9 Steps to Add Shake Effect in Premiere Pro

A camera shake effect in Premiere Pro is applied where there is a risk of camera shaking while shooting. It may be a result of hitting, collision, falling, etc. Moreover, it is additionally employed when adding transition.

If you are a beginner in Premiere Pro, you are able to use a 7-day trial version, but in case you are already the program user, I advise to update it to get access to all the necessary instruments.

Step 1. Make a Video Copy

shake effect premiere pro video copy

Firstly, you have to make a copy of the clip for shake effect application. Hold down the Alt key and move the clip into a new layer.

Furthermore, you may utilize the Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts to make it faster. Use Ctrl + C (Windows) or Cmd + C (Mac) for copy and Ctrl + V or Cmd + V for paste.

Step 2. Detect the Point for Adding Shaking Effect

shake effect premiere pro razor tool

At this stage you have to find a point at where you want to apply shaking effect. Utilize Razor Tool (C), to resize video in Adobe Premiere Pro only for this clip.

Step 3. Go to the Effects

shake effect premiere pro effects

Go to Effects > Distort > Transform and use the effect for the cropped clip on the top layer.

Step 4. Use the Transform Effect

shake effect premiere pro transform effect

In the Effects Controls board, search for the Transform effect.

Step 5. Start the Animation

shake effect premiere pro animation

Produce a keyframe applying the Position board instantly before and after the points where you are willing to include the shake effect with this video editing software. Press the stopwatch and start the animation.

Step 6. Set the Shake Effect

shake effect premiere pro settings

Drag the scene position a little bit between the key images. The more you drag, the stronger the shake effect will be. Furthermore, you can zoom in a little bit, in place of moving the keyframe’s position side to side or up and down.

Step 7. Reset the Parameters to Initial Values

shake effect premiere pro original parameters

Your further action in this Premiere Pro CC tutorial will be moving several keyframes ahead and resetting the parameters in order to return the shoots to the initial value.

Step 8. Apply Motion Blur

shake effect premiere pro motion blur

In order to add blur in motion, remove the flag Use Composition’s Shutter Angle option, and drag the shutter corner up.

Step 9. Export a Created Video

shake effect premiere pro export

After that, you are able to export Premiere Pro video to MP4 or any other appropriate format. For this you have to tap on the Export option.

Bonus Tools

premiere pro luts collection

If you are willing to amend your video promptly, you may install LUTs for Premiere Pro. They can correct the shaking effect with their help, having it done more smooth or sharp, and also add other immersive effects which will diversify your clips.