Top Videography Companies in 2024

You can create a great video by yourself, but if you don’t want it to be lost in the news feed, we recommend you hire one of the top videography companies that will create a captivating ad or stunning short film. These businesses take over the entire production process, so you can just tell them your aims and preferences, and the rest will be done by the professionals.

In today’s business world, video is one of the most effective methods for advertising your brand and making it stand out. Such content attracts more views and reviews on social media networks.

Video marketing is the most productive way of promoting any kind of digital content. In this review, we will tell you about video production companies that create stunning clips and help you develop your business.

Top 11 Videography Companies

  1. Lemonlight - The best company if you don’t know where to start
  2. Demo Duck - For explainer videos
  3. Ydraw - The best combination of animation and live-action
  4. Casual Films - For corporate needs
  5. Vidico - More than 1200 video clips in the portfolio
  6. Remedy - For commercial or social network videos
  7. The DVI Group - For conquering the telecommunication space
  8. LocalEyes Video Production - For storytelling and promotion
  9. Great Things Studios - Optimal solution for voice-overs and music videos
  10. Sparkhouse - Trust them with a product or service description
  11. SociallyIn - Social network video specialists

Although video marketing is quite trendy nowadays, lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules mean you need to work with US-based creative teams. By hiring a video creation company, you can concentrate on the development of your brand instead of learning how to use video editing software and sound engineering.

Video production companies can help you plan, shoot and edit video content for any purpose providing you with professional assistance and high-quality equipment. Video services can include everything, from concept development and storyboarding to post-production and distribution. Many businesses offer additional creative and digital marketing services.

1. Lemonlight – Our Choice

Creates different types of videos
  • Affordable pricing policy
  • Creates a video in a day
  • Over 10,000 videos
  • Flexible packages
  • Based in the USA
  • Persistent sales team

Verdict: Lemonlight is one of the top videography companies that create videos on demand. Besides, it specializes in content marketing, video broadcasting, and the promotion of creative products for brands all around the world. Established in 2010 with the headquarters in Los Angeles, Lemonlight now has offices in New York, Chicago, Miami, etc.

The company also analyzes video marketing trends by studying the current state of affairs in the market. Lemonlight adapts production and distribution strategies to the unique goals of each customer and uses the newest video production techniques. The company generates affordable, high-quality video content for enhancing existing customer marketing strategies.

2. Demo Duck

Videos for any business purpose
  • Highly creative content
  • Animation and live-action
  • Video production studio
  • Video explainers
  • Based in the USA
  • Prices per request

Verdict: Considered as one of the top video companies, Demo Duck is a Chicago-based studio that creates animated and explanatory videos for promoting products and services. The company was established in 2011, and its team consists of 16 professionals who offer video production services to customers from the advertising, educational, and media industries.

Being one of the best explainer video production companies, Demo Duck is a partner of several commercial and public organizations.

Stakeholders constantly speak positively about Demo Duck videos. The company delivers high-quality solutions and believes that just like any marketing method, a video is a successful tool for promoting your brand, training customers, etc.

3. Ydraw

One of 500 fastest-growing private companies in the USA
  • They have cooperated with more than 3450 brands
  • Animation and live video
  • Have a price list
  • Solutions for all budgets
  • Based in the USA
  • The prices are provided only for an explainer video

Verdict: Ydraw was founded in 2011. They have more than twenty years of experience in the video production field. Their team consists of 26 professionals. Ydraw works with big and small businesses that specialize in advertising, business services, and consumer goods. Besides, the company provides distribution and marketing services.

Ydraw creates explainer videos, including linear, two-dimensional, storytelling, whiteboard animations, and more. The company generates engaging, creative, and interactive footage that can be used by brands for narrating their stories in an engaging way.

4. Casual Films

A unique approach to creating content on a large scale
  • A team of more than 1,500 global filmmakers
  • More than 10,000 inspiring briefs
  • Works with Fortune 500 / FTSE 100 companies
  • Generous referral program
  • Additional offices in the USA
  • The main office is in London

Verdict: Casual Films is one of the top videography companies that was founded in 2006. It has offices in three major cities in the USA. Their team of 50 people specializes in video production. They create films and other content for global companies and offer social media marketing services. They mainly work with corporate clients.

Their team includes consultants and experienced cinematographers. Besides, they often hire talented freelancers. This company has completed thousands of projects. They make creative, effective, and exciting videos, even if you limit the duration to 60 seconds. Besides, the company is a partner of the Trillion Trees project, meaning that they plant a tree after each order they get.

5. Vidico

More than 1200 video clips in the portfolio
  • Video improving, producing, planning, and shooting
  • Specialized team
  • Always in touch with the team
  • Collaborations with brands like Spotify and Airtable
  • Project delays are not always announced
  • Animation style may differ from the client’s wishes

Verdict: Vidico is a video development and production company with hundreds of successful projects under its belt, in collaboration with well-known brands and large companies. The types of video content that they are ready to offer you are simply amazing – from explanatory to product, from applications to ads, and many other animation and live-action video clips.

By delegating your video tasks to Vidico, you can be sure of the high quality in all stages of development, from project idea, script writing, storyboard shooting, talent and location search, to production, post-production, and motion graphics creation. Their customer-centric approach delivers breathtaking results that have generated over 1.3 billion views across all cases.

6. Remedy

Studio rental
  • Video production and photography
  • A multi-use studio
  • More than 2,000 videos
  • Free educative materials
  • US-based with offices worldwide
  • Your budget should be at least $ 10,000
remedy logo

Verdict: Remedy Films is a video creation company that has earned many awards. It has been creating commercial, brand, and social content for companies for more than 13 years providing video production, photography, brand development, and web design services. The client-oriented approach makes them stand out among studios that do not engage customers in the production of content.

Remedy cooperates with you and your team. They create a plan that is guaranteed to deliver results for your business. This company is a reliable marketing partner that protects your brand. They believe that even during the lockdown, you can create relevant content.

7. The DVI Group

A full set of video solutions
  • Rare types of video content
  • Cooperates with famous brands
  • Multiple industry awards
  • Drone shooting and photography
  • Based in the USA
  • Prices are provided per inquiry
the dvi group logo
The DVI Group

Verdict: DVI Group is a creative and strategic video communication agency with a 20-year history. They were founded in Atlanta. This company specializes in video production, video broadcasting, branded content, PR, and communication videos. It delivers award-winning digital and printed creative content. DVI Group offers unique video solutions for various business purposes, such as content in social networks, broadcast advertising, the content for virtual events, internal communication.

The company can solve any multimedia content production task. They organize live performances, create 2D / 3D animation, animated graphics, educational design, static banners, billboard design, advertising campaigns, etc. DVI Group also provides global localization services, creates subtitles, and offers various production and post-production services.

8. LocalEyes Video Production

Provides you with raw footage
  • Promotion is included
  • More than 3,900 videos
  • Multiple types of videos
  • Won EMMY and other awards
  • Based in the USA
  • Prices start from $5000
localeyes logo
LocalEyes Video Production

Verdict: The staff of LocalEyes will help you select the right video type for your needs. They will offer you promotion services for your budget. Founded in Denver, this video creation company uses SEO methods for optimizing video content. They work closely with clients to create perfectly balanced videos.

The firm creates videos of various types, including brand, commercial, promo, product, testimonial, educational, explainer, and other videos. They can produce any type of video you ask for. Besides getting a high-quality video, you will be able to use their advertising and marketing services as they are included in the price.

9. Great Things Studios

Create social media clips and documentaries
  • Camera crew for remote shooting
  • Create music clips
  • 3 packages with approximate prices
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Own a recording studio
  • Based in Canada
great things studios logo
Great Things Studios

Verdict: Great Things Studios is a Canadian video creation company that also specializes in video marketing and audio recording. In the portfolio of Great Things Studios (Great Things Studios Review), you will see corporate, medical, explainer videos, interviews, music clips, documentaries, commercials, educational and short films.

Great Things Studios describes itself as an ROI and performance-driven video-production company. It creates engaging videos and uses MarTech Automation and Video-Centric CRO. Before creating a clip, they help you analyze the market, website, and CRM for revealing untapped opportunities and increasing sales.

10. Sparkhouse

Creates content all over the world
  • Videos become popular without paid promotion strategies
  • More than 10 K videos
  • Have their signature style
  • Clients from the Fortune 500 list
  • Based in the USA
  • Prices per request
sparkhouse logo

Verdict: Considered to be one of the top videography companies, Sparkhouse provides professional video marketing and advertising services. Their team deals with all stages of the video creation and design process. They are skilled in screenwriting, casting, production and post-production, including creating visual effects and music. Sparkhouse cooperates with various digital marketing agencies for promoting products with the help of video marketing.

Sparkhouse uses its experience to make videos for websites, television, and social networks. They offer brand, commercial, and video marketing services to a wide range of customers, including startups, small business owners, and Fortune 500 companies.

11. SociallyIn

Videos are adapted to social network algorithms
  • Video performance data
  • Different brainstorming methods for unique content
  • Takes into account audience demographics
  • Each production step is discussed
  • Based in the USA
  • Video content is tailored for social networks
sociallyin logo

Verdict: SociallyIn is an outstanding company that creates content for social media networks. It shows businesses how to establish strong connections with their customers by using social media strategies, customizable content, influence marketing, community management techniques, modeling and analysis of ROI data.

SociallyIn is one of the best video production sites. Its experienced team knows how to produce content for social networks. This company uses innovative techniques and has very creative employees.