Photographer Pauls Ben

Photographer Pauls Ben

photographer pauls ben

A talented German shooter, Pauls Ben, never stops surprising viewers with his photos. Although Pauls is rather young, his portraits fascinate people with their emotionality and originality again and again.

Pauls Ben: BIO

photographer pauls ben

Ben is a shy guy who managed to achieve success thanks to his talent and hard work. Today, he takes part in various photography contests especially in Germany. Ben claims that it wasn’t his ambition to become a famous portrait photographer; he just did what he loved and wanted to make people happy.

It is impossible to describe his potential in words because his portrait photography speak for themselves. It is clearly seen that Pauls Ben has greatly improved his skills and grew as a shooter. However, none of this matters in comparison with his ability to show “soul” in his photos.

Pauls took up photography and bought his first portrait camera in 2014. Form the very beginning, he wanted to be a portrait shooter but it was impossible because Ben was very shy. However, he managed to change his nature and break the barriers.

pauls ben portrait

Pauls spent more and more time with people communicating with them. In such a way, this guy got over himself and understood that people were cool to photograph. He learned to notice the tiniest features of a human body and depict real feelings in his photographs.

Pauls Ben understands that in order to get desired photos he should make contact with a model and create the relaxed atmosphere.

Benjamin uses Canon 6D and Canon EF 50mm lens for his portrait shots. Ben agrees that it is quite challenging to take pics in poorly lit places so he uses extra equipment to get better results.

He uses a reflector or Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT flash. As a result, there may be noise or graininess in the picture but Ben doesn’t think it’s a drawback. The shooter claims that in such a way the photograph looks like a painting and there is a full interaction between the model and the background. Benjamin's Instagram contains many B&W photos because it’s his favorite style. He believes that such photographs are the most genuine and sincere.

Ben considers crying to be the most powerful expression of person’s feelings and wants to take a portrait depicting a crying model. This talented guy has plenty of extraordinary portrait photography ideas in his mind and wants to put them into practice creating fine arts pics.

Pauls Ben’s Gallery

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