Nino Batista Photography Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Photographer

Nino Batista is a glamour photographer who used to work primarily with female models. He usually takes photos for men's lifestyle magazines, including Playboy and FHM.

Being a photo educator, Batista also inspires other photographers. He teaches innovative techniques and modern tools both in-person or at web-based classes. As a co-founder of NBP Pro EDU Retouch tools, Nino is one of the developers of Photoshop actions for beginners. Read on to learn more about the artistic vision and works of the master in this Nino Batista photography review.

Nino Batista: Biography

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Nino Batista’s works were featured in numerous magazines worldwide. Aside from being an instructor on the platforms like CreativeLive, he participated at major photography conferences as a speaker and shared his ideas for the most outstanding photography outlets.

Nino Batista photography demonstrates female beauty in its full glory. He is also engaged in makeup photography and is known for uncovering artistic sensuality and romanticism in his images. This makes Batista an outstanding boudoir photographer and retouching guru in his niche.

If you just look through Nino Batista’s bio, you may think that he easily achieved his life goals and lives a happy life. However, he pursued a career in photography during the financial crisis in 2008. After years of challenges, he can enjoy the freedom of traveling around the globe and taking pictures using his creative photography ideas.

Batista was a graphic designer, and then he decided to become a photographer during the economic downturn.

Kenneth Lim Photography: Main Genres

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Since his father was a photographer, it was obvious he had followed in his footsteps. Batista had to take care of his family. The first model Nino worked with was his wife. They created an excellent home photography studio, but it took a couple of years before it became successful.

By 2012, he becomes a full-time photographer and organizes his own workshops to teach beginners. His efforts haven’t been in vain since nowadays he photographs well-known models worldwide, runs workshops, creates Lightroom presets, and mentors numerous colleagues.

Nino Batista Photography: Style

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The distinctive feature of Nino Batista photography is perfect light setups and professional skin retouching. Regardless of whether he uses hard or soft light, he produces a flattering image without exposing the subject’s flaws. He often sets soft light to emphasize the beauty of a model.

Many portrait photographers shy away from direct sunlight since it tends to accentuate skin imperfections. Nevertheless, Nino Batista takes full advantage of hard light and creates spectacular works.

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Batista emphasizes the best features of the models and makes them look flawless in his pictures. How to achieve such awesome results without spending hours on retouching? As a businessman, Nino knows the price of time. If you don’t want to spend all your time in front of a computer, opt for headshot retouching services to facilitate your workflow.

Nino Batista: Editing

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Nino Batista photography offers more post-production options than a regular portrait. The models depicted in his images wear little clothing or appear without clothing at all. To make your pictures look professional, you can contact high end retouching services.

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Batista organized his workflow so that he can smooth skin tones and transitions quickly and efficiently. He designed the collection of Photoshop plug-ins to natural-looking skin tones. These plug-ins are available to the public, so you can make the best use of them as well.

Batista understands that smart diversification almost always pays off. Being a hard-working and skillful photographer, Nino Batista helps others to accomplish their creative goals. It allowed him to achieve success in the industry.

Nino Batista: Tutorials

Nino Batista is one of the most popular beginner courses and tutorials for photographers. The tutorial comprises 825 minutes of educational material. You can watch 30 different videos. There are short tutorials devoted to a particular technique or learn how to edit a photo from start to finish. Batista uses both Capture One and Photoshop.

With these video tutorials, you can learn different techniques and tools to edit images for both beginners and experienced photographers. Batista describes how to change hair color in Photoshop and customize your Photoshop workflow. If you want to learn advanced techniques, you can find out how to create an ideal skin tone or use frequency separation.

The PhotoWhoa series appeared after YouTube discontinued its paid membership. There are 30 videos in the series. Nino Batista also offers a tutorial on free Photoshop brushes in one video that isn’t included in the class.

Batista believes that every master edits pictures in his own way. He teaches the other photographers how to organize their workflow in the most effective way. He talks about tools and how to properly use them. Although Batista shares his experience, he doesn’t teach the “right” and “single” way to edit photos. He thinks that every photo is unique and every master can experiment with styles and tools.