11 Best Cinemagraph Software

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11 Best Cinemagraph Software in 2024

A cinemagraph is also called a “living photo”, but this is actually a video clip with most of the frame being stilled. The slight motion and the still picture are merged seamlessly, which makes such clips ideal for web sharing.

Cinemagraphs are widely used in a marketing campaign and social media. If you want to try your hand at creating cinemagraphs, you probably need a good cinemagraph maker with all the must-have tools.

11 Best Сinemagraph Software

  1. ClipGraph - Unlimited cinemagraphs
  2. Ashampoo Cinemagraph - Extensive toolset
  3. Flixel - Fully customizable
  4. Graphitii - Lifetime access
  5. Gifzign - All-in-one animated GIF software
  6. Cinemask Pro - Best value for money
  7. Plotogrpaph Pro - Multiple layer controls
  8. PhotoMirage - Create cinemagraphs from an image
  9. Photoshop - Advanced tools
  10. StoryZ - High definition output
  11. Cinemagraph Pro - Best cinemagraph app for IOS

You can use cinemagraphs for marketing purposes. If you are interested in creating attention-grabbing cinemagraphs, here is the overview of the best cinemagraph software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

cinemagraph sample

1. ClipGraph – Our Choice

Unlimited cinemagraphs
  • Well-designed workspace
  • Unlimited personal use
  • Horizontal and vertical export
  • Amazing toolset
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Verdict: ClipGraph is aimed at Windows and Mac users, who are looking for cinemagraphs software that doesn’t require prior experience of creating such clips. The entire process boils down to 3 intuitive steps while the result meets the high standards of the genre.

This program provides complete freedom when it comes to the number of cinemagraphs you can create and unlimited personal use ensures you can always access the updated software without any additional fees.

ClipGraph allows change the cinemagraph duration, switch between repeat and bounce loop styles, alter the looping part rate, etc. Since the program isn’t integrated with cloud services, you can work on your projects even when the Internet connection is absent.

Once you have finished, you can export the results picking either vertical or horizontal orientation.

  • clipgraph cinemagraph software interface

    2. Ashampoo Cinemagraph

    Extensive toolset
    • Intuitive operation
    • 23 effects and 6 transitions
    • Footage stabilization feature
    • Adjustable playback speeds for slow-motion footage and time-lapse effects
    • Win-compatibility only

    Verdict: This is the best cinemagraph software if you want to adjust the basic settings of your footage in no time. Here you can play with color and exposure, fine-tune saturation and shadows, improve lighting and even give your clips a recognizable look with the help of numerous effects and text overlays.

    Ashampoo Cinemagraph contains an impressive collection of titles and transitions effect, meaning you can highlight certain elements of the video and set an entirely new mood.

    It is also possible to rotate videos, crop them, use time-lapse and slow-mo effects to change the playback speed with a single button click. You can fully rely on this program without the need to look for third-party free timelapse software. The most striking feature of this cinemagraph software for PC is the innovative video stabilization feature.

    You can export the finished clips as an animated GIF or in a number of other formats.

    • ashampoo cinemagraph software interface

      3. Flixel

      Many customization options
      • Mobile version
      • Advanced features
      • Intuitive to use
      • Integrated presets
      • Color settings
      • Monthly fees

      Verdict: Fixel deserves to be among the top-rated cinemagraph software since this is the first industry program created for this particular task. It is very simple-to-use allowing you to cope with cinemagraph creation in several minutes.

      Just import your video, indicate the default frame and define the place where the picture should move.

      Fixel stands out from the rest of the programs on this list thanks to the quality of the output projects and the number of customization options.

      Without going in the depth of tabs, you can find all the necessary settings on the main screen – saturation, exposure, brightness, aspect ratio, crop, and more. There is a separate collection of built-in presets designed to spruce up your cinemagraphs in a unique manner.

      flixel cinemagraph software interface

      4. Graphitii

      Lifetime access
      • Multi-platform
      • User-friendly
      • One-time payment
      • Integrates with social networ
      • Limited customization

      Verdict: This is the cinemagraph software, which is closely integrated with cloud services. This means you can start creating your video on one device, e.g. your laptop, and then keep working on a tablet.

      Just mind that you are dependent on the Internet connection. The program is user-friendly with all the tools being nicely laid out on the main screen. Beginners will definitely like Graphitti, since it enables them to create attention-grabbing cinemagraphs in 4 quick steps.

      The text overlay feature will be of special interest to users engaged in developing commercial videos and social media campaigns. When the video editing process is finished, you can share the results directly from Graphitti.

      If you are looking for something with unlimited, lifetime access, this program is an ideal option.

      • graphitii cinemagraph software interface

        5. Gifzign

        All-in-one animated GIF software
        • Lifetime access
        • Straightforward UI
        • Negative effects and color filters
        • Regular updates
        • Quality degradation during export

        Verdict: Gifzing cinemagraph software is distributed as a component of the Youzign package of graphic tools and is a full-featured program that can completely satisfy those specialists, who need the standard instruments for GIF creation gathered in one place.

        Thanks to the well-designed interface, the program doesn’t pose any difficulties even for beginners, allowing them to create a cinemagraph in a matter of minutes. You need to upload a video, select the frame that should be kept still and unfreeze the rest of the image. That’s it.

        There is a whole range of text overlays and filters, which you can apply to embellish your videos. Thanks to the integration with Youzign, it is possible to import graphic overlays to make your clips even more memorable.

        Besides, Gifzing supports the screen recording function, which reveals its full potential when you need to make demos for how-to videos. The only minus of this software is that the quality of the clip gets worse while exporting.

        • gifzign cinemagraph software interface

          6. Cinemask Pro

          Best value for money
          • Supports 4K and high-frame rate footage
          • Live preview
          • Cinemagraph app
          • 50x zoom to see tiny details
          • For Mac devices only
          • Lacks filters

          Verdict: Cinemask Pro is a go-to cinemagraph maker among Mac and iOS owners. The program ensures you can control every stage of cinemagraph creation, change the duration of the video, set the freeze frame, and take advantage of brushes to draw in the animated area.

          The mobile version isn’t inferior to the desktop program, offering the same features – smooth loop creation, ping-pong bouncing loops and cross-faded transitions.

          You can also alter the opacity and blending modes. The finished clip can be exported in regular video formats or as a GIF. The output quality is adjustable.

          cinemask pro cinemagraph software interface

          7. Plotagraph Pro

          Multiple layer controls
          • Rendered videos are stored online
          • User-oriented
          • Live track preview
          • Auto masking
          • Considerable price tag

          Verdict: Many users choose Photograph Pro for their works because of the extensive set of tools it offers. You can use the auto mask feature, brushes, contrast and brightness settings, crop tool, and more.

          The interface is designed in a neat way allowing you to easily find the necessary tool. You can resort to Photograph Pro when you need to create a catchy cinemagraph without going the extra mile.

          This is an ideal cinemagraph maker for rookie graphic designers, who can cope with the task simply uploading a video, selecting proper settings and saving the outcome. Simple like that!

          The rendered videos are stored online, so your efforts won’t go in vain in case something happens to your computer or if the internal storage is full.

          However, not everyone can afford to pay $300, which is the only reason why some people opt for more budget-friendly options.

          • plotagraph pro cinemagraph software interface

            8. PhotoMirage

            Create cinemagraphs from an image
            • Quick exporting
            • Drag-and-drop technique
            • Tools for basic and more elaborate tasks
            • User-friendly
            • Runs on Win only

            Verdict:If you are curious about how to make cinemagraphs from photos instead of videos, then you should give PhotoMirage a closer examination. This program operates exactly on this principle requiring a single image as a base for future cinemagraphs unlike all other programs in this article, which uses footage.

            Applying faux motion to an image in PhotoMirage takes a couple of minutes. Just add the Motion Arrows to the parts that should look dynamic and mark the areas that are intended to “stay still” with Anchor Points. Click “preview” to see how the cinemagraph will look like.

            In addition to the basic instruments, there are some like Smart Photo Fix and Visibility Layers for profound manipulations.

            The resulting projects can be imported in MP4, WMV and as GIFs. If you want, you can immediately output them on Instagram.

            • photomirage cinemagraph software interface

              9. Photoshop

              Advanced tools
              • Professional tools
              • Many handy features
              • Supports many formats
              • HD export quality
              • UI requires some time to get used to

              Verdict: You can use Cinemagraph Photoshop software to create engaging clips and put your products on the map, but get ready to devote more time to the process since it isn’t as comprehensible as in other programs.

              The UI contains lots of tabs and pro-level tools, which are powerful enough to deal with most of the tasks you throw at it.

              However, if you barely understand how to use these instruments, they may become completely useless. That’s why, I recommend using Adobe Photoshop only if you are familiar with it.

              • photoshop cinemagraph software interface

                10. StoryZ

                High definition output
                • Video overlay effects
                • Save multiple drafts
                • Add audio
                • Beginner-friendly
                • Limitations even in the premium version

                Verdict: Offering a long list of tools, StoryZ can satisfy beginners and professionals alike. You can create, save and share cinemagraphs in an instant. A user-friendly interface and simple tools help deal with the task with ease.

                You can choose between 2 modes – ripple and motion. The former mimics the still photos in order to produce cinemagraphs or digital arts. The Motion option creates a cinemagraphs out of photos and videos. If needed, you can complement the video with a soundtrack.

                • storyz cinemagraph software interface

                  11. Cinemagraph Pro

                  Best cinemagraph app for IOS
                  • Take control with Apple watch
                  • Easy sharing
                  • Shoot, edit and share in 4K
                  • Pro-level tools
                  • Expensive in-app purchases

                  Verdict: Cinemagraph Pro is a feature-rich program, which allows recording, editing and sharing 4K cinemagraphs in order to present your ideas in an intriguing manner. The Apple Watch can function as a remote control and if you set the countdown time, you can even snap cinemagraph selfies.

                  The program supports direct export to social media sites if you want your followers to see the results of your work. Besides, you can use the finished clip as a Facebook Profile video or Apple Live Photo.

                  • cinemagraph pro cinemagraph software interface
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