Vidico Company Review 2024: History & Services

Vidico is a high-profile videography company that stands out with a creative approach to customary tasks and special attention to each and every client. The team works with international corporations and individual clients, including photographers and graphic designers, assisting them with the development of marketing strategies and similar tasks.

If you want to make your brand recognizable, you need to present it in an offbeat way. Vidico experts will help you achieve such a goal by creating attention-grabbing videos. These can be product videos, TV commercials, as well as how-to video guides.


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Vidico was founded by Michael and Evan Pirone, 2 brothers, who wanted to present intricate ideas and concepts in a straightforward manner through video materials. They started to look for like-minded and motivated writers, producers, directors, designers, and editors, who would look in one direction and record videos that would strike a chord in large audiences.

Their group consists of talented experts, who took part in the creation of popular YouTube commercials (The Oodie, Koala), and national TV campaigns (Square, Temple & Webster).

I noticed that the Vidico team adheres to an end-to-end approach when making content. They rely on proven storytelling models while still being open to the boldest YouTube video ideas if those reflect the essence of a brand.

Stick to Understandable Working Process

Whether they are creating animations or live-action videos, they always prefer the end-to-end level of involvement. To can understand this principle better by flicking through their portfolio, which abounds with fantastic samples. In addition to product and explanatory videos, you will see high-quality TV commercials there as well.

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If you don’t have a brief, they’ll send you an outline to compile one. If you are doubtful of what will fit your brand best of all, these guys can suggest some ideas by studying your business and target audience. Get ready to answer their questions to ensure you are on the same page concerning a project.

They need from 6 to 8 weeks to prepare in-depth drafts of your video content no matter whether you order animation and live-action video projects. This period also includes feedback loops. The pre-production stage takes up to 4 additional weeks. As you can see, Vidico is an advertising agency that treats planning very seriously.

Make Videos for Different Purposes

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According to many Vidico reviews, it is one of the best explainer video production companies because these guys know how to present confusing concepts in an understandable way and turn complex ideas into eye-pleasing and tacit images.

If you are a photographer planning to make a video course covering different photography notions, you should definitely reach out to this team for expert help.

The list of their services is very long. For instance, you can also order app videos, walkthrough videos, and animated clips. The best thing is that you can calculate the cost of your order right on the site by indicating the type of video, its duration, the availability of the script, and other details.

Produce Videos that Spike Interest in the Audience

Today, brand development is hardly possible without branding videos. They serve for interesting potential clients, establishing relationships with them, and evoking an emotional response for long-lasting connection. Though such videos aren’t particularly aimed at boosting sales, such a result is also possible if you use this content properly.

Keep in mind that it isn’t obligatory to circle the entire story in a video around your brand. In fact, such clips look staged and irritating. It is better to come up with a plot and naturally tack on the mention of your brand or its logo in the last part of a clip.

For example, if you offer photography services and want to advertise them unobtrusively, the Vidico team can create a clip demonstrating your working process and resulting images. In the last piece of the video, they will show your contacts. If are a realtor striving to improve real estate video marketing, you can also address these experts.

Cooperate with Reputable Businesses

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Collecting info for this Vidico review, I studied the list of brands this digital marketing agency cooperates with. There are over 720 famous names in the register, including Amazon, Square, Samsung, Spotify, Vimeo, Koala, Airwallex, Temple & Webster, Uber, and Digital Ocean.

The overall number of video views exceeds 1.4 billion, so if you live in the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia, you have probably seen their works.

Being in the market for over 6 years, they never squandered a chance to satisfy their clients. That’s why their rating is so high. If you order videos from this company, you will definitely like the result.

Run a Useful Blog

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They have a blog section on their website, where they share helpful tips concerning video recording, editing, and more.

For example, you can find relevant articles about the best video editing software, watch the most popular startup videos, make use of video guides, and more.