Ray Lee Photographer

Ray Lee Photographer

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Photographer Ray Lee leaves in London. Many people praise his works for careful attention to details. If you like sincere and dramatic photos, read more about Ray Lee below.

Ray Lee Photographer: BIO

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Photographer Ray Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1992. Ray took an interest in photography when he was in high school. After participating in the 4th Daum Junior Photographer Festival, he decided to expand his photography knowledge.

To follow the career path of a professional photographer, he moved to New Zealand and then to the United Kingdom.

Ray Lee studied Fashion Photography at Arts University Bournemouth. He combines his studies with the work of an international shooter. Ray likes experimenting. In his arsenal, there are more than five different cameras for fashion photography.

As of now, Ray Lee lives in London, photographing for London Fashion Weeks and personal clients across the world.

Despite the fact that Ray primarily considers himself as a fashion photographer, he also tries his hand at other styles. Ray photography includes the shots in reportage, documentary and street styles. He likes realizingи night photography ideas photographing strangers and neon lights. Each of his photographs has its own special history as well as deep meaning.

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Photographer Ray Lee is also known for his participation in social projects. For him, the problem of relations between the inhabitants of North and South Korea is very important. Ray published a book, with a documentary series of his photographs, dedicated to the problem of uniting all Koreans. The title of the book is “We are Korean”.

Through this series of photos, Ray Lee decided to show the world the history of meetings of both South Koreans and North Koreans in the UK. He wanted to convey the message that these people, despite the territorial division, have one language and consider themselves a single nation.

Ray Lee also gives master classes in photography. There he explains how to take portraits and travel photos, which are of the most interest to the public, how to take lifestyle pictures, how to edit photos with the help of free photo editing apps and Photoshop.

Ray Lee’s Gallery

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