kariuki

A writer and photographer Kariuki lives and works in two cities: London and Nairobi. The main goal of his work is Internet culture and surveillance that are connected to the global south. He got a Master's degree in digital art.

Isaac Kariuki has two higher educations. In 2015, he graduated from the University of Kent, BA Digital Arts, and in 2017, he got his MA from Central Saint Martins when he used Photoshop student discounts to improve his photo editing skills. Having received an excellent education in his specialty, Isaac is actively developing his own style, participating in various competitions and exhibitions.

His works have been exhibited in many world-famous galleries including Kadist (Paris), the Tate Modern, and the Kampala Art Biennale. Besides, Isaac gave several lectures at the Chelsea College of Arts and Tate Britain. Kariuki is an active participant in various thematic exhibitions in Europe (Germany, Britain, France) and America. It helped him to make his photography business name very demanding.

IN Magazine, Dazed Magazine, New York Magazine, and other publications feature his photos. Isaac Kariuki founded a biannual publication called Diaspora Drama. It contains articles about real estate photography business, creative people as well as covers global topics of technology and the Internet.

photographer kariuki photo

Typically, Isaac uses Canon 5D MK III in combination with Leica for shooting. Perhaps he uses his 5D MK III for an unusually long time, but in the future, he is going to switch to Sony with its latest A9 II camera. An important part of his photographer kit is Canon 35mm f/2. This 35mm lens is considered to be one of the most popular among photojournalists. However, Kariuki also uses the 28mm Leica Q’s fixed lens.

His arsenal also includes a black Lumia 1020. Isaac takes a lot of photos on his phone camera, so he used many models. However, he has found nothing better than Lumia. This camera is impressive with its capabilities. It allows you to take raw DNG photos, take pictures in low light and use long exposure with stunning results.

Photographer Kariuki has an active website where he talks about his current projects. Besides, he constantly develops his Instagram.

Isaac Kariuki‘s Gallery

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