How to Resize Video in Adobe Premiere Pro in 8 Steps

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Software reviews

If you need to download a video but it’s too big or you want to cut a clip off, this guide on how to resize video in Adobe Premiere Pro is a must-read. With the help of this program, you can flawlessly modify the size of a clip, crop it or rotate it, as well as make other changes.

First off, download Adobe Premiere Pro CC from the official website. The program comes with a full set of tools for video post processing. You may even get Adobe Premiere Pro for free and use its trial version for your basic tasks.

1. Download an Original Video

resize video in adobe premiere pro timeline

Download a video you need to crop in Adobe Premiere Pro. Go to the File tab and choose the Import option. You can also add a clip to the timeline, using the drag-n-drop method.

2. Use the Video Effect Panel

resize video in adobe premiere pro effects

Another step of this Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorial is to open the Effects panel next.

3. Use the Crop Feature

resize video in adobe premiere pro crop

When you are in the Effects tab, find the Crop tool under the Transform folder. Click on it and drag it onto the video.

4. Work with Effect Controls

resize video in adobe premiere pro effect controls

If you need to adjust settings, you can do it on the Effect Controls panel. There, you will find options for Left, Right, Top, and Bottom. You can also alter other values to crop your video.

5. Set to Frame Size

resize video in adobe premiere pro frame size

To set the frame size, you need to find the video you want to change on the timeline, by choosing the Set to Frame Size feature in the dropdown menu.

6. Scale the Cropped Video

resize video in adobe premiere pro scale

Right-click on the video and choose the Scale to Frame Size option from the list. If you want to manually change the size of the original clip, instead of applying pre-defined settings, you can also do it here.

7. Apply the Motion Effect

resize video in adobe premiere pro motion effect

Return to the Effect tab to apply the Motion effect. Find the Effect Control Panel and you’ll see the Motion drop-down list.

8. Reduce Noise and Sharpen the Photo

resize video in adobe premiere pro scaling

Use a slider to identify the optimal scale.

That’s it. Your video is ready for further use. You can also take advantage of other Adobe Premiere Pro tips to add additional effects, like fading, etc.

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Bonus Tools

premiere pro luts fixthephoto

In case you don’t plan to edit videos professionally, but want to make basic tweaks, feel free to use beginner-friendly Adobe Premiere alternatives. Another variant is to apply LUTs developed by FixThePhoto specialists for instant automatic modification. Thus, you can improve a short movie, correct defects, and add interesting effects.